Time is one of those mysterious forces of life that we are all very familiar with but can never control or completely master. It is a great depiction of the natural in that it can be measured and kept but never be truly understood or mastered.

Every successful person has achieved their success because they understood the value of time and timing. They grabbed on to opportunities and took important steps at the right time. A clock is the best graphical representation of time and it is this intrigue and mystery that is attached to time that makes clock tattoos so uniquely meaningful and popular among tattoos.

What is a clock tattoo? Should you opt for one of the clock tattoos for men? We will answer these questions today.


Characteristics of a Clock Tattoo

This is pretty much a self-explanatory topic. Any tattoo that has some form of a clock as one of its design elements is considered to be a clock tattoo. It can be the traditional analog clock with the three hands and the 12 numbers. These numbers can be in Arabic numerals or in Roman numerals. Sometimes one or more of the hands can be missing.

Other times a digital clock might be used and in some cases, ancient devices such as the sundial can also be used. The popular times that are depicted are usually 10:10 or midnight but that is not always the case. All these give rise a plethora of possibilities and clock tattoos for men can be packed with incredible detail and information.

Popularity of Clock Tattoos for Men

Time is something that transcends language and geographical borders. It can be considered the truly universal language. This universal appeal is translated to clock tattoos and that has made them highly appealing to tattoo connoisseurs. Time can be a cruel mistress for some while being as an all giving source of joy and riches for others.

All of this means that everyone has at different points in their life felt both the sting as well as the tender kiss of time. This makes it a very relevant aspect of everyone’s life and that makes clock tattoos something that everyone can relate to.

They can also look very good as they can combine sharp edges with smooth flowing shapes and different levels of shading. This gives them a complex and highly artistic character that can grab quite a lot of eyeballs.

They can also serve as the perfect way to remember an important time in your life. Finally, they can be minimalist in nature and still speak volumes making them the perfect first tattoo.

Your Reasons for Getting a Clock Tattoo

You should get a clock tattoo if you somehow find time mysterious and highly thought-provoking. This can be especially true if you love to manage time or are setting a goal to manage time better in the future.

It can also be for their visual appeal. After all, they can look really stunning and observers can usually understand the meaning behind these tattoos quite easily. Simple, captivating and enthralling, clock tattoos for men are here to stay until the end of times.

Timeless Examples of Clock Tattoos for Men


This beautiful clock tattoo shows the image of the lower part of the face of a lady showing the shush sign. The upper part of the lady’s face is an almost complete image of a clock pointing at 12:15.


This is a big tattoo showing a proportionally large image of a clock with a chain of beads attached to it from the upper part. The clock is pointing at 10:12 and inside it is inscribed ‘MARCH 2ND 2009’. There is a dove flying just under the clock with the word ‘heaven’ written just below it.


This tattoo is an image of a large clock sitting on a rose. The clock is slanting to the right and is pointing at 2:30. The clock is numbered in Roman numerals.


This tattoo image shows an eye with a pupil clock. The clock is overlapped to parts of the upper and lower lashes. Such clock tattoos are drawn to remind a person to always be time conscious.


This tattoo shows a complete image of a clock with spiraling leaves going around it. The clock is in roman numerals and is pointing at 2:30. It is fairly large and looks good on the wrist too.


This tattoo is a blown up sketch image of a clock with a chain of beads to hold it from the top. It appears to be a free hand imperfect ink drawing of a clock with a lot of ink dots and lines overlapped to the outside of the clock.


This is one of the most beautiful clock tattoo ideas. It is a solid image of a clock sitting on a rose. The clock is in roman numerals and its outside border it is embedded with spiraling leaves going around it.


This is the image of a small clock broken on the inside. The gear wheel cogs are seen protruding from below and the side of the clock. It has been completed by bold Roman numerals passing through the clock from below. There are also faint numerals at the top and bottom of the clock.


This is a unique perfect drawing of a clock with faint drawings of wheel cogs at its background. The clock is numbered in basic numerals and it is pointing at 7:41. Inside the clock, at the top, it is inscribed ‘Greyson’ and the bottom ‘Oct 6’. ‘2015’ is written in bold just below the clock.


This is a lively image of a clock sitting on a white rose. The clock has white clouds on its background and a chain tied on a corked bottle holding it. Such clock tattoos idea look really nice on the wrist.


This is a dark solid image of a clock with roman numerals. The clock is hollow with every internal detail visible. The clock appears to have wood carvings on one side.


