The first creative work mankind produced was in the form of drawings and it was only natural for them to make their way into the world of tattoos. Drawings can encompass pretty much anything that can be penciled down as a collection of lines and shapes and that makes it an extensive world that can cover anything from pop culture to politics, legends to science and so on.

There are some basic characteristics of a tattoo drawings for men that distinguish it from other tattoos and we will have a look at them in detail today.


What are Tattoo Drawings?

Tattoos generally try to capture an object or recreate a famous scene or try to evoke some sort of an emotion either through some artform or through the use of words and symbols. Tattoo drawing is not that very different. However, there are some subtle differences that allow it to be distinguished from other tattoos.

They are almost exclusively monochromatic and use black as the primary color option. The tattoos are usually made up of well-defined lines that can vary in length and proximity. Shading is usually kept to a minimum which gives these tattoos a very clean look.

They also come in all shapes and sizes and it would be very difficult to define a set template that these tattoos follow. Some of them can be as small as a button while others can cover up the entire torso.

What Makes Tattoo Drawings for Men Popular?

If tattoo drawings for men needed to be defined by a single word then that would, in all probability, be ‘limitless’. Tattoo drawing is only limited by the imagination and the amount of ink you are willing to take. They are unique in that they can depict themes and design elements from all cultures and from different eras of mankind’s existence.

This seamless ability to incorporate such a wide variety of different aspects into a single tattoo is what sets this tattoo apart and that is its charm and appeal.

The design also follows a very clean and unobtrusive path and that makes these tattoos easy on the eyes even if they are large enough to cover a significant portion of the body. It is the perfect tattoo that can be simple but still have the capability to tell a very rich and varied story.

It also tends to take an artistic approach to the design rather than one geared towards realism and a lot of people seem to love that.

Which Tattoo Drawing is for You?

Tattoo drawings for men are primarily meant for the free-spirited and creatively minded people out there. People who love to see the funny and sarcastic side of life will love these tattoos. They are unique and all-encompassing and that is something very few other tattoos can lay claim to.

These tattoos are also the perfect homage to your childhood when everything was a lot simpler. If you do not like clutter and like tattoos that do not appear to be trying too hard to look cool then your search has ended with the tattoo drawings.

Imaginative Tattoo Drawings for Men


This image shows a drawing of the upper bodies of two wolves. One of the wolves is on top of the other. The top wolf is white and looks rather calm with its eyes closed. The bottom wolf is black with its mouth wide open, looking like it is howling. This tattoo drawing can be worn by both men and women, it shows a split personality.


This drawing portrays the head of a hairy wolf snarling. The wolf looks very fierce, with saliva dripping from its teeth ready to pounce. Part of the left ear appears to have been bitten off. Such a tattoo is mostly drawn by men.


This incredible image shows a large drawing of a ship anchor. The anchor has a thick rope hooked to its top and spiraling down to the right hook. The image also shows a small ship steering attached to the anchor’s back.


This image shows a beautiful drawing of an owl. The owl looks like it is landing on the ground. It has its claws pointed down and the head tilted to one side. Such tattoo drawings look simple but would really require a skillful artist to pull it off.


This is an artistic drawing of a half clock with numerous cracks and broken pieces. It appears to be embedded on a wall or floor with some of its time markings detached due to the cracks.


This drawing shows a confusing image of a skeleton skull. The skull has its top part covered with flowers with two parallel lines separating acting as the flower-skull boarder. The mouth and jaw are also covered by well-patterned flowers.


This image shows a scary drawing of a witch on a horse. The witch has no body, just a skeleton covered up. The horse also looks ghostly and it appears to be flying with pearls of smoke around it. Such hideous tattoo drawing ideas can be really expensive as they include a lot of detail.


This image shows a drawing of a head of a monster. The creature has three eyes with one in the middle of the forehead. The monster appears to be very angry.


This image shows a cute drawing of a baby skeleton with a very big skull. The top of the skull head is covered with a large scarf which overlaps down to its body. There is a crescent shape which resembles the moon on the skull forehead. There is also a spider on top of its head with the web in the background.


