Shoulder tattoos look really cool and amazing because of the new look and style it gives your shoulder. They are really attractive and help add appeal to your personality. This is the first and most popular reason to get shoulder tattoos for men; to make the shoulder look attractive and very appealing.

As the name suggests, these tattoos are very curvy and sharp, and depict many things to the tattoo holder and people looking at it. These tattoos have various origins and come in plain black ink or vivid colors which all make the tattoo look really cool.

Shoulder tattoo ideas

Men have been inking cool shoulder tattoos since ancient time; but today there is an increased popularity and demand for these tattoos. It is presumed that in the past, tattoos on shoulder were considered a masculine tattoo to be sported only by men. There are of course also various reasons and causes for this demand for shoulder tattoos on guys.

Increased visibility and designs for men

The second reason to get a tattoo on the shoulder is because it is both very visible and can also be totally concealable. You need not walk out half naked to display them; you can show off your tattoo when you are bare-chested at the beach or while exercising at the gym. And if you are in a strict work environment, you can always cover and hide the tattoo with a full sleeve or half sleeve shirt.

The location is another reason to get some cool shoulder tattoo designs. The large shoulder area makes it the perfect location for creating a great masterpiece. Designs for men shoulder tattoos vary from intricate designs to tribal designs from African or Indian tribes to Celtics.

It’s however suggested to get a large sized tattoo for your shoulder, especially if you are looking for something tribal or floral with intricate petal designs. However it’s better to avoid excessive tribal tattoos as you will get bored with it pretty soon.

Small sized tattoos with intricate designs are not suggested as they look messy after some years. Wings are also a popular choice amongst men which is why they are fascinated by wings of dragonflies, angels, fairies, butterflies and some birds too.

Muscular and well-built men should get dark and large men tattoos on their shoulder like dragon and tribal concept of designs. Depending on your personality, you can also opt for Celtic and zodiac designs.

Shoulder Tattoo for Increased flexibility

Flexibility is the fourth reason for a shoulder tattoo. By flexibility, it means the design can be easily extended later on, if and when required. Shoulder tats have lots of meaning and need not always be big. The tattoo can be used to create a part of a shoulder sleeve tattoo or just have a smaller and more meaningful tattoo.

Another reason for men getting front shoulder tattoos is to have something important representing an important part of their lives tattooed on it like their college Alma matter, a military affiliation or even a club or group membership.

Now that you know the many reasons men opt for shoulder tattoos, you also know why its better you get yourself a shoulder tattoo for men if you ever opt to get a tattoo!

Check out some great shoulder tattoo images for men


Shoulder tattoos are all the rage, and for good reason. They look amazing, and this is the perfect example of that. The beautiful and intricate design filled with bold, strong lines is what captures the eye. Moreover, the melange of shapes and styles in black ink is truly beguiling.


Tattoos are all about creativity and uniqueness. So while intricate black ink designs and fantastic creatures are extremely popular, this unique tattoo steals the show. With splashes of color and beautiful shades in a circular black background, this one is perhaps one of the best shoulder tattoos out there!


Here is a simple yet captivating tattoo. Rather than covering the entire shoulder, the well spaced out design has a charm of its own. Done in black ink, it includes some unique patterns meant to bring out the contrast between the skin and ink. This, in turn, places an emphasis on the beautiful tattoo.


While different designs are all the rage, here is a gorgeous phoenix flying across the shoulder. Done in black, each of the feathers is shaded to maximize its impact. Extremely realistic, this is a tattoo sure to make heads turn.


While dragons, birds, and skulls are extremely popular tattoo ideas, wolves aren’t to be left far behind. Popularized by their wild, free nature, this one depicts a more dangerous side. As he appears to be letting out a howl, the wolf head, shaded in black, gray, and blue, is bordered by beautiful red roses. The bright red forms a strong contrast with the rest of the image, making the wolf stand out.


Here, the skin of metal armor upon the red insides brings out the warrior in you. Moreover, the sharp contrast between the black and grey armor along with the red and black insides is what makes this tattoo distinctive.


This beauty covers part of the upper arm along with the shoulder, and is truly a work of art. Designed to perfection, the intricacy is astounding. Starting from the inner corners of the circular design to the outer bubbles, the bold lines, strong shading, and fearless use of black is sure to make people do a double take.


A tattoo for the traveler, this one emphasizes the true meaning of wanderlust. It has the essence of the sailor because of the rope wrapped around the shoulder, but with the world map in the background and the compass in the foreground, it works just as well for those bitten by the wander-bug. It is shaded in earthy tones, and depicts the power of the world itself.


Primarily captured in cool colors, it shows a fish about to devour its prey. Since it portrays a fish, it’s hardly a wonder that most of it has been created in shades of blue, but the bright red of the worm on the hook is what makes this a brilliant tattoo design. It depicts the unknown danger that lurks ahead of ignorance and greed.


Unleash the warrior within with this incredible tattoo. Here, the shoulder sees the chain mail along with the various parts of the armor in grey and black. The insignia as well as some intricately carved designs are present upon this in red, creating a sharp contrast. Moreover, the small axe in the middle of it all is what shows the detail that has gone into this shoulder artwork.

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