The circle of life is present in this haunting tattoo of birds and a tree with its roots growing deep into the soil. When you look down at this you will see that you are able to grow like this tree which is planted in the soil.


This cross wrist bracelet is a reminder of your commitment as well as your alignment with Christ. When you look down you will be able to see what you would do at any moment with the knowledge that he is with you.


This amazing forest scene is the perfect accent for any wrist, with the tree line fading in the distance you are assured to have an instant reminder of the solitude of nature and the place you want to get away to.


This perfect wrist size global map is a constant reminder for the wearer of where they have been and where they want to go. This allows you to be able to have access to an instant reminder of how you are going to travel.


This map is a beautiful representation of where you wish to go, this will allow you to love and to see the best options to enjoy and see your map. You will love these beautiful options on your wrist and will love the look.


This anchor is a great way to allow you to be able to remain anchored in the middle of the world. You will see that you are anchored in the moment and will love the best options of the look and the anchor.


This small tree is a reminder of being in the middle of nature and that means that you will have the beauty of nature and the moment that you are there. You will be reminded of the beauty of the environment.


This rooted tree is a beautiful example of your position in the earth and a reminder to be rooted in your ways and in your beliefs. When you look at your wrist this beautiful tree and birds show you the way.


This diamond and chain is a beautiful reminder of the chain of life. This exquisite pattern shows interlocking circles and patterns that allow you to see the way things are connected, this is a constant reminder.


This tattoo is an armband of continuous lines, adding one to the continuing each time of your arm. You will love the bands that show you the continuing of the pattern and remind you that all things go on.

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