Eye tattoos for men have continued to earn more popularity in the modern world. The young and old men are ever seeking for tattoo experts, but before you jump unto the bandwagon, there are various things that you need to know. Do not just pick a tattoo because you saw your favorite celebrity or friend with one. Here are some of the tips to guide when considering the idea of eye tattoos for men.

Where Should You Get an Eye Tattoo?

There are many artists who claim to design wonderful tattoos. However, not all of them will deliver their promise. Therefore, it is wise to look at some of the designs of the tattoo expert you want to work with and years of experience before making any move. In addition, it is wise to talk to some of the people who have acquired tattoos from the artist before you decide whether to have one or not. There are new artists who are talented but you cannot afford to take chances. Ensure that the artist has enough experience and can make the exact tattoo that you want.

Meaning of Eye Tattoos

The meaning of tattoos differs from one community to another. It is good to find out the meaning the tattoo before accepting to have any on your body. There are tattoos that stand for love, religious, hatred, radicalization, sanctity, death, hope and terror among others. Understanding the meaning of the tattoo will prevent you from offending your friends and relatives. You use the internet sources to determine the meaning of different tattoos so that you can choose one at the end of the day.

Consider This Before You Get a Tattoo

There are certain jobs that you cannot do when you have tattooed a visible part of your body. You need to find out whether your employer allows you to have tattoos on your body before you go ahead to have one. If the organization does not allow, then is wise to keep off lest you want to lose your job in the long run. In the event that the tattoo does not affect your working then you need to determine the duration it will take to heal. Certain tattoos take longer to heal than others would do.

How to Keep Your New Eye Tattoo Clean

Cleaning the tattoo is very important. A properly cleaned tattoo will heal faster and not lead to any form of infection. It is advisable to ensure that you stick on the cleaning guidelines if at all you want the tattoo to look attractive as well as avoid health related complications that are likely to arise along the way.

In conclusion, eye tattoos for men are here to stay. There are different designs of eye tattoos that you can go for when you want to look attractive and stand out from the crowd. Some of the important aspects that you have to know include the meaning of the tattoo, cleaning, acceptability and how to take care of the same. With this tips at the back of your mind, enjoy some of the coolest designs!

Check out the best eye tattoos for men


This is one eye tattoo that is both creepy and unique. The left hand of the guy features the head of a smoking person, who has no eyes. There is a spooky eye on the right hand, and the two tattoos have been applied with a specific meaning.


The first glance at this tattoo can send some chills down your spine. Even though it is scary, the tattoo carries some impressive artistry. The 3D effects are also noticeable, so it is a tattoo that can catch anyone’s attention.


It doesn’t matter how terrifying this tattoo seems. Conversely, it has an appealing color theme, and the 3D effects are also amazing. Most probably, the tattoo carries a hidden meaning. Regardless of the creature in the tattoo, the artistry is one of a kind.


This is one of the eye tattoos that have a unique design and have been applied with a hidden symbolism. The combination of the clock and the eye are the main elements that draw a lot of attention to the tattoo.


The uniqueness and elegance of this tattoo lie in its design. The tattoo has been designed with a special touch of art, along with a perfect color blend. It looks like a human eye, but the patterns around it make it somewhat bizarre.


This tattoo is still fresh from the tattooist, and you can notice the glossy effects that it carries. The 3D effects make it extra impressive, even though the color blend is not as vibrant as such. It could be carrying a specific meaning.


The color theme of this tattoo is basic, but you cannot fail to notice the 3D effects. It seems like there are some waves that surround a teary eye. Regardless of the symbolism of this tattoo, it has an amazing design.


This is one of the eye tattoo ideas that carry an appealing color blend, along with incredible 3D effects. It features an eye inside a triangle, similar to the infamous all-seeing eye. Ensure that you know the meaning of this tattoo before you apply it.


This is another creepy and bizarre eye design tattoo that comes with a unique look. You can notice the paint splash design dripping in the background of the eye in an inverted triangle. The theme of the tattoo suggests that it has a specific meaning.


This is one eye tattoos idea that looks unique. The elements of the tattoo include two stars, light rays and a cloud-like design surrounding the eye. The color theme might be basic, but the 3D effect is quite impressive.

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