The Popularity of Geometric Tattoos for Men

Geometric tattoos for men have increasingly become one of the most popular and fastest developing genres of tattooing styles, preferably amongst men, compared to other styles. The style’s popularity particularly draws from its wide usage of a variety of unusually beautiful designs comprising of interesting geometry as well as surprisingly mysterious abstract elemental art works that draw a lot of attention to the eye.

To create such geometric designs is not an easy task as it requires complex experimentation with unique tattoo ideas. It hence commands a professional touch.


Geometric Tattoo Features

One amazing feature of this genre of tattoos is that it can render any image, picture or symbol into a geometric design. The artist can reduce images into simple shapes and then fragment them and eventually recreate them into their simplest forms. As such, artists can render predatory animals such as wolves, tigers, falcons (to mention just but a few) into geometric designs that represent the predatory nature of humanity i.e. the master at the top of the food chain. In this regard, this tattooing style has endeared most men as it provides them with a great avenue of expressing their inner world/self.

Another important feature of geometric tattoos for men is the use of mysterious repetitious patterns that represent consistency, precision and balance. These repetitious patterns are meant to bring about some aspect of symmetry and balance which in the contemporary world are considered as the keys to contentment and happiness. This ideology heavily draws from the mathematician’s philosophy of sacred geometry which viewed the world to be a compilation of symmetrical shapes working together in a bigger way.

In this regard, the repetitious patterns also communicate some aspect of continuity to convey reliability and predictability. To achieve this, an artist may use large pieces of geometric models containing recurring motifs in creation of a bigger complex image. This is in such a way that one can identify a pattern, but for you to fully understand the entire image you first have to study the continuation of the existing pattern. Such a motif can also be painted in the background of another image in such a way that one can only empathize with the symbol on the foreground by contrasting it with the one on the background. This functions as an emblem of routine as well as comfortability that depicts a complex mind that is suited to equation and logic. Such shapes and images on one hand can depict a mind that can make sense or understands the complexities in nature, and on the other hand they can convey the complex nature of the bearer of such a tattoo that is not easy for others to easily understand.

Last but not least, artists can also formulate abstract geometric shapes that deconstruct the original image, projecting a distorted and fragmented variant of the original. This mostly serves to convey the artist’s visualization of that image before he created it. It can also serve as the artist’s way of representing a fragmented mind. Similarly, it can also portray a path towards understanding, where-by one must first understand individual parts of a picture in order to understand the entire picture. With this in mind, we can consider geometric tattoos as the building blocks or basic elements of knowledge that form the basis for building perception or perspective.

Geometric Tattoo Examples for Your Reference


This Geometric tattoo is a symbol of the wolf; it represents the leader of the pack. Strategically placed triangle shapes make the image stand out as a three dimensional model of accuracy.


Perfect symmetry is a must in any tattoo, the pin point accuracy of this arrow leaves nothing to be desired. Attached with some inch perfect circles that make you wonder how on earth the artist came up with this design.


Geometric tattoos for men as many people know are commonly conveyed through a wolf. Just as empowering is the moon because it is said the moon symbolizes the brother of the wolf. The fine detail of this tattoo makes it truly something to behold. Having an array of shapes and patterns is simply beautiful with the use of triangles forming the core of this tattoo.


Geometric tattoos have different meanings and thought processes surrounding it. The incorporation of the Fibonacci spiral is an effortless design where mathematics and art meet.


Perfect symmetry tats is a sign of mutual respect, this is exactly what this vibrant daunting design brings. Having the “KING OF THE JUNGLE” on your arm leaves a certain sense of accomplishment that many other tattoos can’t rival.


Geometric tattoos for guys are the pinnacle embolization of what your man hood should mean to you. With the two faces fitting together in perfect symmetry makes the work of the triangle in this piece quite a masterpiece.


The usage of three different shapes will make your tattoos very unique. This is the effect many people are aiming for. This alluring creation has its origins from the Pacific islander cultures. The wave patterns go in and out of each other in perfect harmony making it truly remarkable and memorable.


Geometric tattoo ideas are methodologically taught out. Only displaying the head and tail of the wolf is a very abstract design. Precision was used in conjunction with the circles and thin lines making it a unique stylized look.


The less is more effect of this tattoo stands out from the rest. It is not big in size but the message of the tattoo is clear as day. The two triangles entwine one another with the tree of life in the middle.


A flawless design is very eye catching. The use of the hexagon as a bold picture is mesmerizing to look at. The design is mature in nature with the points rounding of the tattoo with precise accuracy.

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