This is a technical drawing of the faces of three ladies. One of the faces is fairly large and appears to be screaming with some mysterious hands at her cheeks. Just below her is another lady faced infused. The second lady has a long neck and also appears to be screaming. The third lady face is rather sexual with black lips. These kinds of tattoo drawings idea will look very good on the larger body parts.


This image shows a simple drawing of a tiger in a bush. The tiger has paws out, it appears to be hunting.


This is a drawing of a hand clock with a feathery background. The background also includes a cloud of smoke. The clock also has a string of beads attached to it with 3 scrolls attached to it.


This image shows a spooky drawing of a plague doctor. There is a tree branch which forms a circular border around him with an axe coming from behind. There is a crow sitting on an edge of the circular border. Such a tattoo drawing design is mostly common with middle aged individuals who are looking for some dark enigmatic inspiration.


This is a detailed drawing of the head of a wolf with leafless tree branches protruding from behind its head. The neck of the wolf is formed with three long feathers.


This is another technical but incredible drawing of the layout of a human heart. The heart is open but its inside is filled with clock wheel cogs.


This image shows a large drawing of a tearful eye. The bottom part of the eye is a jellyfish. Tattoo drawings for guys that include a jellyfish have a can indicate fascination with the sea.


This is a simple drawing of a complete compass with various Latin quotes around it.


This image shows an evil drawing of a snake with the head of a dragon. The neck of the snake is covered with leaves. The dragon head snake appears to be standing ready to pounce.


This image shows a fierce drawing of a large snake on a bed of flowers. The snake has its fangs out and it is on an attack. This is a good example of popular tattoo drawings for men and would look good on the back.


This image shows a pretty drawing of an owl. The owl’s posture is facing forward but its head is slightly tilted down. There is an array of red and blue colors just above its head.


This is an outstanding drawing of a monster attacking a snake. The monster is holding the vicious snake at its tail using its sharp teeth.


This is a unique drawing of a skull with its head on fire. The jaw of the skull is however missing. Such tattoo ideas for men will look best at the arm.


This image shows a drawing of a head of a tiger growling. The tiger looks very fierce with all its teeth very visible. The tiger is brushed lightly with the orange color.


This is a realistic drawing of a bird-like creature completely covered with black feathers which include some shade of blue at its tips. Such tattoos can be very expensive and would require a very skillful artist to pull off such a kind.


This is an incredible Egyptian inspired drawing of a large dog and eagle dressed as pharaohs. The dog is at the front with little pyramids at its feet. The eagle is right behind the dog, it has an eye drawing on its arm. Such tattoos ideas relate with ancient cultures and is a favorite to both men and women.


A hanging in mid-air eagle which seems to be about to descend onto something; all his feathers are framed with fine white lines and etched with what appears to be ancient texts or codes that form intricate patterns across his head and body.


This tattoo drawing for men appears to be the head of a male lion, mouth open and either growling or roaring. With fangs exposed this fierce animal has several spatters of blood throughout his mane which he may be shaking off.


This tattoo drawings idea image appears to be the face of a wolf or wild dog. With most of the forehead missing, this sinister creature’s ears could be mistaken for horns while the eyes have an uncanny human likeness.


This image appears to be an aged Viking with a long and full beard that has to be bound in several places. His headdress carries the face of a lion including his mane and is partially obscured by the eye of a deer-like creature with antlers. Tusks on each side also form part of tattoo drawing.


This obscure drawing includes several shapes, crescent moons, circles and planets. The main feature is a rather barren tree with its roots protruding from and surrounding the image of an eye. This picture seems to convey a message or meaning.


This tattoo drawing design appears to be abstract with several divided sections. It features five triangular shapes which each hold a section of a nighttime landscape that includes a moon, starry night sky, a planet, plants, and perhaps wheat, growing.


This tattoo image for men is a ferocious fanged, mouth open wide creature with lion like appearance, breaking through shattered glass or diamond pieces. Some shattered pieces and splinters appear to be moving in all directions as the creature emerges.


