As more men are looking to get tatted, it is easy to find those who prefer to have something special. Seeing as a tattoo may be something placed in the open and people may see it ever so often, many people have opted to have a form of secrecy. What would be a better idea other than having one in a language that is not so obvious – Latin.


Implementation of Latin Tattoos for Men

There are many options for Latin tattoos for men. One can always browse the Internet to have the best Latin quotes and sayings. These may be used as word tattoos. Most of the Latin sayings may not be readily engraved in ink art, but they sure are an option for those stylish statements.

The great thing about Latin tattoos for men is that you can have them on any part of your body and what’s more? You get inspired all the time. In life’s trying moments, everyone needs a statement that can lift them up in an instant, and what better way than to have ink art that is part of your identity?

Popular Quote Choices for a Latin Tattoo

Most of the Latin tattoos for men may just be described as life quotes. They serve to encourage you when you feel down. Seeking motivation was never as easy as lifting up your shirt or looking in the mirror. Trials are bound to keep anyone down, no matter what strong a man they may be. However, a simple Latin quote like Dum spiro, spero may just be what one needs. It can be translated to mean while there is life, there is hope.

Sometimes the quotes are not merely about encouraging. They serve to remind one of what is essential. For example, Sed anima est quam manere, which is a form of ink art that tells one that there is more to life, that it is more as compared to staying alive.

Just like the quote suggests, there is more to life and not only the wrong things. Love. People have said it makes the world go round. Besides, isn’t Latin the language of romance? A more common phrase would perhaps be Amor numquam moritur, which means Love never dies.

Sometimes, the quotes and sayings go beyond our feelings and talk about what principles we live by. For instance, Amare et honorare speaks loads about what guides one’s decisions and who they are. It means love and honor, the two things that distinguish a man from a boy. The realization of these two things has been known to be the epitome of passage from a child to an adult.

Some may be aimed at encouraging others. Tattoos, especially those placed in areas visible to the public, may help another struggling soul. Something like Perveniet ad altitudinem urges the reader to reach the heights. If this is not encouraging, I don’t know what is. Sailing in the same boat would be Ille vincit se vincit, which stands for ‘He conquers who is the one conquers himself.’

Whether for others or ourselves ink art serves more purposes than simply beauty. It is an inspiration that seeks to propel us further.

Incredible Examples of Latin Tattoos for Men


This Latin tattoo means “to the very end” and signifies a bold and long-lasting commitment. It is only natural that the tattoo is bold and straightforward. It uses no bling to emphasize the words that should never be spoken or taken lightly.


Latin tattoos are generally highly symbolic and this is a great tattoo for someone who is a natural leader, who likes to lead by example and considers the others their peers. This phrase which means “a first among equals” is presented here in a very majestic manner.


If you love to live in the present and believe that every fleeting moment should be lived to the fullest then this is one of the best Latin tattoo ideas for you. Looks-wise it is elegant and beautiful in a very aristocratic manner and possesses certain classiness.


This is a Latin tattoos idea that celebrates one of the most popular quotes of accomplishing something great- “I came, I saw, I conquered” and is the perfect way to celebrate an important milestone. The branches on either side of the font give the tattoo an air of elegance.


This Latin tattoo design will reinforce your belief in all that is pure and unadulterated in life. This is a very meaningful and powerful tattoo bought to life in a flowing and intricate design work that takes a lot of skill and considerable effort.


This is one of those Latin tattoos for guys that have serious religious undertones. It means “the cross of Christ is my light” and can be taken both literally as well as a source of guidance and inspiration during dark and turbulent times.


If you love rules and like everything to proceed in an orderly manner or are just a law-abiding citizen and are proud of the same then this is one of those Latin tattoos for men that glorify this. The reasoning behind this tattoo is simply that the law can be hard but it is the law.


If you are a history buff or simply love strategies and wartime stories then you must have come across the phrase “divide and conquer”. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men that represent the same phrase in Latin in a bold and dramatic manner.


Tattoos ideas can be great life lessons and one of the most valuable lessons we need to learn is that we have to pick our battles wisely and not waste our time and effort on something that is insignificant. That is what this tattoo proclaims in quite a stylish manner.


