It is the belief of many that celestial signs influence who we are. This belief is often expressed in the form of zodiac tattoo designs. The most popular and dominant tattoo of the zodiac signs, especially among men, is that of the fifth sign, Leo. Those born under this sign celebrate their birthdays between July 23rd and August 22nd. They refer to themselves as “The lions of the zodiac” ruled only by the sun and the element fire.

Leo’s sport various Leo tattoo variations and designs to show the pride they have in their zodiac sign. However, being very powerful and deep symbols, Leo tattoos are not only sported by the July and August babies. They are universal and you can have one even if you were not born under the Leo sign. I mean, which man doesn’t want a cool lion, fire or blazing sun tattoo?

Here are some of the best Leo tattoos for men to help you understand what they represent and why they are so popular.

Leo the Lion

A universal symbol of power, dominance and leadership the lion is the most obvious choice for Leo tattoos among men. Other traits associated with the lion symbol are generosity, loyalty, nobility and care for the well-being of others. Every man wants to be seen as a leader, a commander, brave in the face of adversity but also noble and caring. There is no better way to show the world you possess these traits than with a Leo the lion tattoo. For centuries, the lion symbol has been part of the folklore and mythological legends of many communities and civilizations. Known by many names, King of kings, king of the jungle, to mention but a few, the lion stands tall among all other animals as a symbol of true power. Leo the lion tattoo can be portrayed as a fierce realistic lion, a cartoon or as a tribal Lion depending on your preference.

Ruled by the Sun

A blazing sun tattoo is another one of the unique Leo tattoos for men. Leos are born under the sun sigh hence are said to be ruled only by the sun. Characterized by warmth and passion, they are fiery, creative, free-spirited, and very attention seeking. Everyone loves the life of the party and there is no better way to show people you are the livewire than with the different Leo ruled by the sun tattoo designs

The Leo Glyph Tattoo

This is the symbol of Leo. It is designed as an upside down U with curves at its ends. This Leo tattoo variation can have very many designs and it can also be used in combination with another Leo tattoo variation such as the lion, fire or blazing sun. On its own it is preferred by the minimalists. It is appealing to the men with a straightforward attitude as it displays this trait in Leos.

Simple Leo Lettering Tattoos

This is an ideal choice for men who prefer displaying the Leo zodiac sign in simple lettering as opposed to personifying it with bold images. It is a unique variation of the tattoo and it can be designed in different simplistic yet eye-catching fonts.

The beauty of Leo tattoos for men is that they come in a range of variations and designs and they offer many placement ideas. As a man, it does not matter which Leo tattoo you choose or where you place it, it will clearly put you ahead of other men.

Check out the best Leo tattoos for men


To exhibit the traits of your sign clearly, this is a perfect Leo tattoo design of the larger cat on the arm. The in-depth detailing of this large, dark and strong tattoo is powerful enough to reveal your fierce side.


This engaging piece of art featuring powerful lion and an armored man shows off your zodiac characteristics flawlessly. With a hint of lifelike oranges and browns, this is one of the best Leo tattoo ideas for arms. It lets you shine bright.


King of the jungle is shown ferocious with his teeth exposed in this Leo tattoo for guys. This wonderfully crafted tattoo in all-black is an intense piece of work revealing the savage nature of the lion. Perfect embodiment of authority and virility!


The realistic looking lion in this Leo tattoo has a very soft look on his otherwise feisty face. It impressively shows how not all people or lions are same. It refers to your zodiac and to your friendly and loving nature as well.


This lion face has an amazing line work on it for an extraordinary depth. It is hard to look away from it because of its intriguing color and intoxicating quality. It depicts the wild and powerful side of your personality.


It is a very minimalist tattoo with simply-lined design and little shading. The dark look and thick lines of this tattoo give the illusion of power. This bold piece significantly alludes to strength from within because of its unique placement.


Popping watercolor look of the vibrant greens and blues circling around an open-mouthed lion face give this tattoo an otherworldly look. This is one of the most spectacularly colorful and beautiful Leo tattoos for men. A tattoo infused with royalty and creativity!


This tattoo is a different take on the otherwise front-facing lion face. The design is somewhat abstract using cool symmetrical lines that are simple and clean. The use of solid lines creates this alluring and wonderfully streamlined look.


This large and majestic tattoo has a lot of symbolism carved magnificently on the entire back. The essence of your characteristics is superbly captured in the design that will leave the onlookers amazed. It will fascinate people with equally courageous personalities.


This bold and aggressive lion displayed on the chest remarkably personifies the Leo zodiac sign. It is simplistic yet expressive of the strengths and weaknesses revealing the two different sides of a Leo’s nature. The depth of this piece is magnetizing.

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