Ankle tattoos have largely been chosen by women in the past, but in recent times we have seen a good increase in the demand of ankle tattoos for men. The issue that prevented men from getting ankle tattoos was that they didn’t show this particular part of the body as often as women did. As fashion progresses, wearing pants and shoes which show ankles or going sockless are two of the largest trends in 2016, so ankle tattoos are receiving some much-needed attention. In this article, we will give you a couple of ideas about what to get tattooed and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of ankle tattoos for men.

Ankle tattoo ideas

Ankle Tattoo Benefits for Men

Arguably, the biggest advantage is that fact that this tattoo can be shown or hidden at will. Just wear normal pants and socks and you will have no problem hiding the tattoo in an environment where you want to do so. There are a couple of disadvantages too, the largest worth mentioning are the relative small size of the area and it’s sensibility. Ankle skin is fairly sensitive, so the tattooing process might hurt.

The Most Popular Ankle Tattoo Designs for Men

As far as symbolism goes, ankle tattoos are often chosen by people who don’t want to flaunt a tattoo all day long, and care more for small, symbolic images or characters rather than large works of art that work well on their own. Men often choose small, sleek designs for their ankle tattoos, but sometime also get larger pieces, that start from the ankle and end at the knee. If you’re looking for inspiration for your ankle tattoo, here are a few things you could consider:

  • Tribal, Celtic or other classic designs – These work well due to their good symbolism and relative small size, and have a good visual impact when shown.
  • Names or dates – The ankle is a great place for tattooing the name or birthday of a loved one, because you have very easy access to it – no need to remove 3 layers of clothing to show it.
  • Abstract watercolor tattoos – Although these might hurt, the artsy effect will surely be great and will act like a permanent colorful spot, regardless of what you wear with it.
  • Wings and feathers – The symbolism here is the main attraction of the tattoo, making it one of the most common choices in ankle tattoos for men.
  • Minimalist symbols – Anything can work: cats, plants, animals, portraits, religious symbols, musical notes, zodiac signs as long as they are minimal in design and don’t take up a lot of space. The choice is yours here!
  • Japanese, Arabic or other foreign characters – If you’re looking for a tattoo in a different alphabet, the ankle is a good place to put it.
  • Bands – Some people enjoy tattooing bands around their entire ankle and even adding some symbols inside or around these bands.
  • Birds – Bird tattoos are usually made in 2 areas: the upper back / neck and around ankles. If a bird tattoo does mean something to you, consider getting it on your ankle.

Of course, there are a lot more ideas you should consider when getting an ankle tattoo. More often than not, this is not the first tattoo a man gets, so you might already know a couple of things about tattoos. Remember the basic idea: get something that you are sure that will represent you for the rest of your life, not something that will fade out in the next few years. The rest is entirely up to you and your creative mind. We hope our hints helped!

Check out the best ankle tattoos for men


The look of a modern rebel with a strong attitude, the unique combination of leisure and class, the presentation of masculine but still with a strange glimpse of smoothness, a car, an open road, this tattoo has all of that.

This design of tattoo would be the one that a brave man would wear. Not the brave man as we know him, but the shy and clever one. A simple writing of “Carry On” is a philosophy of life, the philosophy concerned people who would wear this type of tattoo.

The place where images of wings should appear the most, since they are a mark of Greek god Hermes, who presented wisdom but also quickness. This simple but clever tattoo is a good way to celebrate some of your victories, some of your advancements in life.

A truly great design that is based on repetition with a small variation. It reminds us on the old carved shapes on the Roman wall or temple. It has the toughness, but combined with elegance and passion. It seems like that repetition tattoo is always a good choice.

This one is old school. A strongly drawn cross in the mist-like papyrus. It looks like something that hard-core punkers would wear, it contains severity, the street severity. A man who wears that kind of tattoo is usually a very strong person, with strongly decided attitudes.

Fish tail that dives into the water is a fine witty tattoo. However, it’s the design that makes her the most interesting because of the meticulous way they have been drawn. Again, we have the good repetition, and variety of shapes that lead us into this mysterious fish.

Another brave idea. There are various shapes and images you can place on the full are between your knee and ankle. Let us see this fine image of a fish-like creature, which stands in the middle. The image is a pure classic, it’s a design that you cannot miss.

This one is also classy, but with a strong note of modernity. The shape is completely classical, it reminds us on the English pound sign (£). Along with that classical characteristic, there is also a modern one presenting force and brutality that marked the last century.

A great gothic design is giving us a symmetrical image of two birds. Birds? Ravens, actually. Yes, raven is a special bird that comes in front of the danger, and serves like a messenger, a messenger that wants to point us on the danger.

This flower tattoo design is all about the beauty, the beauty of the ankle tattoo and the beauty of life. The flowers on this image are colorful, just like life is, and the collection of shapes is simply wild, just like life is.

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