This is an awesome design of a flying dove and three beautiful roses. Also there is a Roman watch design in it wherein one can write a quote or any other thing. The roses are wonderfully shaded making them look real. This design denotes hope, love and freedom.


This design has a flying dove along with two angels who are messengers of God. They are shown holding a ribbon wherein any beautiful thing or name of someone special can be written. This design shows as if love and blessings of God are being spread around.


This is a perfect dove design for a one sided chest and arm tattoo. It looks great on men. In this design, the clouds and the dove are made using shades and are blended very well making it a great design. Also one can add religious verses to it.


This is a nice little design of a flying dove which expresses complete freedom. It is a perfect design for a neck tattoo. Something that is related to your personality would look great if written in a nice calligraphy under it.


This lovely dove tattoo design is ideal for a chest or a back. It has many doves in it which indicate love for family. Names of children or loved ones or can also be written in it.


This is a beautiful dove design for an arm tattoo. It shows rays coming from the cloud which denote success, hope and blessings. Also there are hands praying between the clouds along with the cross and a beautiful dove.


This is an amazing tattoo with a lovely dove, some well shaded roses and a Roman clock design. The beauty of this design lies in the shading done. This can be a perfect design for an arm or a leg.


This design shall look great on an arm or a leg. It has a dove that is seen flying far from this earth. This indicates complete freedom from all the sorrows of this world. It is beautifully shaded.


This is a great design of a couple of doves indicating love. They are holding beautiful roses. A couple of dove indicates togetherness till the end of the world. Also there are rays of happiness and hope being showered on the praying hands.


This is a design of a dove holding a small olive branch. Also there is a ribbon around it showing that it is a messenger of love. Names of loved ones can be written in the ribbon area of such tattoos.

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