Tattooing has always been an amazing way of expressing oneself. As an art, it continuously changes with new ideas coming into play every once in a while. Inner arm tattoos are the latest development that is causing ripples in the tattoo world. As opposed to having tattoos on parts of your body that can easily be seen, the tattoo is drawn on the inner side of the arm. This new trend has inspired artists all over the world to improve on existing designs making it one of a kind.

Why It Is So Popular

These tattoos are unique in a way that people can see them at times while at other times they can see them. When you have one on you, people will always be curious to see it again after they see it when you raise your arm or turn your arm. The mystery around them as opposed to tattoos that are exposed all the time makes this kind more attractive and hence the huge recent following.

Having a tattoo at times may send a certain impression to people about you. Some situations may be alright to have a tattoo while others are not. A tattoo on your inner arm can be a good way to freely be in the different places as you can choose whether you will show your tattoo or not. It is because of this fact that those people who wouldn’t get a tattoo because of the nature of their work now can have one. The resultant popularity is mind-blowing.

What They Represent

Tattooing is a way to express yourself and regardless of where you put it, there is always a certain message you want to send to the world about who you are exactly. However, for inner arm tattoos, they are a little bit special as they represent more than just what a regular tattoo will show. They do represent;

Certain designs will express what you believe in, and these range from simple words quotes to drawings. A simple imprint of the words “True to self” can be a powerful note to always remind you of all you need to do in this life. From simple designs to complex 3D tattoos, you can express your belief in these tattoos.

A good tattoo can show what your preferences are and you will flash it when need be and keep it hidden when you don’t need it to be seen. From limitless designs, your imaginations and preferences can be actualized in one masterpiece of art on your inner arm.

Are you a little reserved? A tattoo on your inner arm is a perfect way to have a tattoo without drawing too much attention to yourself when in public. Some people who have opted for this kind of tattoo may be introverted and want to have something that they will show only if they need to reveal.

These tattoos are also done for aesthetic purposes. A beautiful flower is such a sight to behold. It is an amazing way to have a striking that you have the freedom to flaunt.


The latest trend of inner arm tattoos for men has taken the world by storm. Everyone is asking for this kind of tattoo as it is an amazing way to have a striking tattoo that you have the freedom to show or keep hidden.

Check out the best inner arm tattoos for men

A cityscape comes to life on this black and gray ink forearm tattoo. The vertical lines of the skyscrapers are set on the arm at a diagonal which builds interest in the scene and creates movement. The piece wraps to cover the inner arm as well.

This inner arm tattoo is a composite of a wireframe globe juxtaposed with a night scene of a man wearing a suit and a Stetson walking away with his hands in his pockets. Black, gray, and white ink create depth and pop in this partly photorealistic piece.

Black work, line work, and dot work come together to create a mysterious forest scene backed by a negative-space moon that fills the main part of the piece. Minimal use of gray ink is used for depth of shading in this inner arm tattoo design.

A bird of prey owns the spotlight on a bulging bicep. Dot work and prominent black ink strewed across the piece suggest a graphic novel feel. Graphic novels have great tattoo ideas for men. Some ideas come from the known characters and other ideas from the scenery.

This modern take on an American Traditional tattoo is a warning, a promise, or both. With black, gray, and white ink, the American flag ripples with semi-realistic depth and movement. Symbols of Americana make strong inner arm tattoo for men.

Nature is powerful. You can succumb to nature, whether it’s a bear breathing down your neck or the sheer lack of shelter. In this type of tattoos ideas half forest dendritic branches and half bear face make this a nature tattoo worth talking about.

You’ve heard of the telltale heart, but maybe not the geometric heart. Line work describes a semi-human, perhaps semi-manufactured heart with the aorta and pulmonary arteries. Inner arm tattoo ideas can come from anywhere – your dreams, or your biology textbook.

This watercolor rose in black, gray, and white ink is both flat and three-dimensional at the same time depending on how close the viewer stands. When it comes to awesome tattoos, ideas are key to getting the piece you want.

High contrast looks amazing on the light skin when line work is crisp and practiced. This quaking aspen is made of a thousand small circles. Its partner has broken into a stump beside it, and a geometric shape contains it forever.

A stylized wolf becomes a shield when it’s done in geometric relief. A nod to cubism brings out the man-made feel in inner arm tattoos for guys. Mix the organic feel of your spirit animal with a shape for a protective amulet that you wear near your heart.

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