Tattoos have been in practice for many centuries in many cultures. Both men and women love getting tattoos on their bodies to flaunt their persona and to communicate their views and thoughts to the world. While tattoos look great on any part of the body, stomach tattoos for men are especially popular as they are sexy and can be hidden or shown as you like.

Moreover, after working so hard in the gym for flat bellies, men get stomach tattoos as a gift for their six or eight pack abs. Most prefer getting a stomach tattoo which is part of a chest tattoo to show how macho, attractive and stylish they are.

Choose the best tattoo artist

However if you are thinking of getting a stomach tattoo, you need to know that it’s difficult getting the stomach skin to stretch tight, which is why the stomach is one of the most uncomfortable places to get a tattoo.

Moreover, as it requires lots of skill to get a tattoo on your stomach, you need to carefully choose an exceptionally experienced tattoo artist for the job. Lower stomach tattoos take longer to heal and are easily infected or irritated even by the slightest rubbing of your clothes. So remember these facts about stomach tattoos for men and once you are sure you want your tattoo, choose the best design matching yourself and your personality.

Some ideas

  • The most popular tattoo layout for men are dragon tattoos which cover most of the stomach. The large area of the stomach lets the tattoo artist ink these mythical creatures which depict strength and power. You can also get a tattoo of a dragon, lotus and tiger for added significance of your love, power and strength.
  • You can also consider getting a stomach tattoo of a horse with wings. Both the color and motif of this tattoo makes it a style statement with the two horses standing on hind legs on either side of the stomach, and its front legs in the air. You could have the horses inked in black and have a beautiful flower, star or heart motif in the middle of your stomach binding the two horses together.
  • Get something in bold fonts and black color like your favorite phrase ‘Free Spirit’, ‘Love is Pain’, your name or someone special’s name or just your birth year inked across the middle for your stomach in an ornamental style and font.
  • Why not get a pistol tattoo at the base of your stomach, just peeping out of your waistline? It looks sexy, stylish and attractive while depicting your individual power and strength.
  • If you are a holy person or a follower of God, you can always have an exquisite tattoo of Jesus Christ to show off your love and faith for God.
  • Show how strong and daring you are by striking a statement with a stomach text tattoo. Even a tattoo of a skull and guns prove how powerful you are.

So you see, there are so many stomach tattoos for men to choose from. You just have to choose something which means something special to you or which depicts your personality. The right choice will leave you with a tattoo you’ll love for a lifetime!

Check out the best stomach tattoos for men


In this stomach tattoo we can see an owl with outstretched wings and claws, that looks like it is about to snatch up prey. In the center of the owl there is a skull face. This tattoo has been done as an outline drawing with no shading or color.


This beautiful tattoo shows a lion, which seems to be at rest. The lion is well detailed and shaded, and backed by solid black curves, which add to the strong image. The tattoo has been well placed on the body, following its natural form.


Stomach tattoos for men often form part of a larger artwork as seen here. Here we see that both upper arms and chest have been tattooed in a symmetrical pattern. The stomach tattoo extends into the pelvis and follows the same style as the upper body.


This artwork begins with a rose in the center of the chest flanked by two guns. On the stomach we see two hands with their fingers extended to form a circle and towards the pelvis there is the image of an eye inside a triangle.


This amazing chest tattoo seems to have a period feel to it. Starting from the top we see a man riding a horse which appears to be rearing up. In the center there is a lion’s head and on the side there is an image of a man clutching at his chest.


Images of animals are excellent stomach tattoo ideas, as we see here with this tattoo of a snarling wolf’s head. The creature has a sword driven through its head and coming out of the mouth. At the bottom of the design we see two beautifully colored red roses.


In this tattoo we see a fox on the abdomen, which has been tattooed with much attention to detail. Above the fox, on the chest, we see an owl which appears to be swooping in to capture prey, possibly the fox.


This unique stomach tattoo design is an optical illusion. The artist has made it appear that there are blue buttons and button holes along the stomach and that some of the buttons have become undone, revealing only inky blackness underneath.


This tattoo has a Japanese inspired feel. A tree branch extends up and across the stomach, starting from lower down in the pelvis area. There are pinkish-red flowers all along the branch, which are highlighted by the dark ink of the branch.


Birds are popular amongst stomach tattoos for guys. In this simple design we see two birds that are in flight, heading towards each other. The birds have been drawn using small patches of solid black and detail has been added using shading.

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