Amongst the most sought after designs for men tattoos is the feather tattoo. This article takes a closer look at feather tattoos for men.

Feather tattoo ideas

The Feather Tattoo And Its Popularity Amongst Men

The popularity of this tattoo can be attributed to its cultural symbolism as well as heritage. It has a rich backdrop with the meaning of each feather closely tied with the personality of the bird from which the feather is taken from.

Another reason why the feather tattoo is popular with men is the fact that there are various designs and styles that come with it. Some of these designs are unique and quite stylish making them a sight to behold. These designs can also be worn on any body part. Additionally, the designs can be combined among other tattoo designs to come up with a very attractive look.

What Is The Meaning Of The Various Feather Tattoo Designs?

Though not always the case, ideas for designs of feather tattoos for men usually revolve around a theme that has its origins from Native America. In Native America feathers could be used to symbolize the following;

First, feathers represented the spirit of a bird. On its part the spirit of a bird was believed to be enormously powerful in helping to purify the spirit as well as to cleanse the environment. In this sense, the waving of a feather showed that one had the intention of uplifting their soul while showing gratitude to the spirit of the bird.

Secondly, feathers were a personification of bird spirit. For instance, when one was handed the feathers of an eagle, it was a sign that they were being honoured for their bravery and courage. The feathers of an eagle also showed graciousness of the heart. It thus made it possible for the receiver of the feather to start a new journey in life. In this sense, a particular tattoo design will be taken as a reflection of the character of the bird that it is taken from. Most men will therefore prefer a tattoo of the feather of the bird whose personality they can easily relate to.

Thirdly, feathers were seen as conveying messages direct from the world of spirits. In this sense feathers were seen as messages from relatives and close friends who had died and had their spirit in the spirit world.

The Meanings For Tattoo Designs Can Also Be Extracted From Other Cultures

In Egyptian culture, feathers were associated with the sky gods. Therefore a person who believes in sacredness may choose a tattoo of a feather from a bird that has the character of sacredness. In addition feathers were also taken as symbol of good dreams thus one may have a tattoo that appeals to this belief.

For some Christians, feathers symbolized virtue. You will therefore find some feather tattoo designs worn to signify virtues.

In many cultures across the world feathers were used as status symbols. One could thus get a design of a feather to symbolize that they belong to a higher class. Feather tattoos are also thought to relate to the thought process and high intellect. This line of thought is derived from the fact that feathers are derived from bird and birds are connected with the heavens.

One should always ensure that they consider all the possible designs and implications before getting a feather tattoo. This is because of the fact that there are a variety of choices that one can make each with its own cultural significance.

Check Out The Best Feather Tattoos For Guys


Done in dark black inks, this feather tattoo is bold and radiant against the skin. The attention to the tiny details is really what brings this tattoo to life however, with the curling barbs, and three ink splotches at the bottom really allowing for an artistic feel to the piece.


A great location for this simple piece perfectly fitted just on the inner arm, this tattoo though small packs in the superb artistry and excellent inking. Done in soft blacks, grays, and whites, this tattoo is the epitome of elegant simplicity.


With perfect designs, perfect location, and perfect color and ink choices, this behind the ear feather tattoo is a great example of the classic use of feather imagery in tattooing. Bold lines, dark and light color contrasts, and extreme shading really make this feather tattoo design pop.


This conjoined both fore-arms project really lends itself to the imagery of the feather and arrow tattoos together. These iconic designs, drawn and inked with a classic black and white style, provide a piece to speak on the wearer’s heritage, traditions, and strength.


One of the more complex feather tattoo ideas, this full sleeve piece uses black and white inks offset by blue highlights to innovatively provide the piece with a winged appearance on the wearer. The curves and designs of the multiple feathers really pull this complex work together.


Another example of feather tattooing providing the wearer with a winged appearance, this half-sleeve is a bit less bold than our last wing piece, but the softness of the shading and inks used is exactly what makes this tattoo the breathtaking work it is. Done in grays and whites with red overtones, this tattoo uses artistry magic to pull off a visually stunning work.


These separate black and gray inked feather tattoos provide a sense of balance and conjoining as the identical image of the feather is on both the wearer’s outer fore-arms. The design curves perfectly to the inner arm and fits well in the space provided and essential element when considering tattoo ideas.


Another great example of the classic dual feathers on each arm, this piece is a bit more defined and detailed than our last work, with the curl of the feathers outer barbs providing the tattoo with an artistic and creative aura.


This innovative feather design uses the basic structure of the traditional imagery of feathers in tattooing to build upon and create something wholly unique and new. In majestic blue and purple inks this tattoos simple patterns and design choices really make for a visually alluring piece.


Done in high quality, stunning detail using deep black and grays with white inlays and red overtones, this amazing dual feather piece incorporates a classic tattooing image and then redefines it as a unique and individual work of the artist.

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