Men getting tattoos of babies sounds strange at first, but we are talking about guys that want to have a special memory for life to represent things that could be tragic or could be for a happy occasion. What is it that makes men something that will be forever as personal as a baby picture, or footprints, is more than just a statement of the closeness that they must their family, but statement on that they will go through the process of getting that needle poke in and out many times that is painful no matter what they all say. Even the tough guys!

Why Are Baby Tattoos for Men So Popular

Who has not noticed the rise of the popularity is tattoos in general? What was something that only criminals, prison inmates, outlaw bikers are now so common place on everyone and their just about their grandmother’s. What was way to say give it to the man has now become common place as stopping for the stop sign. Celebrities and the like have made it a statement that is prominent in movies and magazines. Another way we can act like them I suppose and feel a little more special in a very small way. The public loves to ride a fad, and wasn’t Angelia Jolie with her Navigational tattoos so cool on her arm? That was the starting point that leads to where we are for baby tattoos for men you could say.

Doing It For Celebration

Dedication to your newborn and or another one added to the family. I must admit, I was tempted. I was possibly thinking about doing it. I was going to one for both my sons Noah and Jonah on each shoulder. That is a “was” because then I really thought about the pain of what it would take on both shoulders even though I love the concept baby tattoos for men but is it the right statement for someone like me? I did not go through with in in the long run, but it still does linger in mind at times. I still think I might get one that would all about them.

Doing It For Remembering

Then there are other reasons why men do it for the child that could have been. There are sentiments of what could have been due to a loss of a child. The images represent what was if a child passed because of sad occurrences that were prior to coming to being born. Angles and wings are abundant around the faces and it was to be a girl, you can see a rose or a different flower represented as well. If was to be a boy you could see a little truck or bat and ball.

Also for kids that were there and were sadly taken in illness, accident or some other tragedy that left a forever mark on the father’s heart. Yes, it would be making a statement when seen to be out in public as part of baby tattoos for men trend. Is that statement too personal to be displayed for all to see? I guess those that would do it, would not make that assumption or care what others think of that display. Who are we to judge the decision to do so?

Check out the best baby tattoos for men

This well-designed collar bone baby tattoo that features two feminine hands holding a baby’s two feet. The hands hold the feet in a love symbol pattern with rose flowers beautifully centered on the wrist of both hands. The tattoo spreads out covering both arms.

This is one of the best baby tattoos for guys that shows a cute sleeping baby resting in what seems to be a pile of well-placed 100 dollar bills. The tattoo also has some well-designed inscriptions above the sleeping baby. The inscriptions are beautifully double written.

This is a simple tattoo showing an open locket with an inscription on one part of the locket; A name “Anaya” and a date “03-22-2014”. The tattoo has a cute baby’s footprint placed just above the locket with a bead like rope attached to the top of the clock.

Such baby tattoos for men are unique. This one shows a foot of a baby with a beautifully calligraphic inscription reading; “Kaylen”. The tattoo is dark shadowed around the edges for the baby’s foot. The first two toes of the baby’s foot are slightly raised.

This is one of the best baby tattoo ideas that shows beautiful inscriptions placed in a circle with a baby’s foot and hand added to complete the circle. More inscriptions are added in the center of the circle; “7Ib 13oz 10:45 am”. The tattoo is placed on the pectoral part of the chest.

A shoulder tattoo that shows a half baby’s side face with a closed eye inside pear-shape design. The pear-shaped design is connected at the bottom parts with inscriptions of a name; “Bernardo natan”. The tattoo is very plain with no additional shades.

One of the beautiful angelic showing a female angel holding a baby tightly in her arms. She is sort of kissing the baby’s forehead. There are inscriptions of a name and date at the top and two words at the bottom; “Forever Loved”.

This is why hand tattoos ideas for men are the best. This tattoo shows a baby’s footprint with inscriptions at the top, “LeeAnn” and a date at the bottom, “1.20.13” that is separated by pink hearts. There are wings drawn at the beginning and end of the top inscription word.

A nice tattoo showing two baby footprints and an inscription of a name, “Alicia”. The tattoo is placed on the shoulder part of the back. The two footprints are black and well shaded. The other little toes are slightly disconnected from the body of the footprints except the big toes.

This is the cutest baby tattoo design that showing a baby sleeping in the masculine hands. The tattoo well shaded black at the edges making it have a nighttime look. The is placed on the area of the inner arm between the elbow and the wrist.

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