While you might not hold Caesar in high esteem, that should not hold you back from getting this tattoo as it shouts out a very important message using a cool font. Either give your all or don’t try at all which is the best way to approach any situation in life.


The biggest service you can do to yourself is staying true to who you inherently are and that is what this tattoo encourages you to do. It cautions you against changing who you really are using a simple, understated but cool design.


If you understand the value of time and would like your tattoo to show that off in the coolest way possible then this is the tattoo to get. It is incredibly detailed and uses intricate patterns and artwork to create a stunning display of life-changing themes.


No one has achieved greatness without enduring hardships and that is what this tattoo tries to teach us. If you want to reach the stars then you have to brave some hardships before that. The skull adds a touch of realism and the red and black color scheme makes it visually impressive.


Are you a risk-taker? Do you love the high that comes with the unknown? If yes, then this a must-have tattoo you need to get. It encourages you to take a leap of faith into the unknown as that is the only true way to fully live this life.


Another iteration of the “I came, I saw, I conquered” quotation of Caesar, this one is a more detailed and textured tattoo. It is predominantly black and uses a splash of red quite well to make the tattoo really stand out – a very unique and powerful looking tattoo.


“Don’t let the bastards grind you down” can be the perfect motivational line to help you to pick yourself up in an adverse situation. Aesthetically this tattoo is a treat for the eyes due to its vivid colors and the incredible attention to detail.


It is often said that the person we need to study the most is ourselves. That is what this tattoo tries to inculcate with its simple message of knowing oneself truly. The font used is very classy and the tattoo looks great due to its minimalistic approach.


Life is not meant to be stuck in a routine following someone else’s approach to life but to live it on your own terms. This tattoo dares you to live differently in a highly artistic manner that will definitely turn quite a few heads due to its bold approach.


Another call to action to live in the now and do what is supposed to be done today, today itself. This tattoo does not take up a lot of space and sacrifices a flashy look to emphasize the important and highly applicable message it carries.


A great play on words, this tattoo literally means that “I know that I know nothing”. It is a great tattoo for anyone who loves that extra creativeness and intelligence in their tattoos. The design here is intricate without getting muddy and that makes it even more interesting.


This tattoo is more of a warning that it is often easier to go down the wrong path but it is an approach that needs to be avoided at all costs. Looks wise it is curvy and loopy and that gives it an air of complexity and adds quite a bit of character.


If you want an elaborate message in your tattoos then this is the one to get. The basic message here is that you have to live in the present and actually not trust long-term plans to come to fruition as you will be only setting yourself up for disappointment. The tattoo is beautiful in a haunting sort of way.


Often in the pursuit of dreams and endeavors, we often forget who we are and this tattoo tries to caution us against that and implores us to always remember who we truly are. There is a sort of nascent energy behind the design elements of this tattoo and that gives it a very energetic vibe.


Are you on the lookout for something that follows a very ‘in your face’ design scheme? Do you value loyalty as one of the most needed character traits? Then this is is the tattoo to get without a second thought as it is incredibly bold and celebrates loyalty.


Another proclamation of loyalty, this tattoo takes the intricate and complicated route. The design is very busy with multiple lines of different contrasts and some majestic symbolisms that nicely complement and enhance the Latin words.


An amazing Latin tattoo that fits perfectly on the side of the body. A nice font has been used to sculpture the words vertically upwards. The spherical background with a curved arrow on one side makes it more impressive. The top part has an artistic bird-shaped drawing.


One very colorful example of the many Latin tattoos ideas out there. The letters have been shaped stylishly to read vertically downwards. The two main colors-black and red-have been used to partially shade the upper and lower sides respectively to create an eye-catching scenario.


This tattoo perfectly fits on the lower forearm. It is medium sized and dark. The first letter in each of the two words has been capitalized. The font used is impressive to the eye.


This tattoo is a product of one of the most creative Latin tattoo ideas. The lower part resembles hands of a believer in prayer. The actual words lie above this symbolic drawing with a unique patch on either side.


A simple but well elaborate Latin tattoo for men, the words are slanting slightly and cover the upper back of the body between the scapula bones on either side. This tattoo is dark and bold. It expresses the message outlined by the words clearly.


