Most people will have tattoos for different reasons but fashion is the obvious one. Dreamcatcher tattoos are a special type of tattoos that people who have them on have strong cultural beliefs about them. These tattoos have common features, for instance they’re all characters with a woven mesh/net, beads and feathers. They’re all designed with a net consisting of beads, leaves and feathers due to their natural nature. Dreamcatcher tats have their origin traced back to northern America and so this makes them popular among men in that region, nevertheless they’re still popular all over the world.

Dreamcatcher tattoo ideas

Designs And Placement Of Guy’s Dreamcatcher Tattoos

As much as any man would like to have these tattoos, the big question arises on the design and placement of these tattoos. Well, most men will have these tattoos placed on their upper arm or inked as large tattoo on their upper back, creating a sexy and sophisticated look.

When it comes to designs, there are quite a number of various designs. Dreamcatcher designs being way too personal, one will choose designs that represents what matters most to them as long as you have leaves and feathers hanging around the net which is a popular dreamcatcher tattoo design. One needs not to worry about the design so much because you can reach the best design suitable for you with the help of a talented tattoo artist.

The Meaning of Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

Dreamcatcher tats which are mostly popular among Native Americans have different meanings. But the common meaning of all is that they’re believed to protect one from nightmares and foster good dreams of money and good future. Though these tattoos have found their popularity far and wide beyond the borders of America, it is important to understand what they mean before picking on one to wear. This is because dreamcatcher tattoos are considered sacred among Native Americans and therefore may cause controversies if worn inappropriately with people who do not completely understand them.

Beliefs behind dreamcatcher tattoos

Here are 3 beliefs behind the famous dreamcatcher designs for men;

  • 1. Men who wear them absolutely understands their meaning and are seeking protection from them
  • 2. Men tattooing dreamcatcher tattoos have undoubted love for ancient cultures and religious beliefs
  • 3. The tattoos are also done according to the beliefs and harmony relations between man and nature

Why are dreamcatcher tattoos popular amongst men?

Dreamcatcher designs are popular amongst men due to the cultural belief behind them as well as their exquisite nature. Most men prefer them for the protection that is believed to come with them, moreover their beautiful nature makes them stand out and that’s their popularity is not only among Native American men but also to the rest parts of the world.

If you are any man out there who beliefs greatly in the rich Indian American culture, you should consider having these tattoos, not just for fashion but also for the benefits which comes with them as protection from bad dreams and channeling good dreams to your brain.

Check Out the Best Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Men

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Small all black tattoo extending from inner wrist to forearm. The dreamcatcher is a basic mosaic pattern with three multi-sized feathers hanging down towards elbow. This is a simple, yet timeless design.


This design extends from inner wrist towards forearm, with the word “Dream” written next to the dream catcher itself. Two feathers extend beneath it, with one disintegrating into several tiny birds, appearing to be flying away from the feather on the left.


Image on inner wrist is of a small dreamcatcher, with the word “Dreamer” written next to it, in an ancient styled handwriting. Design is entirely in black ink without shadowing. Design wraps around part of wrist in bracelet fashion.


Dreamcatcher design with detailed tree image. Intricate branches, leaves and roots spread in all directions to fill interior of the circle. Extending beneath are four feathers, each uniquely shaded, with a hint of brownish red for a realistic appearance.


Large tattoo on inner forearm extending all the way from inside of elbow to wrist. The dreamcatcher is placed on inner forearm with mosaic interior design. Three feathers extend beneath towards wrist with shading to show depth and realistic perspective.


Inner arm design with alternating blue and black for contrast Dreamcatcher has multi-dimensional mosaic interior, with the appearance of beads woven inside. Three feathers hang beneath in varying blue hues; the middle one being a detailed peacock feather.


Shoulder design extending to elbow, with bright contrasting colors. Dreamcatcher is brown with red beadwork, and three feathers extend downward. Each contain blue beading, two of which are brown and black, while the center feather is a vibrant eye catching red.


Unique cattle skull image rests in the middle of a brown dreamcatcher with a wood-like appearance. The shading of the skull has greyish hues and realistic depth and perspective. Two black and white feathers hang from beneath with beading.


Inner arm design extending from inside of elbow to wrist. Dreamcatcher itself is a basic design with an interior spiral mosaic. The feathers that hang from beneath are wrapped and tangled around each other with black and white shading.


This design wraps around the calf. The band is brown and black with a leather appearance. The dreamcatcher is displayed with a shiny brown and red design, also resembling leather. Two pale pink and black feathers extend down the leg.

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