Tattoos are a creative way of self-expression. They are artistic and bring out the best in the body of the tattoo owner. However, for this to happen, the tattoos have to be done very well, with a lot of precision.

This is especially true for lower back tattoos for men. You’ll be amazed at the beauty that beholds a lower back tattoo. Some famous celebrities have been caught on camera in swimsuits, exposing their tattoos. One such celebrity is David Beckham.


While people get tattoos for various reasons – it could be as a significant art piece to remind you of something or someone sentimental, for beauty and aesthetic purposes or sheer fun to get a kick out of it, the exercise is always one that should be approached reflectively. There is no doubt that the lower back tattoos are fashionable but one should first establish why they need a particular tattoo done on them and why?

Reasons for Getting Lower Back Tattoos for Men

It is rumored that having darker tattoos on your body and lower back can help prevent the negative effect that UV sunrays cause on the body. This is however not true or rather it’s debatable. From research conducted by skin therapist, they have established that tattoos do not necessarily prevent the skin from experiencing negative skin destruction from UV sun rays.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the reason why men go for lower back tattoos is simply for the fashionable sense of having some and the beauty that comes with it. Depending on how wild one is willing to go, you can have a full back tattoo or a side one that covers the side of one body side, and maybe a half body size tattoo.

They will mostly pop out during the summer time as you head to the beach or at the gym as you work out. It goes without saying, that tattoos are a real catch for ladies. They are artistic and say loads about you – the tattoo owners – as a person.

Incidentally, men prefer to get tattoos that they can reveal and concealing as need be. While working a professional job or task, one might want to conceal the tattoo, depending on the attire they are wearing. When it’s a casual time and one is eager to show off what they’ve got, then, you can reveal it but it needs to also be visible. Getting a retouch on your tattoo, once in a while ensures that it pops out just fine and is shiny and good looking as if it were freshly done.

Choosing Your Own Lower Back Tattoo

Lastly, there are various tattoos to choose from. Some men go along with tribal tattoos, which are pretty cool actually. Women especially love floral ones at the back and due to their feminine nature, men detest such tattoos.

How about a King Arthur sword hanging down from top bottom on your back? Sound cool, right? But hey, it all comes down to what you want, and how you want it. Go get that tat on your back; you’ll thank your tattoo artist on those summer days for sure.

Expressive Examples of Lower Back Tattoos for Men


Although lower back tattoos are not very popular among men, this particular pattern is ideal for the man who enjoys an island kind of lifestyle. This tattoo represents a simple tribal pattern that has been drawn only in black.


Of all the lower back tattoo ideas that men could possibly adopt, this one is the most ideal for any man with pale white skin. Although this particular tattoo employs the use of only one color, it is still complex. The tattoo encompasses several diagrams which have been skillfully stringed together to make them give the appearance of a pendant.


This lower back tattoo is ideal for the religious man. The tattoos design shows the shadow of a man seated in a meditating position. Behind the man, is a circular object with filled with star-like patterns.


This particular lower back tattoo design is ideal for the gentleman who wants something thought provoking on their lower backs. This tattoo encompasses a black shadowy figure that appears to have had part of it split in half.


This is one of the best tattoo ideas for men who prefer angelic art on their bodies. This tattoo, which has been drawn using one color, depicts angel wings. The tattoo has been drawn in such a way that it appears that the wings are connected to the backbone.


Of all the lower back tattoos for men that one can get, this one is by far the most interesting. The tattoos style is unique in the sense that it represents two centric circles that are uncompleted. The centric circles have a lot of patterns attached to them which give them a tribal pattern look.


This is one of those tattoos that are most ideal for a guy who wants something colorful on their backs. The tattoo depicts a compass shaped symbol with several flame like projections appearing between the compass points to give the tattoo a unique look.


This one of the most ideal lower back tattoos for guys who want some tribal patters on their bodies. The tattoos pattern represents several tribal patterns drawn on three levels, one above the other to give the tattoo a complex layered look.


This tattoo pattern is one of the most unique ones that a guy could possibly have on their bodies. The tattoos pattern represents an outline of the backbone going all the way down to the base of the back where there appears to be patterns that look a lot like metal pipes intertwined to form various star shaped designs.


This is one of those tattoos that are simple yet very visually appealing. This tattoo which has been inked in black only represents tribal patterns which run from the nape of the neck all the way to the bottom of the back.


This unique tattoo pattern encompasses the use of unique patterns to come up with exquisite body art. This tattoo which has been inked in black only, has some of its patterns running along the length of the spine.


This tattoo is one of those tattoos that are most ideal for the man who want something unique on their backs. This tattoos pattern represents a plant vine running all the way from the nape of the neck to the bottom of the back where at the end of the vine, there is a multi-colored flower.


This tattoo is ideal for the man who wants something unique on their lower backs that will speak volumes about their personalities. This tattoo’s pattern represents a v-shaped tribal pattern with a sun right above it. The sun has also been drawn in tribal patterns.


This particular lower back tattoo is most ideal for the individual who want to share their love for words, specifically, words written in Helvetica. This tattoo represents the following words written on the lower back “I <3 Helvetica” which easily translates to, “I love Helvetica”.lower-back-tattoos-15

This tattoo is most suitable for men who want something simple on their lower backs. This tattoo’s pattern represents a very simple tribal pattern tattoo which has been inked in black only. The simplicity in its patterns and choice of a single color gives it an exquisite look.


Of all possible tattoo ideas that a man could possibly have on their bodies, this is the best lower back tattoos idea that a car lover can have on their bodies. This tattoo’s pattern depicts three classic cars all drawn at the base of the back.


This is one of those tattoos ideas that are most suitable for a gentleman who wants thought provoking art on their bodies, art which speaks volumes without uttering a single word. This tattoo’s pattern depicts angel wings which appear to be spread out. The wings appear to be attached to the backbone.


This is a very complex tattoo that best suits a guy who wants something complex on their lower backs. The tattoo’s pattern depicts very complex patters drawn in blue color while some parts of the pattern have been left out to spell out some letters.