This is one of the best 3d elbow tattoos for guys who want an elbow tattoo. The tattoo is of a flower whose inner petals are colored maroon on the inside and white on the outside. The flower appears to on some green flowers.


This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men who want something on their elbow that is exquisite. The tattoo is of a spider’s web that is drawn in such a way that it appears that its web strings are a shade of red and black.


This is a tattoo idea for the gentlemen, or an individual who wants something that expresses their love for facial hair. The tattoo is of a black male moustache that was common among the French in the 1980’s. It has been placed just above the elbow.


This is the ideal elbow tattoo design for an individual who wants something colorful on their body. The tattoo is of a red rose flower that has been drawn in such a way that its center appears to be around the elbow.


This is a unique 3d tattoo that has been done I such a way that it appears one can view the inside of your hand. The tattoo depicts the skin with a ripper that has been ripped down showing flesh and bone that is beneath the skin.


This tattoo is for the men who want something that best explains their gothic nature. It is of a human skull that has been drawn in black and white. The skull appears to have been set on top of some bones.


This is a unique tattoo done one elbow that depicts the sun. The tattoo has been drawn in such a way that it appears the eye of the sun is around the elbow with its rays drawn in complete black circling the eye of the sun.


This is the ideal tattoo for a soldier. The tattoo is of a grenade that has been drawn quite close to the elbow with the words “pray for peace” and “Prepare for war” written besides the grenade.


This image depicts several tattoos drawn on the elbow. A completely white star is drawn on one elbow, showing several other tattoos surrounding it. A black spider web has been drawn on the other elbow, showing the center of the elbow as being the eye of the spider.


This image shows a tattoo of a flower placed at the center of the elbow. The tattoo has several layers of petals with several colors. There are blue petals and purple petals with some petal tips being yellow in color.

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