The octopus tattoo has recently grown in popularity across the world. The main reason for this popularity is the versatility the tattoo offers in term of size, color, meaning and placement. Both men and women wear these tattoos in neutral, bright or natural colors either alone or accompanies with other sea creatures. The octopus is such a voracious predator that it can also turn on itself. It’s still not figured out why they devour themselves starting from their tentacles and at times, cumulating with death.

It is the mystery surrounding the creature which makes this denizen of the deep oceans a beautiful choice as a tattoo. Its flexibility, camouflaging abilities, adaptability and regeneration characteristics are other traits which make it so popular with men. Its 8 limbs give it its name, octopus as ‘oct’ is 8 in Latin. Moreover, the number 8 is related to the infinity symbol, depicting the infinity in a person’s personal, love or financial life.


The fact that the octopus can disengage a limb when under attack symbolizes the wearer’s ability of dropping excess baggage from their life. This proves that the wearer has the knack of moving forward in life after facing any situation or tragedy in life.

The fact that the octopus can once again regrow the limb symbolizes regeneration and the capability of moving on in life when required. This is depicted as a sign of encouragement especially in situations where the person can regrow or redevelop himself even after getting crushed in some phase of life.

Octopus tattoos for men are popularly worn to show the wearer is ready to face any challenge and are not afraid of losing something in life. The fact that the octopus can survive through tough conditions prove that the wearer can accept life’s challenges.

Then there is the octopus’s chameleon like ability of changing colors and disappearing in a spray of black ink when frightened or attacked showcasing its mystery, wonder and transformation traits in life. The absence of a spine makes octopi invertebrates, flexible enough to go with the flow of the ocean, and the wearer’s ability of blending in with any situation life offers.


Octopus tattoos for men is every tattoo enthusiast’s dream as its flexibility lets the artist make maximum use of their expertise and imagination while placing and coloring the tattoo. The artist may apply it on the lower back with its tentacles wrapped around the hips to reach the spine or wrap the tentacles around the arms and legs, or drape them over the shoulder.

The tattoo can also be placed on the shoulder with its tentacles dripping across the arms and chest. Some even place the octopus on the leg with its tentacles extending up the leg. Basically, the tattoo has to be placed some place where the tentacles comfortably stretch to other body parts.

Not only do octopus tattoos offer versatility in its placement, its ability to change colors to match its surroundings let the artist present the tattoo in a rainbow of colors. This si why it’s important that the right color combination is chosen to bring out and display the meanings and elegance of octopus tattoos for men.

Check out the best octopus tattoos for men


This colored octopus tattoo that perfectly fits the upper arm is a show of boldness and readiness to tackle any challenge that will come your way. The small size provides a unique sense of calmness but should not be confused to mean that the wearer is weak-willed.


A hand tattoo of an octopus perfectly placed not far off the thumb, where it can easily be seen, is primarily used for showing off. This tattoo placement also represents the ability to reorganize your life and make a comeback after going through disappointments.


This large octopus tattoo design that is totally covering your back in a colorful demeanor is largely developed to invoke courage to the bearer. The large head overriding the tentacles is very scary and can be used easily to ward off intimidators.


An upper arm octopus tattoo idea with the tentacles encircling the arm in a beautiful illustration stands for diversity, variability and insight, which are important elements that any man needs to face life challenges. The extending tentacles are also a show of bravery to the tattoo wearer.


This unique tattoo idea of a scary figure of an octopus inscribed in a human body is perfect representation of encouragement and variability. This upper arm tattoo shows how strong and willing the wearer is to try again despite failing on several occasions.


A lower arm octopus tattoos idea with a design involving tentacles that are spreading outward with the head just about on a central position. Just like many other octopus tattoo ideas for men, this unique design symbolizes courage and ability to tackle challenges in different ways just like the spreading tentacles.


Upper arm tattoo idea of the blue-ringed octopus signifies lethality and is a clear show that the wearer is not a person to be messed with at any given time. The blue ringed octopus is a lethal creature whose venom can kill humans in minutes.


This good-looking lower arm octopus tattoo design for men is not as scary as most others and can be used for encouragement purpose. The wearer, just like in other tattoos ideas, has a special message to his audience. In this case he says that like an octopus, he is willing to overcome challenges facing his life.


Scary octopus tattoos for guys like this colored upper arm tattoo represent bravery and ability to fight back despite the challenges one is facing. The tattoos also tells a lot about the wearer, giving a warning impression that he is likely to mess you up if you get on his way.


A sizable upper arm tattoo of an octopus engulfing a woman’s face with its spreading tentacles shows determination to move on after disappointing relationship with your lover. The message is bold enough to show that the tattoo wearer has resolved to fight on after failing in love matters.

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