The Yin Yang symbol is found in the Chinese philosophy and can be summarized as a representation of light and darkness. It basically shows how two opposites are in truth complimentary and that when they combine, they can forge a much greater force in the natural world. Yin and Yang are interdependent and as they interact, they give one another strength.

The Yin Yang symbol represents the perfect balance. It is the foundation of Chinese philosophy which is mainly built on balance, harmony and the preservation of the natural order of things. When Yin and Yang are not in balance, there is discord and the result is evil thriving. Good exists when they are harmoniously in balance, which means that there is not one dominant side.

Yin Yang tattoos and their meanings

Yin Yang Heart: the heart is always a popular tattoo symbol among men, contrary to the perception that it is mostly feminine. The heart is divided into the left side and the right side, a Yin Yang symbol in itself. A Yin Yang heart tattoo represents love for ourselves and for others. It is a display of internal as well as outward love. This tattoo is very popular among men because it symbolizes a man’s pursuit of his own desires and the concern for the welfare of his loved ones. It is always important to balance the two in order to experience peace and happiness in life.

Yin Yang Lotus: the lotus flower has great meaning and symbolism among Buddhists, the dominant religion in China and most parts of the Far East. It represents the holy seat of Buddha since the flower itself is a symbol of perfection and purity. When the Yin Yang symbol is enclosed within the Lotus flower, it represents the ultimate balance of mind, body and spirit. It means that the three elements of our being are in-sync with one another. This is one of the most popular Yin Yang tattoos for men due to its simplicity and deep meaning.

The conventional Yin Yang symbol: the classic Yin Yang symbol is a favorite for many men. It simply represents balance and the need to have harmony in all aspects of life. Such a tattoo symbolizes how our weaknesses and strengths can compliment one another. A man is generally expected to be strong, or macho. Showing weakness is not accepted by society among the male gender. The classic Yin Yang symbol tattoo for a man symbolizes that he has embraced both his strengths and perceived fragility, and that the two can be complimentary and can also function together to create something great.

The Yin Yang Eye symbol: this represents a vision for balance. It can be taken to mean that we see peace both internally and externally and our world view is better when everything else is in balance. The Yin Yang Eye tattoo for men represents focus of peace and harmony. A man who loves balance lives his life in moderation and does not overindulge in certain things. It is really the key to happiness.

Check out the best Yin Yang tattoos for men


This yin yang tattoo looks like a melting painting. The contrasting colors and shades seem to be coming down. We can also see a crescent moon featured in the left. It can have a deep significance for the wearer.


This is a one of a kind interpretation of the yin and yang symbol. It portrays the two parts as being parts of nature: forest versus ocean. It is beautiful and it is a good choice if you want a tattoo with deep meaning.


These yin yang tattoos are ideal for couples. When the partners love each other very much, this is one of the best types of matching tattoos that complete one another. They are small and don’t attract the attention of the ones around you.


Here the yin yang symbol is a bit hidden in the design. The flowers and the other elements soften it a bit. It is ideal for persons who want to give this symbol a nice classy touch.


Though apparently this seems to be the same tattoo, the two parts actually form the yin and yang symbol. It is an interesting yin yang tattoos idea, which can be used by partners of all ages to show love.


This is a very masculine yin yang tattoo design. The symbol is surrounded by tribal symbols of various shades. It is perfect for one’s shoulder, particularly if we are talking about a muscular man. Get it and you won’t regret it.


Both intense colors and the symbol are emphasized here. The colors seem to be quickly melting, leaving rich tracks on one’s skin. It works great for legs and arms and it fit the personality of a very cheerful person.


Here we have two major symbols combined: a dream catcher and the yin yang one. It is a quite quick and simple tattoo, ideal as a first one. Its lack of complexity doesn’t diminish its meaning.


These tattoos seem to be drawn straight on skin by a master drawer. They are refined and mix simplicity with an apparent flowery design. They are great for couples as each partner can personalize his or her piece.


This one can either be worn by the same person or by two partners. A part expresses clarity and a solid core, while the other can express chaos. The two of them form the well-known yin and yang Chinese symbol.

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