Tattoos mean a lot of different things to a wide variety of people. In fact, it is possible that the same tattoo could have as varied a meaning as those who use it. There are however, some tattoos that have a common meaning. For example, a butterfly tattoo on a woman could mean gracefulness, rebirth, renewal, return to innocence or beauty. Some men also use butterfly tattoos to signify the same things, only their designs are more rugged.

Wrist tattoo ideas

Wrist tattoos for men have evolved greatly over the last few years. Today, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. All with very different meanings. Some common wrist tattoos for men include eye tattoos, Kanji characters, initials, full names and so on. Here is a list of some of the most common wrist tattoos favored by men and what they could signify.

Wrist Tattoos With Religious symbols

Although almost every tattoo is a statement in its own right, religious symbol tattoos are perhaps the most vocal and outspoken. This is your way of telling the world that you subscribe to a certain belief and you are not ashamed to admit it. Choosing any religious symbol as your tattoo requires a great deal of thought beforehand. This is a statement that is going to resonate all through your life. It will affect, both positively and negatively, most of the people you meet. That being said, here are some common choices and what they mean:

Ahimsa – Non-violence. This represents Jainism.
Om – From Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, this tattoo is a representation of a sacred mantra.
Yin-yang – Perhaps one of the most popular tattoos in the world (on any part of the body). It represents the harmony between two complimentary forces. It stems from ancient Chinese philosophy.
Ik Onkar – This is a strong statement that signifies one supreme reality. It comes from Sikhism.

Star tattoos on men’s wrist

These are also very popular with men. Star tattoos mean a variety of things depending on the number of points included in the design:
Nautical star – This represents guidance, protection and safety.
Upward pentagram star – Balance and protection.
The Star of David – This is also another very popular choice. It is a common Jewish and Israeli symbol.
Downward pentagram star – This is a very controversial choice as it represents a sign of the Devil.
Shooting star – This represents a person’s philosophy on the fleetingness of life

Zodiac signs

These are popular with both sexes and all 12 have different meanings:

Aries – Represents energy, confidence, courage and impatience
Taurus – Represents love, patience, practicality and understanding
Gemini – Represents balance, adaptability, flexibility and support
Cancer – Represents conservativeness, moodiness, sympathy and loyalty
Leo – Represents leadership, brevity, intuition and hard headedness
Virgo – Represents inquisitiveness, intuition, shows that one is analytical and a team player
Libra – Represents stability, harmony, romance and charm
Scorpio – Represents passion, intelligence, intuition and emotion
Sagittarius- Represents wit, smarts, impatience and an adventurous nature
Capricorn – Represents practicality, reservation, patience and an organized personality
Aquarius – Represents honesty, loyalty, intelligence and laziness
Pisces – Represents smarts, unselfishness, honesty and compassion

Other popular wrist tattoos for men include, sun tattoos, musical notes and Kanji character tattoos. All of these designs mean something slightly different and more personal to whoever gets them. Many of them are popular because they show strength, hold a message and look really cool.

Check out some great wrist tattoo ideas for men


Amazing raised tattoo with darkness breaking through the light. The delicate petals of this rose are a huge contrast for the design and details associated with this delicate image. Truly a work of art, this image belongs in a painting.


Elegant sword image, similar to a Roman gladius is all the rage and very masculine. The design is simple in nature and means that the wearer looks very strong. A tattoo like this is the perfect accompaniment to a wrist for strength.


This forest wrist tattoo ensures that you are able to see the forest for the trees. These elegant trees show the delicate nature of the outdoors and provide a great view of the wilderness for all who love the wild.


Feathers are the sign that divinity is present, these feathers are delicate and make a huge contrast to the wrist that they are on. These tattoos remind the wearer of divinity in their lives, with a quick look down.


I am not afraid to walk this world alone, a brief reminder of the importance of not being afraid to be strong and forge on. A saying like this is a daily reminder of the struggle of life and faith.


The amazing tree lines of nature are appreciated in this beautiful woods image of nature at her finest. When you long for the great outdoors, all you need to do is look down and you can see a bear in the distance.


The Compass lets you know what direction you are heading, with one on your wrist you are assured of the correct direction every time. This means you are heading in the direction of progress as well knowledge.


The Tree lets you see that you are always grounded and that you have a thing of beauty to admire at any moment on your arm. You will appreciate the beauty of this tree every time you look down at your wrist.


The circle with a line tattoo is a symbol that you are not complete and you are a work in progress. You will be able to know that you are in a mode of continuous development with this and other actions.


This Maze is an instant reminder of the trials and tribulations of life, this is a way to know that you are in the middle of something and will come out on the other side. This is a great tribal pattern that has meaning.

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