This is a large but dull image of a clock. The clock has white and black birds flying above it with a rose right at its bottom.


This is a fresh tattoo image of a clock lying on a bunch of roses. The clock is pointing at 10:12. This clock tattoo design will look very good on the inner part of the bicep.


This tattoo shows the image of a rose right at the mouth of an old skull. The hand of the clock is pinned on the skull’s forehead with only the upper part of the clock’s numerals visible.


This gentle tattoo shows the image of a lower part of a lady’s face showing the shush sign. The upper part of the face is a beautiful image of a clock. The tattoo also shows the sun just below the lady’s cheek.


This is a frantic large tattoo image of a clock with a hollow inside. All the wheel cogs are clearly visible. The clock’s time markings are large and form the outside border of the tattoo. This is one of the most unique clock tattoos for guys and can be quite costly.


This tattoo shows a sexy image of a lady with her eyes closed and hair falling slightly on the face. The lady has a finger raised on her lips and this forms the center point of a clock which has its time markings on the lady’s cheek.


This tattoo image shows the face of a beautiful lady with a clock drawing at her left eye. There is a dove flying just at the bottom of the lady’s neck with two wheel cogs in the background.


This splendid large tattoo shows the image of two open pocket clocks laid on a black layer of a sheet with letters and Roman numerals running in the middle and at the top of the upper clock. This is one of the best clock tattoos for men and will look good on the wrist.


This tattoo shows a fiery image of an old broken clock with another smaller clock attached to the quarter mark region. At the bottom of the clock, are three names scribbled in italics.


This tattoo shows a conspicuous image of an old clock which appears to be on fire with some parts burnt off.


This tattoo shows a freaky image of a skull with the last quarter of the clock drawn on its forehead. The skull is embedded in a dark background. Such tattoo ideas for men will make the bearer appear fierce.


This tattoo shows a creative but scary image of a skull with an old clock drawing on its forehead. The skull has what appear to be clock hands coming out of its mouth. Just below the clock, is another spiraling clock numbered in Roman numerals. It assumes the shape of a snake.


This tattoo shows a close-up image of a clock drawing with an empty hollow inside, with only the time hands and wheel cog visible. The clock has the name ‘Alicia’ coming from the 10th-hour mark and extending a bit on the outside.


This incredible tattoo shows the image of an hourglass with a human skull at its bottom. The top of the hourglass is a clock with Roman numerals. Such tattoos ideas with so much detail can take a while to e completed.


Clock tattoos signify either appreciation for or defiance of the passing of time, as well as the mystery and intrigue of life. Death, mortality, life and eternity are the most common subjects. This tattoo features an old man riding a bicycle into the horizon featuring a clock reading 3:40, which could signify the man’s sunset years. It could be in memory of the wearer’s loved one.


A tattoo of an endless clock with its numbers spiraling into infinity shows that the wearer believes in perpetuity. Its lack of hands signifies defiance for the passage of time, a concept that is only embraced by open-minded individuals who do not support the rigidity of life.


This creative tattoo is composed of a face with a compass for the eyes and a man walking towards the horizon that has a clock with an owl looking over it. This clock tattoos idea shows that this man is confident with the way he lives. The compass and owl signifies a sense of direction, adulthood and an assurance of rising greater heights in life.


Anyone that would think of having a clock tattoo design with angels surrounding it is certainly a spiritual soul. This tattoo may be interpreted as an acknowledgement that only God determines the lifetime we spend on earth. It can also be in memory of a loved one with the time of their passing on being indicated by the hands of the clock.


Tattoo ideas for men that include a stop clock like this one indicates just how fast time runs. This tattoo has simple clock illustrations in the background, which represent the milliseconds, seconds, minutes and hours that pass by fast as the gear wheels illustrated here rotate. This is the best reminder that every single microsecond is essential particularly when it comes to making decisions.


Another timeless clock tattoo with its numbers spiraling into infinity connotes a defiance of the fact that time ends for any mortal being. This clock tattoo for men is particularly for men that are confident about life after death, which comes with immortality.


Creatively combining an eye with a clock is a thoughtful clock ink concept for the outgoing man. This tattoo features an eye with a vintage clock for the iris. This tattoo concept shows an appreciation of their experiences, which have built the man’s life to a more successful one with fewer hiccups as represented by the smooth spirals surrounding the eye.


