Skull incorporated with flower designs are very versatile and evoke a myriad of emotions. Here is a skull adorned in flower elements in a monochromatic theme that blends perfectly with the skin tone. The placement of the ink art around the stomach is indeed classic and sexy.


Irresistible white ink over blackwork is what gives this piece its unique visual effects. Quite irresistible, flowing uniformly and looking spectacular, this tattoo design is gaining popularity fast due to its ability to cover other undesired tattoos. From a religious standpoint, this is an extensive tattoo that symbolizes struggle, sacrifice and achievements.


This is a great combo of Celtic and religious elements in one solid masterpiece. It is very distinctive in that it has multiple focal points that enhance the visual appeal. One thing that makes the tattoo more suitable for men is the choice of color. The size is perfect for the torso and stomach area so that the details are not lost.


This tribal tattoo design stands out at a whole new level. It puts together and utilizes an array of elements with the blackwork influencing tribal mystic. The extensive design depicts a burst of strength and masculinity on tribal lines.


When it comes to the quirky look and stylish look, the skull and rose combo is most prominent. With a burst of color, the skull is well adorned with roses placed thoughtfully around and on the skull. This brings out a combination of class and sophistication and evokes a sunny feel to the doomed symbolism of the skull.


This simple yet elegant tattoo design is a great choice for the male viral physique. The bold lines and asymmetrical designs are wonderful body frames tracing the pelvic/torso frame without becoming overpowering. The minimalist art makes a statement and is convenient when one needs to get it covered.


Among the vast tattoo ideas for men, the skull is arguably the most popular. To break away from the monotony, this multicolored animal skull with extensive horns would be an excellent choice. It is crafted in a manner that one side is sort of living with the other half morbid. The color combo plus the intricacy of the piece are a brilliant top up to the gorgeous design.


The true depiction of mastery and dedication lies within this tattoo design. It is abundant of color and detail to level beyond sophistication. It is deeply mystical and inspiring in its symbolism and would be a great choice for the spiritual and adventurous personalities.


The focal most point of this piece is at the radiant red rose. This ink work takes advantage of color to place emphasis on the focal point. It is an utterly classic key/lock and flower combo that evokes emotions majorly of love.


This is a classic compass tattoo idea for the adventure seekers. It is coupled with a complex form of the two sided angel/devil personalities represented by the birds. The singularity of color bears a more brilliant and masculine theme to the piece.

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