Video games have been extremely popular for years now. It is only fitting that gamer tattoos for men have become a popular choice. There are some things to consider when deciding on a video game tattoo.

Video game tattoo ideas

How to pick a gamer tattoo for guys

Your choice should be something you will be happy to live with for the rest of your life. If you have a favorite series of games that you impatiently wait for the next installment to become available for then perhaps these should be at the top of your last. At the same time you may have a specific game in mind just because the artwork blew you away. You will want to do some research on which local tattoo artists have the most experience concerning gaming tattoos for men. Almost every tattoo artist keeps a portfolio of their past work. This can help you decide on the right artist to complete your video game inspired tattoo design. You may want to have a completely customized tattoo that only represents a game of your choice without using any of their specific artwork. At the same time you may choose to use specific artwork or images from your favorite game. A good tattoo artist might be able to offer suggestions to help make this choice easier for you.

If you are married, have children, or a job that frowns upon visible tattoos you should take this into consideration. Video game tattoo ideas for men come in all different forms. Perhaps you have a favorite game that you have played with your children? This could be an awesome way to remember precious childhood moments that you shared with them. Maybe you and your wife spent hours playing a game together while getting you know each other. Video games may have helped you to through a particularly tough time in your life. A gaming tattoo based on a title that was of importance during a rough patch may be future inspiration for you to remember how far you have come since then.

Mix the gamer with life experience

Whatever the reason you may choose gaming tattoos for men just make sure it is a choice you will be happy with. With so many games out there the choices are endless. If you are from a military background then perhaps you choose a game based on this experience. There are many of these to choose from but each person will have strong thoughts on what part of their service they want to remember. Sports fanatics will find titles and exceptional artwork available for almost any sport imaginable.

Gamer tattoos for men may seem childish to some but since video games may have played a major role in some men’s lives is only fitting that this segment of artwork has made its way to your local tattoo parlor. For many people a tattoo is a very personal and meaningful part of their lives. There is no right or wrong when it comes to tattoos. Like all artwork it is about the feeling a particular piece leaves you with. Just remember that this artwork will travel with you for the rest of your life.

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This hardcore gamer tattoo contains controllers from five different consoles and a sick skull on top. They include the simplistic one button one stick Atari 2600, followed by the legendary NES Controller, and its rival the Sega Genesis Controller. Play Station and Xbox controllers are the Millenials here.


This tattoo depicts an amber Super Star with a black edge and two elongated eyes in the middle. Behind it, angel-like wings span and stalks of grass twirl outwards. The yellowish ribbon reads “Memor et Fidelis” which translates as “Mindful and Faithful”.


This is the popular Triforce, from the classic game Legend of Zelda. It is a sacred relic comprised of three black equilateral triangles and a white one in the middle, which together constitute one large triangle. It symbolizes power, wisdom, and courage.


Gamer tattoos for guys also include this cool tattoo of the four shapes of the Play Station controller buttons. They are inked on four fingers of the hand excluding the thumb. They also represent the essential geometric shapes in math.


Another video game tattoo idea is this beautifully colored, Super Mario inspired artwork. It involves vivid scenes of mushrooms, clouds, coins, and a carnivorous plant with sharp teeth and thorns. A mystery box and a half-bitten shroom are also present.


This gamer expressed his romantic feelings towards the love of his childhood, the Nintendo Entertainment System. A ginormous NES controller is situated on his forearm, with two ribbons reading “true love”. Along with the childhood, he’ll spend the rest of his life with his NES.


PlayStation shapes are popular among the video games tattoo ideas. This splashy piece of art is proof that simplicity in shapes never goes out of fashion. Just like they were perfectly applied with controller buttons, they also serve as a neat gamer tattoo.


Mortal Kombat is the game that almost all 90’s kids played in their childhood. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden and Shao Khan can be found in this artwork. Wicked dynamic tattoos of the Mortal Kombat are every 90’s kid dream.


This iconic logo belongs to Bethesda Studios and the latest of their Elder Scrolls series – Skyrim. The gamer chose to ink his calf to honor his favorite hero, Dovahkin, in his fight against the dragons. “Fus Ro Dah”, for our fellow gamer.


The couple here was inspired by the raster 8-bit graphic of the Super Mario game classic. They chose to show their devotion to gaming, and themselves by tattooing their childhood illustrations which symbolize that she’s always improving him.

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