This lower arm tattoo of a full squid with its tentacles moving outwards on all directions shows the wearer’s resolve to tackle challenges in different ways until he overcomes them. The strategic positioning of the design on his arm is to remind him of his resolutions every time he sees the tattoo.


This upper-arm octopus tattoo with its limbs spreading outwards towards the sky is a show of determination where the sky is set as the limit. The person wearing this tattoo must have set out success targets that he hopes to achieve within a given time.


A colorful squid on your hand is primarily designed for show off purposes. The wearers of this tattoo try to make an impression of changeability or perhaps versatility in resolving various issues. The octopus is an animal that is known to possess all these qualities.


This scary neck tattoo of an octopus with its eyes wide open and its body spreading downwards towards your back is a sign of lethality. The wearer probably wants to send a message that he is not scared of anyone and that anyone who messes with him will have severe repercussions to endure.


This shoulder tattoo of an octopus in a typical sea life at the bottom of the ocean is largely worn by people who have not limited their explorations in life and are willing to go further to achieve their dreams. The spreading limbs that move towards the neck and upper arm show how far they are willing to explore their territories in order to achieve their dreams.


This colorful Japanese octopus tattoo design covering much of your backside is not only attractive for admirers, but can also be used to signify courage. The vibrant mixture of colors coupled with the large frame show boldness and ability to face life challenges as they come.


A joyful squid in cap holding a cup with one of its eight limbs signifies the needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Although this back tattoo is not as colorful and lively as it should be, it still passes on the message of living a happy lifestyle in an effective way.


A chest tattoo with a squid, a boat and inscribed words that tells you to “Live the life you Love” is enough message of your life priorities to anyone who will come across you bare-chested. The message is clear for everyone; live your life in a happy and fulfilling way.


This bold shoulder tattoo that also covers much of your upper back area is a sign of versatility and ability to redevelop your life after undergoing hardships. Just like many other octopus tattoos for men, this design clearly points out the need to try again even when you feel that you have hit bottom rock.


An arm tattoo with the octopus limbs spreading outwards can be used to show territorial might. This means that if you feel like you have conquered multiple challenges in life, then this is a perfect tattoo to have. The tattoo also indicates bravado and ability to fight back when faced with hardships.

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