This magnificently detailed one of tattoo drawings for guys is that of a wolf or wild dog, framed at the bottom by the outlines of forest fir trees. The image includes the shadow of a wolf howling at the moon which appears as an insert across the creature’s one eye.


The head of a male with a thickly manicured short beard wears a headdress of a long-dead deer that includes most of the skull, teeth and antlers. Two arrows appear close to the head which insinuates that this may be a weapon of choice.


A large bird in midflight; its head is covered in abstract shapes giving it a pebble like appearance. The bird’s wings are not wide open but rather half folded which may suggest that the pattern of a partial abstract arrow behind it, has actually pierced the bird in flight.


A vague image of a soldier clutching a sword appears in this image of tattoo ideas for men. The picture suggests that he may be returning from a duel, bloodied, wounded and weary. A bird of prey hovers close by possibly signifying imminent death.


An ancient Egyptian Ram headed god. This could be a priest wearing a mask which is an ancient custom. The attire and signs such as the ankh appear to be of those that are linked to different religions or rituals. The image suggests significance of specific beliefs.


This abstract tattoo image shows various different sized triangular arrows pointing in different directions and circles of different sizes, some shaded while others are not. The center image shows the outline of what appears to be a ram’s head.


This tattoo features extremely high cheekbones that suggest this may be the face of a North American Indian. The empty eye sockets are surrounded by the appearance of a mask. A feathered head frame is topped with a large full petal circular flower. His hand holds the knotted neck tie and the whole image is overlaid with lines at different angles.


Five upper skulls, all wearing different crowns and hanging from above are held together by a makeshift rope like bag. Each skeleton face displays its haunting emptiness seen through eye and nose sockets. Several upper teeth can be seen while the bottom jaw bones are completely missing.


This tattoo suggests a face of a male clown that has not been properly made up and without head gear covering the soft flowing hair. Empty eye sockets are incomplete and many lines may be insinuating age with a mouth that suggests a smile. The words ‘HA, HA, HA’ at the bottom show laughter.


A face half covered by the dangling tentacles of an octopus situated on top of the head. A well-manicured mustache and beard, and a stiff collar with a necktie show this to be a gentleman of some sort who has lost his way and cannot see. He seems to be overtaken by a disaster!


This full frontal skull clearly shows off the upper and lower sets of teeth from an open mouth. A necklace of curved fang like teeth and an ornament hang from the neck bone. With the face framed by feathers and a feathered bowler hat that includes a picture of a totem this depicts an Indian skull.


An abstract tattoo drawing of a sharp beaked bird set within four triangles that form a sharp diamond shape. Also displayed are a large circle at the top and a smaller circle at the bottom of the image. The broken off pieces at the bottom of the neck almost suggest that this is a carved image.


In this image the head, eye and fins of a catfish can be seen emerging through what appears to be an angular block. The picture looks at the fish from above and pieces or splinters appear to be shattering as the fish emerges from a shell or stone-like abstract feature.


A beautiful full face of a wolf or wild dog showing many layers of the surrounding thick neck and facial fur; the details of different types of shading and patterns depict a realistic and rather friendly animal who could be someone’s pet.


This abstract picture of these tattoos ideas shows a compass with several trees or branches forming underneath and several birds flying above. Patterns and circular images with lines that may reveal earthquakes are seen to appear in the direction of the compass. A large timepiece also appears blow the compass.


This appears to be the inside workings of some sort of clock which are situated directly above the open eye of what may be a woman. There is either smoke or some type of current running or joining each corner of the eye to the clocks working parts.


This tattoo drawing ideas image appears in part as almost an abstract form displaying the open fanged mouth of a tiger with the lots of red shading throughout, especially on the top part of the head and neck. The tiger appears to be making a sound.


This tattoo drawings image is of a beautiful woman with feathered eye make-up around one eye and a dangling feathered face frame with upwardly cut and layered feathered hair. Her forehead displays the image of a grimacing saber-toothed tiger. These may all be features of an elaborate headdress.