Interesting, isn’t it? A drawing of a human hand in the midst of words in small fonts describes this Latin tattoo design. It covers the upper forearm with a tree inscribed within a circle on the side. The tree is crossed by some larger words in bold.


Excellent blending of black, blue, purple and orange colors to decorate the tattoo, the words “EX FIDE FORTIS” is huge and written in a dark bold font. The other colors are applied with a sense of art to resemble poured out paint.


This is one of the most brilliant tattoo ideas for men. Miniature words have been written and placed strategically to supplement the outline of a skull. A leaf-like structure appears to cut through the skull from the upper neck to the forehead. Below the skeleton is a scarf decorated with a constant pattern.


Yet another set of Latin tattoos for men. These tattoos cover the whole hand with words that are intended to pass a message. The uppermost tip next to the shoulder is shaded black strategically to leave out colorless patches of letters that form a sentence.


The words in this tattoo have been arranged to form a semi-circular shape below the chest. They are dark and are written in an attractive font that could influence your eyes to read them. It is a simple, readable and adorable tattoo.


A beautiful piece of Latin tattoos idea that covers the posterior part of the lower arm. the words appear as if they are formed by strips of folded paper. This tattoo is big enough to be seen from a distance and the words can be read easily.


“AD ASCRA PER ASPERA” are the words that cover the better part of the upper chest. The left side is a drawing of a face of a horny creature that extends to the right shoulder. Again, the font is medium and can be read comfortably.


A set of tiny words that have been written in italics is the description of this tattoo design. The words enlarge as one reads further right. Not only is the font pretty but the tattoo is also small to cover a little part of the front arm.


Here is another adorable Latin tattoo for the anterior part of the lower arm. Its letters are huge bold making it a trivial exercise to read them. It is straightforward and precise. The style used to write the letters is also comely.


An inventive sense of art can be deduced from this tattoo. The words on the upper layer are bold and plain while the two bottom layers consist of small and stylish words. To the upper part of the arm adjacent to the elbow, a shaded part encircles the arm with a red drawing that resembles a flower drawn on a circular patch.


This tattoo consists of three words that cover the whole surface between the two shoulders at the back. The letters are stylish and require keen interest to decipher the word they express. More so, it is underlined with curly intertwining lines to make it appealing.


This is a sample of Latin tattoos for guys that don’t like much attention. It is very small and well positioned above the armpit. The words are in italics and run across the shoulder towards the neck to form a complete sentence with a symbolic meaning. Again, keen interest is needed to read the words.


A set of two huge words covering the upper part of the back. These words are written in a stylish slanting font. The art used to extend some letters up or downwards make the tattoo cool.


A brilliant tattoo idea that looks pretty but is still manly, the words “Vivo Pro Hodie” are engraved on the front part of the lower arm reading upwards. Much beauty is used to shape the letters to acquire the pretty design of these words.


A unique tattoo of the front view of a bird stretching its wings, the partial shading on the bird forms a very attractive pattern of a skeleton. Above the bird, stylish words cover the length of the wings to form a complete sentence.


This tattoo idea is quite adorable on the front upper chest. The words on the top layer are large and cover a greater part of the surface. The lower layer consists of small-lettered words that are arranged to form a line of words underlying the huge words above. Both layers have different fonts.


This tattoo consists of four simple words in italics between speech marks. The lower right side of the tattoo is a drawing of a floral component that adds spice to the tattoo quality. The words are intertwined to make the writing seem handwritten.


Yet another impressive way to express what you have in mind through a tattoo, the words “Alis Volat Propriis” are in bold and are written in an eye-catching font. The tattoo covers one side of the upper back next to the right shoulder. Generally, it is appealing to the eye.


These words seem to be fading upwards on an even line. They are medium sized and occupy the upper back between the shoulders. The words are painted faintly and the degree of faintness increases towards the upper part of the words.


The most contradicting tattoo of all, it, however, maintains its taste of style and attracts the eye. The words are written in a way to form a concave shape upwards. The letters are less distinct and are intertwined, making it difficult to read the words without taking a keen interest. It is such an elegant tattoo!