A more artistic take on winged feather tattoos, this shoulder blade and half sleeve piece uses the curve of the feather design and the light grays and blacks along with immaculate shading to provide the wearer not only with a winged appearance but of protective armor as well.


Minimalist in design and excellent placement provide this piece with an air of simplicity that is an ongoing theme among feather tattoos for men. The phenomenal use of shading in this tattoo really gives the work a sense of depth and brilliance.


When thinking of tattoo ideas for men the ambiance and aura provided by the work is an essential consideration. This design not only incorporates the classic feather image but also gives the piece an air of aggression and sharpness using keen points, bold lines, and mostly black inking with blue offsets.


This wrist tattoo provides a sense of adventure and tradition in an extremely small space using antiquated black and gray inking along with close attention paid to detailing the feather and strap. Done in a classic notebook artist style, this tattoo represents the iconic and classic image of the feather in tattooing.


This modern take on the classic feather image, uses light gray inking and bold blacks on the birds ascending from the top of the piece to provide an excellent aura of juxtaposition. Using soft shadings and dark ridges and curves this piece is the perfect cross between the traditional feather image and modern tattoo classics.


Using bright colors that fade into one another and flesh tones for a background, this piece is an excellent and unique take on a classic. With bright reds, oranges, and yellows, the color choices for this tattoo are certainly what sets it apart from other feather tattoo options.


Offsetting dark and light blue inks bring this tattoo to life, while design choices and background flourishes provide the work with its own individual characteristics. Color of ink and shading is an important aspect to consider when looking for feather tattoos for guys.


Becoming common imagery in tattooing, as the old school traditional styles integrate with modern influences, this image stays true to form while also offering something new. Done in bold blacks, this tattoo is an innovative take on a new classic.


This feather tattoos idea conjoins two timely images to create a wholly new work. Done in deep blues and contrasting light blues, silvers, grays, and blacks, this piece possesses an artistic ambiance as it subtly combines two different aspects of modern tattooing.


Another unique take on a modern classic, the brown overtones used with the gray and black inking allows the feather in this tattoo to be offset from the deep blacks of the birds circling over head. Shading and color choice give this tattoo its defining characteristics.

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