The man who is poised enough to have a tattoo of several clock designs on his arm must truly value the importance of time. These tattoo patterns also have a beautiful eye tattoo that can be viewed as the man’s careful nature when it comes to time management. There is also an illustration of an old man within one clock’s interface, which could signify wisdom in management of time.


The tattoo of hourglass-clock incorporation is a graceful representation of the way time goes by. As the sand flows from the top section to the bottom section, the reality that the product of your time’s investment is proportional to the result becomes obvious.


The enigma that comes with the beauty of eyes is something that is a matter of interest for all creators of tattoos ideas and compositions. This tattoo features a beautiful eye, gear wheels and the numbers of a clock. The eye shows a keenness of how the man manages his time while the gear wheels and the numbers of the clock suggest the systemic movement of time.


Just like the tattoo styles that most men love, this one has the face of a clock and interconnected gear wheels. When the gear wheels of a clock rotate, the hands of the clock usually move, indicating the transition of time. Closer to the wrist, there is a tattoo of what seems to be a speedometer. This actually guides the wearer on when to slow down or speed up on their daily endeavors.


A rose and a clock form the perfect tattoo to depict the love for life. This tattoo could indicate the time of birth of a loved one or the time of any other memorable event. Just below the clocks, is an illustration of compass points, which denotes a sense of control and stability?


As a way of celebrating their freedom, most men will consider clock tattoo ideas of a broken clock or a liberated man. This tattoo features a broken clock and a man that has broken his shackles and is ideal for a man that has just gained freedom from jail or other afflictions and addictions.


An eye and a clock face representing the iris is a tattoo that has become so common among men. This tattoo connotes both an appreciation for the motion of time as well as the keenness of time management. Men who know the great worth of time are best suited to wear this tattoo.


A full-arm tattoo like this one gives sufficient room for imagination. This tattoo features a beautiful eye that presages keenness and a clock that indicates acknowledgement that time does move. This tattoo can be designed with different styles and colors of its background depending on the man’s preference.


This tattoo of a woman walking into the horizon of the sky that has the face of a clock and an eye can signify memories of a loved one. The clock depicts transition of time while the eye shows protection and trust. The hands of the clock can be used to portray the exact time when the woman you loved left or passed on.


Tattoos that feature a child are quite rare, but when they are used, they are usually very inspiring. This tattoo shows a young child walking up a long staircase that leads into a large clock. Men whose children have perished commonly use this tattoo, with the time of this being indicated by the hands of the clock. On the other hand, this tattoo could be representative of the child’s growth.


This tattoo also shows a young child walking up a staircase that leads to a large clock. It has been designed to bring out the idea of a woman thinking about their child who is deceased. This tattoo shows that even if the child is with the angels, the wearer still thinks and adores him. For some people, this tattoo could signify growth of the child.


A family man is surely motivating, and having a tattoo of their family is even better. This tattoo integrates an illustration of mum, dad and child, with an illustration of the face of a clock. This tattoo suggests adoration for a united family. It shows that at any time, family should remain a single strong unit.


The face of a clock can be drawn onto the illustration of a skull tattoo. This indicates mortality and death, and that the man wearing it is not afraid of anything. This tattoo can be drawn in different colors and sizes depending on what the man prefers.


This is another imaginative unification of a clock face, gear wheels and a skull. The more detailed the tattoo is, the better it looks. The clock face and gear wheels show the shift of time, while the skull shows that everyone must come to the ultimate phase of death.


A fierce skull with a clock in its mouth is the best exemplification of the fact that death trumps time. No matter how long one lives, when the time to die comes, all the time that has been spent on earth becomes useless. It can also indicate the exact time when a loved one died.


A man’s growth and development can be envisioned using a tattoo of a clock on a tree. This clock’s time is written in terms of years, which could range from the man’s year of birth to the current year. This is a great tattoo that indicates your memorable ups and downs.


This is another tattoo concept that makes use of the illustration of an angel and a clock. This tattoo is a great choice for spiritual individuals. It can simply act as an appreciation of the value of time and that it all depends on God. On the other hand, it could depict that a loved one is with the angels.


This tattoo of two broken clocks shows freedom from jail, addiction or previous inequities. The compass on the other hand, shows the gained sense of direction and ability to make solid decisions. Such clock tattoos for guys can be drawn with no limit to inventiveness. The colors, patterns and sizes used can be as diverse as the artist or wearer desires.