Another tribal design, but this time very gentle and light because of less ink. And not everyone need a big heavy black ink on their body, especially if your body is already strong. This tattoo fits perfectly on the big shoulder as it feels like the lines are dancing around the skin.

Eagle Tattoo

The hawk is a powerful animal that represents determination, clear goals and strong mind. This beautiful tattoo is placed on the shoulder but continues to the chest where it spreads the wings. Also a great effect even if you’re facing the person directly en face.


A slightly different version of a hawk, but very beautiful. In this case there are more colors used and the placement is completely different. With its face facing forward, this can symbolises the straightforwardness of the owner or even honesty and openness.


If you are looking for a combination of maori style and geometrical spirals, but with less amount of ink, this one is your winner. Despite a big surface it covers, it has slightly modest design but not being dull at all. The spirals add dynamics.


Tattos can mean many things, to many people. What is the story behind the shocking second skin revelation depends on the owner. Many times it may carry a deeper meaning like a rebirth, or new chapter in life.


If you’re going for charisma and power, you should consider this shoulder tattoo. It can not fail to impress or leave anyone speechless. The strong black patches and patterns are full of mystery and tribal history of a far away island peoples.


If you can not decide just for one motive, no problem, get them all. Maybe the beauty is in chaos. Maybe you don’t want to commit only to one style. Your life is full of stories and small details are what make you unique.


Are you inspired by the great bravery of medieval knights? Do you consider yourself a noble man, worthy of respect and serving others? You might put on an ink armour like this to show your designation.


This is a sharp design but at the same time it also contains very organic shapes which remind us of bones, sea creatures or even saws. Anything is possible with this tattoo. Maybe that is why it is kind of mesmerizing.


For anyone fond of spirals, this is a very suitable tattoo of choice. It is very dynamic but yet it doesn’t lose the concept and it feels so lively. It is prefect for anyone who maybe already has a nipple piercing as a combination.

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