When it comes to inking your body, you must always be careful when choosing exactly which symbol or graphic is most appropriate or appealing; after all, you are going to wear it for the rest of your life. It is also important to keep in mind that as time passes, some temporary trends will prove to be short-lived and may get quickly replaced by others. It is therefore most crucial to choose a tattoo design that represents the very essence of who you are.

Dove tattoo ideas

The History of Dove Tattoos

Historically sported by sailors and fishermen, dove tattoos have, in recent years, gained much popularity among men. And although dove symbols are often associated with the female feature, it is important to mention that doves are used to portray tough convictions such as peace and freedom; which are often achieved through bloodshed. What’s more, the Native Americans believed that the spirits of the deceased were transformed in to doves; a rather clear indication that the dove tattoos does not only depict human emotion but also signifies transformation. Plus, due to the familiarity of doves as a symbol in many cultures, it can easily be recognized regardless of how small or nondescript your tattoo is.

Some of the meanings behind a dove tattoo can be emphasized and deepened by the addition of different auxiliary designs. For example, adding an olive branch may signify victory and hope whereas adding a ribbon with the name of the person you are dedicating it to may be the perfect way to express your love for the particular person. What’s more, doves – because of their innocent nature- are not limited to romantic relationships meaning you can dedicate a dove tattoo to your sister or sweet mother.

However, if you are going for something contradictory, you could go with the dove carrying a grenade. The idea here is that the dove which represents peace, victory, happiness and purity is carrying a grenade which represents war, hate and death. The dove will eventually drop the grenade meaning the peace and war go hand in hand (more like the yin-yang symbol)

Types of Dove Tattoos For Men

Dove tattoos have an ample assortment of colors and designs. From stylish sophisticated dove tattoos to simple black outlined dove tattoos, designs often vary widely. Below are some of the most popular types;

1. Dove Outline Tattoo- These are cute, small and often meaningful.

2. Two doves with key and lock- This is most endearing for couples and symbolizes love and friendship

3. Dove chest tattoo- This is the most preferred type of dove tattoo by men, it can be small or cover up part of your neck, shoulder and stomach.

4. Flying Dove tattoo- This represents the desire for freedom; it can be placed on the wrist, the back, shoulder, back or ankles.

Placement of Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos can small, medium or large making them ideal for every part of your body. For instance, you can have a tiny dove outline tattoo on the wrist, a realistic grayscale dove resting on your shoulder, a white dove with a key on your ankle or a dove in the center of an inspirational quote on your chest. Be warned though, tattoos on the chest tend to be more painful.

All in all, owing to the wide range of dove tattoo designs available for men, you are assured of finding a tattoo that resonates with your personal preference and fits your taste. After all, a tattoo is a true poetic creation; it is more than what meets the eye.

Check out the best dove tattoos for men


This tattoo is of a dove attempting to perch on a wooden cross. The wooden cross has another metallic cross at its middle. The tattoo is complete with the words, psalm 139, written just below the metallic cross. The whole tattoo appears to have a background consisting of clouds.


This is the perfect dove tattoo for men which depicts a white dove flying below what seems to be very dark clouds. The tattoo is best placed on the upper arm, just before the shoulder blade. The tattoo also has some writing just below the dove.


This is the perfect dove tattoo for guys who want to pay tribute to their mothers. The tattoo is of a white dove that is perched on a ribbon on which the word, ‘mum’, is written. Three red roses are placed below the ribbon in a triangular manner while one red rose is on each end of the ribbon.


This dove tattoo is best placed on the upper arm. It depicts a dove that’s flying away with the date, 28th of May, written above the dove. The tattoo also has the words, ‘forever with us’, written just below the dove.


This tattoo of a dove shows a dove perched on a twig with different degrees of a red background. The dove itself has a mixture of different colors which include different shades of blue and red.


Again, this is the perfect tattoo to be drawn on an arm. The tattoo depicts a pair of hands releasing a dove into the heavens. Just above the dove are the initials, RIP. The letters are written in calligraphy which makes the whole tattoo even more interesting.


This is a beautiful tattoo that depicts a man praying while several white doves are flying about. Several doves are flying high up in the air while one is close to the ground just about to perch on a rose flower.


This black and white tattoo is one of a dove that is just about to perch on a metallic cross. The cross is intertwined with vines and two red roses attached to the vines. One of the roses is at the forefront while the other is just behind the cross.


This is an interesting tattoo with a dove in it. The tattoo has a wooden cross with intertwining vines placed just above the intersection of the cross. The tattoo also has a pair of hands with each hand beside each end of the cross to appear like they are holding it. A dove is just below the cross. The words, only God can, are placed above the cross and the words, judge me, are placed below the dove.


This tattoo is of two images, one to be drawn on each hand. One is of a dove flying high up on the heavens with the sun and clouds in its background. The other simply has the words ‘heavy hustle’, written in calligraphy.

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