Tattoos have become so familiar nowadays with almost every person looking to have a tattoo on their body. With several designs to choose from, one can quickly select a tattoo symbol that represents something in their lives. Choosing the place to have the tattoo imprinted is usually one of the hardest tasks for most people looking to have a tattoo. Elbow tattoos for men are a great choice as the tattoo is located at a place where it seems hidden but then remains visible depending on how one moves their hand. There are several reasons why men’s elbow tattoos an excellent choice.

Who chooses and elbow tattoo?

The elbow tattoo is ideal for men with small tattoos looking for a perfect surface on the body to have the tattoo imprinted. The angle of the elbow, when the hand is moved, makes elbow tattoos an excellent choice for most men. The tattoo takes a tiny space and allows men to have the freedom when they want to show off the tattoo. One can easily move their hands when they wish to display the tattoo to the whole world. The location of the tattoo is also well suited when you don’t want people to see the tattoo. Men can choose to wear long sleeved shirts or short sleeved depending on the occasion. This way, one can quickly hide the tattoo when they want with ease. Just in case you wish to show the tattoo off to the whole world to see, folding your shirt up past the elbow level will help expose the tattoo.

Why are elbow tattoos unique?

The elbow itself shows off a unique design when the hand is folded and unfolded. This means you can have a tattoo that will rhyme well with the elbow look. Elbow tattoo can be created in a manner that they have different designs depending on the position of the hand. Based on the theme men want to have, the tattoo can either be made to be circular rhyming well with the shape of the elbow. One can then decide to ink the tattoo in different colors to suit the color preference of the person. One very popular and great looking elbow tattoo for men is the spider tattoo that comes with several interlocking designs. The designs will rhyme well with the elbow angle when the hand is moved bringing out the looks of a spider web. Designs of geometry in a 3D style are also great with elbow tattoos with stars being created to face both sides of the hand. The elbow tattoos for guys are great with tattoos with symbols of the stars on them.

How to pick an elbow tattoo for men?

Whatever design men choose for their elbow tattoos, elbows remain an excellent surface on the body to imprint a tattoo. The location of the elbow and the fact that one can easily hide the tattoo or expose it by simply folding their shirts makes elbow tattoos a great choice. If you have been thinking of the perfect place to have that tattoo imprinted, then your elbow might be the best place to have it. Easy to show off to the world and hide from the world.

Check out the best elbow tattoos for men


Tattooed around the elbow is a black patterned circle that looks crisp, clear, and as sharp as the pointed edges surrounding it. A solid circle is right at the center with patterned tiny ovals, circles and eyelets at the circumference.


Floral patterns overlap each other in this colorful tattoo. The outline of a flower looks embossed at the center with a black dotted and textured form. It grows outward into blue, red, pink, and golden circlets amidst long, flowing green leaves.


A rose bud starts to bloom on the elbow and has delicately grown petal after petal to form a very attractive elbow tattoo design. The flower is shaded in blue hues and is surrounded by black and grey leaves, giving off a classic look.


The face of a woman arrives in black and white, with eyes hidden by a white and bright red rose that matches her plump, luscious lips. This image is one of the most unique creations sprung to life from elbow tattoo ideas.


A compass makes for the center of this elbow tattoo starting off with a small red circle, needles and orienting arrows extending to the dial that bears the directions. It rests upon a large flower and a growth of intricately veined leaves.


Highly artistic and as majestic as the sea is this image of an ornate squid that’s been splashed with wonderful colors. The creature seems to be wearing patterned headdress while its tentacles wrap around and cling onto an arrow, right alongside the words “going down.”


A black and white mandala exhibits remarkable beauty similar to the most colorful elbow tattoos for men. A solid black circle serves as the foundation, which is then surrounded by dotted, triangular, pointed shapes, lines and curves, and a number of varied patterns.


Cute, fun, simple, and strikingly beautiful. A smiley face holds a thick, vivid black outline. The eyes appear quirky as they arrive in crosses marked by the letter x, while the mouth adapts a wavy contour with the tongue sticking out.


This tattoo looks much like a kaleidoscope with the round flower pattern in the middle, with more images overlapping each other and blending perfectly together. Each flowery layer is imbued with different colors in both light and dark shades and hues.


Black and white complements each other in this amazing creation among vast elbow tattoos choices. Swirls and whirls and curly clouds spiral their way out from the elbow towards the arm, where a flower lies and its petals delicately fall.

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