A wolf tattoo with a particularly vicious appearance. The wolf is made of polygons in mostly dark shades of black, but the eyes and teeth are stark white in comparison. The wolf is snarling, and has a set of antlers.


Located on the bicep, this geometric wolf is howling at a small moon against a backdrop of tiny trees. The moon is the darkest. The entire tattoo is in black ink and would make great concept art for geometric tattoos for guys.


A wise owl takes up the inner forearm with this geometric ink design. The owl is made of primarily triangles but also a few polygons of various sizes. The design reminds the viewer of a totem or even an engraving.


Interlocking pieces and mandala-like depictions create a giant geometric pattern that covers all of both arms and the front of the shoulders, also extending along the back. The ink is navy blue and black shades, with many parallelogram shapes incorporated.


A low polygon wolf wraps around the upper arm in black and white. Its eyes are white against the shaded details of its head in a straight-on portrait view. It’s circumscribed within a ring and also features a large triangle.


Nine main circles create a geometric concept art that reminds the viewer of a solar system or perhaps something electronic. Each ring is made of a different line pattern such as dashed, solid, or bolded. It is on the forearm.


A partial sleeve is created from the shoulder to the mid upper arm with geometric fractals. The outer section of the design resembles an interlocking glass ceiling while the inner section features a round area of interlocking lines and circles.


Science and art meet with this inner forearm tattoo detailing a taut bow and the engineering lines around it. The bow is the darkest section, and is prominent against the thin geometries that reveal how it functions in simple shapes.


Half geometric, half realistic, this wolf portrait tattoo is split down the middle. The left side features a normal wolf depiction, while the right is made of polygons and connected lines that create an interesting geometric pattern in dark ink.


A snake like geometric design covers the arm from shoulder to wrist. Hexagon scales spiral around the arm, with a large snowflake accent on the inner elbow. Most scales are solid black, but some are inverted and only dark outlines.

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