This tattoo drawing involves the use of color and shading to bring out an illustrative concept of a child walking. It is an image footstep of a child. The simple complexity makes it a good one, amidst the many baby tattoos for men.

This style of tattoo art entails a mix of both simple sketch lines and color. The design is an illustration of love and unity amongst siblings. It is an ideal tattoo for a dad who has multiple children, say twins or triplets.

This tattoo image is a recreation of the portrait of the child. This concept is commonly called portraiture, and it is most commonly a black and gray fusion shading of the portrait of the child. It is among the very common tattoo ideas for men.

Baby tattoos like this are an example of an animated technique of drawing tattoos. It is quite an illustrative style of tattooing, and it demonstrates strength and a “readiness to face the world” kind of notion by the child.

Baby tattoos for guys like this is a blend of perfect shading and use of illustration to bring out its meaning. The moon, most times, is a philosophical symbol that represents purity. This tattoo is an indication of purity and eternity of the child.

This tattoo is a fine line piece of art that has black and gray shadings. It is a drawing that is basically aimed at illustrating and bringing out the notion of embracing and love for our young ones.

This is one of the best baby tattoo ideas that can be generated from any concept, and this tattoo is proof of this. This tattoo is an illustrative one, with the baby’s feet acting as butterfly wings. This is an illustration of the inspirational or spiritual importance of the child.

This is another example of a portrait baby tattoo. It is a black and gray shading of the portrait image of the child. Such forms of tattoos are common, with most guys having them drawn of their upper arms.

Simple but detailed, this tattoo design is aimed at bringing out the best in every situation. The tattoo design entails the use of color to bring out the situation of the drawing and elaborate the concept of bliss brought about by a child.

Bold tattoo-loving men would like a tattoo drawing that brings out the boldness in them. This black and white shading demonstrates the immense love for the child and brings out the fearless nature of the guy. The tattoo is a drawing of the baby being held by one arm.

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