Dragon tattoos for men can symbolize greed, power, duality, intellect, potential, dominion, nonconformity, wisdom and unpredictability. Dragons are magical which gives them infinite potential because there is no limit as to how they represent facets of life and universe. The dragon is associated with many cultures around the world which include the European folklore, the Asian and cultures from the Middle East and are even mentioned in the bible. Dragons embody all potential and have the capacity to express the best and the worst of human conditions. Dragons are also a symbol of duality. In Asian cultures, a dragon is a water animal that is used to symbolize meditation, masculinity, power and the primal forces of nature. In the European folklore and in Jewish and Christian cultures, the dragon represents evil and killing it symbolizes defeating Satan. This means that the dragon has a good and an evil meaning. The meaning of each dragon tattoo varies greatly from wearer to wearer but can be broadly categorized into two meanings, one that symbolizes good and another that symbolizes evil.

Dragon tattoo ideas

Dragon Tattoos Meanings

Dragon tattoos for men come in various sizes and colors. Below are some popular dragon themes and their meaning which is aimed to help in your decision making process.

Asian dragon tattoos – Asian dragons appear like serpents winding their way through existence. In the Japanese culture, these dragons are water creatures that symbolize good omen. These tattoos symbolize wisdom, strength, prosperity, power and good luck.

Tribal dragon tattoos – They have spiritual significance and represents strong ties among the people where the tattoo originates. These tattoos send a message that the wearer has a connection with nature and is associated with a particular culture.

Dragon and snake tattoos – Dragons and snakes are usually portrayed as mortal enemies even though they are both linked in origin. Snakes are associated with the God of healing and medicine while dragons represent the primal forces of nature. This tattoo thus symbolizes a conflict between superstition and science or between modern and traditional.

Dragon tiger tattoos – In the Chinese culture, the tiger and the dragon are known to be enemies and constantly fight each other. They both represent elements of strength, passion, power, strength and nature and have different ways of interacting with the primal forces. The dragon is known to use wisdom to gain understanding on the fundamentals of the world and the tiger uses its brute strength to get its way. This tattoo is thus used to signify a battle between brain and muscle.

Dragon and moon tattoos – The moon is a reaffirming symbol because all life is touched by it. The moon change reminds us of the infinite cycle of regeneration and is also used to symbolize purity, influence and subtle strength. The dragon and the moon are both water symbols and represent a relationship between the sub-conscious and nature and are associated with meditation and deep thought.

Before picking your Dragon Design

It is advisable that you carry out intensive research before you settle on a design. This is because a tattoo design could be the difference between a flat work of art and a great masterpiece. If you need inspiration, you can ask your tattoo artist to help you out or visit various tattoo artists.

Awesome Dragon Tattoo Designs for Men


This Japanese Irezumi dragon tattoo depicts the mythical dragon named Ryu. The artist beautifully played with red, gray, black, and yellow to create an authentic oriental look. The tattoo covers the entire back starting just below the back of the neck reaching all the way down till the buttocks.


The black and white dragon tattoo symbolizes the Norse dragon Niddhog. This dragon tattoo design is all about the amazing shading work that brings every little detail to life. The size of the tattoo is quite large as it covers the entire back.


This is a simple design that looks amazingly good. Even though the design on each hand looks like a mirror image to the other, they actually have subtle differences. The color of both the design is a one-tone black giving it a simple yet elegant look.


Flaring nostrils, sharp canines, devilish eyes, and all out aggression, this is a no holds barred tattoo meant for people who want to settle for nothing but the absolute spectacular. This black and white tattoo displays some of the best shading work in the industry and thus requires an experienced hand to pull off successfully.


This simple dragon tattoo beautifully combines tribal strokes and design elements and manages to depict a dragon head and a tail. The tattoo has very simple black color design that looks great on muscular arms.


This full arm tattoo that beautifully flows into the chest and has a complex oriental style. Tattoo hides several different elements within itself. Take a closer look and these design elements slowly starts reveal themselves. Try and spot the beautiful flower petals and a human skull.


This arm tattoo sets itself apart from other dragon tattoo designs with a near-cartoonish and a colorful style. The beautiful blue of the dragon’s body, the red-yellow flaming elements, and the jet black scales running through the center give it an amazingly unique look.


Coming right out of a Chinese fantasy book, this sleeve design dragon tattoo beautifully envelopes the entire arm. The black and white tattoo depicts the dragon in a beautiful natural setting complete with a mystical tree, wild mushrooms, and natural foliage.


This Irezumi tattoo covers and envelopes the entire arm. Traditionally these tattoos were seen in the hands of Japanese Yakuza, this tattoo style has now become globally popular. The tattoo comes with amazingly intricate design elements and sports a traditional dual-color look.


Styled solely by black and gray shades, this tattoo look great on any well developed deltoid. Apart from the big dragon head portrayed in the center it also features two small dragon tattoos facing each other. The shading work and tangled tribal strokes gives a slight 3-dimensional effect.

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