Aviator tattoos in realism glory are popular and unique inner arm tattoos. This one is done in black, gray, brown, and white for deep definition. A 3D feel makes this type of portrait a great addition to any full sleeve or blank slate.

The big cats can be honorable and stoic like this one, or fierce and wild in other inner arm tattoos for guys. Dark black work makes this realistic lion seem like he’s a spirit animal brought to life through the skin.

Surrealism brings this chilling open eye into three-dimensional glory. Overlaid on the iris is a spiraling clock face that drills into a depth of vision. A single second hand and realistic eyelashes inspire a movement of life without moving an inch.

Pastel color portraiture gives ethereal life to the image of a young girl in this tattoo. Roses frame her face. Her eyes have a fierce beauty that says, “back off!” and “love me” simultaneously. Pouting lips make her irresistible.

Personal symbolism is one of the most powerful inner arm tattoo ideas. Bring together your love of travel, literature, and all things an intellectual gentleman relies on. You can blend them with a smoky background to bring it all together.

This dendritic mass of branches (or are they tree roots?) begs the question, which way is up? You can have, in the best inner arm tattoos idea, an idea for a shift of perspective. Even the birds fly both upsides down and right side up.

In this tattoo, a raven suggests a dark power. The leafless forest connects with the feathered wings of the bird like a negative. White space (not white ink) outlines and overlap of tree and bird in a joining of nature’s forces.

The landscape of a known land, or simply familiar trees, makes for an earthbound tattoo. Shapely deciduous trees in various stages of growth symbolize the patterns of our lives. We, like trees, will grow, change, and develop for decades to come.

This stylized black work bear print includes not only the forest but also a wolf howling at a starlit moon. At first glance, this tattoo brings to mind the feeling of a man who knows the backcountry. This is a man who can live on his own.

This memorial tattoo includes birthday and the date of passing for someone very special. A pocket watch memorializes a time of three o’clock. Lettering, a dove, and a rose pull the piece together into something beautiful through black and gray ink.

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