The fire-breathing awe of this fearsome beast has been bewitchingly captured onto the shoulders. The dark background along with the detailed scales and shaded face make the Chinese dragon come alive in front of your eyes.


While designs are amazing, this tattoo adds a little more to them. Here, you see worn out designs that span the shoulders and upper chest. Simple shapes have been transformed into a captivating tattoo idea with this unique twist.


There is no doubt that body armor tattoos look incredible. This one, however, takes this to a whole new level. The detail within the image such as the squares, carvings, and twirled lines, all give it a 3-D appeal, whereas the red and brown shading ensures that the image comes to life. Instead of becoming a part of you, this one stands out, like an armor protecting you.


The bold shapes which come together to form this beautiful design shows just how attractive shoulder tattoos can be. The black ink, intricate motifs, and perfect harmony of all the little parts within is what makes this rather large tattoo one of the most beautiful creations.


Another twist on the regular designs, this one is done entirely in black. With proper shading, many of the patches look as though they have been impressed into the skin. Moreover, while the design itself is mesmerizing, it is the skull that will capture your eye.

Men Tribal Chest Tattoo Designs

This shoulder tattoo shows that simple can be beautiful. Clear black lines and a color detail at the bottom are a perfect combination of a subtle and powerful design. Nothing too shabby, but a very beautiful tattoo.


What is absolutely awesome with this tattoo is the fingerprints, but also a dynamic combination of various types of graphic techniques at the same time. Despite the different patterns, they fit together perfectly. The cherry on top is of course the nicely incorporated typography.


Nice shoulders can get even nicer with a great tattoo. I think we all agree on that? And a wide male shoulder can beautifuly support a geometric and eternal sun symbol. Sun has always been the source of energy, so if you want a powerful symbol, this one should definitely be your choice.


Having shadows inked on your chest and arm can be a good thing, but having shadows within you, not so much. For every warrior with a dark past, this kind of a shoulder tattoo can be a great way to overcome the inner darkness.


For anyone brave enough to overcome this amount of ink on his shoulder, this tattoo is worth the hours spent on the chair. The great detail with the 3D effect on the skin-steel border, it really gives you the feeling of a second skin.

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