Tree tattoos have seen a comeback in recent times and now they are absolutely huge and popular especially amongst men. Tree tattoos are actually speculated to have been around for quite a while and amongst the very first designs that people first used anciently. To get the meaning and the importance of tree tattoos one has to retrace the history of various cultures and the meaning of the tree as a symbol in most communities. These days tree tattoos for men have gained almost a cult following amidst the tattoo fad that is gripping this generation. Though unlike various tattoo sleeves, tree tattoos have an explicit meaning for those who dig deeper.

Tree tattoo ideas

Why are tree tattoos popular

The ordinary person will not deign to get a tattoo of a tree and that is the difference between normal, common tattoos and tree tattoos for men. By the time someone gets a tree tattoo they have probably done their research and decided that the in depth meaning and symbolism appeals to them.

Since the beginning of time, trees have been viewed as a symbol of the origin of life and people have used trees to trace life and families. Trees are not only a cultural symbol but also a religious symbol where the common symbolism is striking. It is this cross cutting aspect that is the number one reason why tree tattoos for men are so popular. Because culture, community or religion notwithstanding, the tree symbol is viewed with a near reverence and everyone agrees of its importance. So men from all creeds and tribes do not feel alienated when they have a tree tattoo done on them.

What tree tattoos represent?

Trees represent life and trace a kind of natural chart towards the origin of life and that is why they are so respected in various communities. In Christianity, in the bible the tree of life is mentioned and the symbolism is very strong in the religion because it is at the very start of the bible and plays a major role in how events played out and how they affected humanity afterwards. Trees in ancient times were also used as shelter which was very important against the elements and wild animals. In Egypt mythology the tree is a sign of the start and end of life, in modern life the role of the tree in sustaining humanity is lauded and brings about the respect for the symbol.

The second reason that tree tattoos for men are so popular is because they transcend time, whether it be Buddhists, Christians or the Celts they all had a deep respect for trees. In modern times the tree might be seen differently what with the scientific discoveries of its significance but it still holds the same core importance now as it did back then. Of course according to different cultures, different trees have different meanings that are drawn upon today when choosing a particular design. There are quite a few designs to choose from which someone who wants a tree tattoo for men can choose from depending on what they want to symbolize with their tattoo.

Check out the Best Tree Tattoo Designs for Men


The tree, starting from the shoulder, ventures far into the forearm, far into the past. Such a wondrous root often symbolizes a strong connection to the past, or indeed a firm foundation based in family.


The naked branched tree, with not a trace of bud, has something worth admiring in it. Breathing the air of strength and self-sustenance, such a tree may qualify as one of the more appealing tattoo ideas for men.


There are not many chest tree tattoos out there, much less done this spectacularly. There is something rather eerie in the skulls that rest beside the root; but there is something even more so in the branches that clasp the entire neck all the way up to the jaw.


The eeriness from the last tattoo turns into gloominess in this one. The tree is here no longer stout, no longer firm, but whirls into a willowy motion while the restless birds circle about it.


The hand is the host of this tattoo as its lines, stream-like, pour across the fingers. Right above the root there is an ominous hole in the tree; a hole resembling an eye gazing with its vacant look full of some dark force.


This is a tattoo of a tree with a twist. Here, the root is transformed into a colorful electric guitar that comes with a splash of black behind it. A symmetry of root and lush leafage is somewhat broken by the birds flying away from the tree.


Rarely is the use of symbolic color more vivid then it is here. Rather than being descriptively green, the leaves are fiery orange. The bird-like shapes can be discerned from the fire; these shapes seem to have sprung for it, and thus conceived, seem to fly into eternity.


This tattoo would’ve been joyful, romantic even, had it not been for the scary spasmodic branches and spider web leaves. The root is shaped as a huge heart done in dark shades of red, while the three smaller hearts grow in the unwholesome environment.


The sprawling branches heading in all directions seem unaffected by the blossoming effect of bygone spring. Its bareness is even more emphasized by the blue vapor, the winter mist encircling the branchy tree. The sad scene is partly redeemed by the pale green tops of the background trees.


The Celts, with their long tradition of worshiping nature, placed a high symbolic meaning in trees. Done in the oval shape, this Celtic tree of life tattoo, whose curly branches are intricately interconnected, has the message that so many philosophies, religions, or ancient cults share – that of oneness in nature.

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