Rainbow watercolor work on this nautical piece makes for a whimsical change away from the traditional sailor’s anchor. There is a playfulness in the juxtaposition of an anchor, suggesting stability and ties to the land, and a compass, which symbolizes adventure.

The sun and the moon are thoroughly stylized in this tribal rendition inner forearm tattoo. Both arms are imperfect negatives of each other. The seasons represented along with the passing of each day. Wide fields of black feel solid and whole.

This illustrated symbol tattoo greets death as the final rest after a life of hard work and self-examination. A ribbon backs the letter work tying the piece together. A living hand and skeletal hand shake next to a casket with a dripping eye.

A compass rose is well inked on the forearm with North positioned to the sky when the arm is naturally positioned in space. Capital lettering marks the four directions on the compass, with “nw”, “ne”, “se”, “sw” lettered in small font.

This tattoo makes use of sketch work resembling the trash polka style of black and red inks tied together with geometric shapes. An anchor and compass rose are woven together in black and laid upon a red steering helm that is fading into the background.

Fantastical realism takes over this arm, front and back, in a full sleeve tattoo. A crow decked out in aviator glasses and looks over what seems to be his domain of arches, pillars, and other architecture. A skull blends in below, almost as an afterthought.

This tattoo is done in watercolor style. Purple, orange, and gold drop dance behind a compass rose that uses an arrow as a pointer. There is a ramshackle quality to the compass suggesting that it’s not necessary that we know where we are going.

Technical line work makes up this ship’s masts and countless ropes. The sails are down, and the waves are high as is seen in the lower part of the piece. Must we ride the waves and not with the wind?

Draping robes in three-dimensional work bring this tattoo to life. This is a nod to a war-torn era where land was won and lost over battles between humans and gods. A staff stands tall with a pointed arrow and Athena’s miniature statue suggests victory.

This arm tattoos ideas harkens back to a day gone by. Cherubs work at the base while a bearded angel looks over the efforts. A very important date is marked in Roman numerals. October 10, 2012, is when someone’s life was changed.

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