This one stands among the eye tattoos for men that appreciate a unique touch of artistry. The 3D effect is amazing, and the eye is integrated with a clock design. It carries some level of reality, and it could have some symbolism.


The tattoo in this photo features some elements that make it somewhat spooky. There is a skull that looks to have some shackles passing through it, and an eye is designed inside a spade of the Solitaire card game. The tattoo carries a hidden meaning.


This guy applied his tattoo with some level of spookiness and artistry. The design is also unique, especially with the high level of 3D effects. It looks like the eye of a crocodile, an alligator, or any scary reptile.


This one features a human eye, but the design makes it among the impressive ideas. The wavy design around the eye adds glamor to it, even though it has a basic color blend. Regardless of the meaning, this tattoo looks amazing.


The guy in this photo has covered his right arm with an amazing tattoo design. The tattoo features an eye and a clock. There is also some impressive artwork that makes the tattoo extra-appealing. It is one of the unmatched tattoos ideas to have.


Quite striking and visually penetrating, this eye tattoo is without question a mixed bag of symbolism. Encapsulated in what appears to be a brick base, the lower eyelid has essentially melted while dead trees seemingly rest above the upper eyelid, thus ultimately showcasing a very dark and dismal world.


All but jumping off the skin itself, this creative eye tattoo design is beautiful yet haunting. Essentially taking the page out of a horror movie, this work of art depicts a glaring and somewhat bloodshot eye resting behind sharp and jagged teeth which play the role of some rather horrific eyelashes.


Covering virtually the entire side of the upper arm, this attention-grabbing ink design is very creative. Quite dark and appealing, thus potentially making it brilliant when it comes to eye tattoo ideas, this particular pattern is very much up for interpretation. Hallmarked by a unique black pattern, the eye itself is very distorted and sits directly in the middle. At first glance this design could likely be mistaken for a giant hole.


Placed directly under the shoulder at the highest point of the arm, this eye popping tattoo appears to be the epitome of creativity and possibly the ideal eye tattoos for men. With one eye taking center stage inside of a circle, ash colored leaves, with a slight hint of red and silver, decorate the sides. Quite possibly saving the most distinguishable touch for last, the entire pattern is essentially garnished with a series of eyes completing the outer rim.


Ranging from the middle of the shoulder to the elbow, this ink design is quite extensive in respect to most eye tattoos. With a giant eye essentially leading the way, hallmarked by some rather distinguishable eyelashes, this tattoo contains some rather interesting yet undistinguishable designs as it works from top to bottom.

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