Batman is probably the coolest superhero we know. He is a billionaire playboy who runs an empire during the day and fights crime during the night. His fighting skills are unparalleled and he has all those gadgets that simply defy logic. As far as ‘superhero coolness’ is concerned, only Ironman comes close to Bruce. But that is only because Tony Stark is just as wealthy and as technologically savvy as Bruce Wayne; that is a discussion for another day. Batman tattoos For men are one way to pay tribute to this iconic man’s man!

We all secretly dream of being rich, fearless and absolutely indomitable. Just like Batman. We could however, do without all those Gotham creeps always trying to hush the Bat’s mellow. Since Gotham is a place far, far away in the depths of our imagination, we are left with no choice but to live our lives precariously through Batman tattoos for guys.

Batman Tattoos Are Super Cool

There is no discussion here, Batman is cool. But you do not have to be limited to the main guy. If you are a Batman fan, you can choose to get a tattoo of any character from Gotham city. Some of the best tattoos include The Joker or Poison Ivy. It doesn’t matter what you choose to go with as long as they are from Gotham then true fans will understand what you are all about. But since we all want to be the top dog, getting a Batman tattoo should be your ultimate goal. You can choose to get a tattoo of his face; his awesome cape; one of his many symbols or even one of the ever so glorious Bat-mobile.

They symbolize what you stand for

Batman stands for good societal values such as justice. He might choose to enforce these values using mighty force, but the end justifies the means in most of his cases. Whatever the case, he is a symbol of hope for the people of Gotham. Hope that someone still cares and that someone is looking out for the city; keeping those things that go ‘bump’ in the night at bay. He also symbolizes hard work, dedication and sheer courage. In case you have forgotten, Batman does not have any super powers. Just true grit and an amazing array of skills amassed over years and years of training, pain and will.

New Ideas for Guys

Batman tattoos are generally very heavy and full of color. They are not simple sketches that will take about a few seconds to do thus minimizing your time under the niddle. These tattoos take work and a lot of niddle time. If you are going to be getting one, you are going to need to master all the courage you can find. For ink lovers, this is nothing; for regular humans, this kind of pain may prove too much. As a man, having an awesome Batman tattoo goes to show that you know what cool is and that you have the stones to engrave it on your body despite the pain.

Check out the best Batman Tattoo Ideas for Men


The perfect tattoos for all Batman fans, the first one depicts the masked vigilante in his signature stance. Colored in blue, gray, and black, you can see a colony of bats flying in the background. The second tattoo, however, depicts the Batman’s side profile with an image of a villain within it. Done predominantly in black, it includes splashes of purple, red, and even flesh within it.


Batman would be nothing without his arch-nemesis, and this tattoo perfectly captures that. Here, the batman logo has been inked in solid black on one half and completed with the Joker’s mad laugh on the other. It also brings about a wonderful contrast of red and black.


Combining two masterpieces, here is how Batman would look when placed inside Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Starry Night’. Inked just like the painting, it uses shades of blue and yellow to create a captivating contrast. Within this, you can see the Bat signal blazing in the sky as Batman himself stands vigilant.


Capturing the complexity of the Dark Knight, this tattoo isn’t a neat depiction of the superhero. Instead, the sharp, edgy lines and smudgy coloring represent the madness that lies within. The quote in the background, inked in red, black further highlights this.


This breathtaking design is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo ideas for men. Here you can see Batman’s face peering out from the iconic logo. Done in shades of black, blue, and flesh, it involves intricate shading, giving it an extremely realistic appearance.


This awesome leg tattoo is sure to make you the envy of every Batman fan out there. Done in black ink, it depicts the superhero with the classic Bat Signal in the background. He is surrounded by all the villains he has fought off, with the Joker at the very top.


This tattoo design depicts the ever-awesome Batman logo outlined in black ink. Inside are inscribed Alfred’s words, ‘Why do we fall?’ He answered the question saying: ‘so that we can learn to pick ourselves up again.’ This tattoo is perfect for anyone that needs some inspiration or cheering up.


This delicate Batman tattoo is ideal for those who love to keep it minimal. Inked in black, it shows the iconic logo upon the wrist. The solid coloring forms a beautiful contrast against bare skin, while it can also be easily covered up with a long sleeve for the more formal occasions.


This black ink tattoo commemorates the importance of the Joker in making Batman the superhero he is. Here you can see Batman’s black gloved hand as it holds the Joker’s playing card along with one of his own well-known Batarangs.


While everyone loves Batman, who says you can’t make him a little fancier? Here is a unique take on the classic vigilante as his usually sombre face is filled with flowers, spider webs, and more. The joyous splash of colors gives the tattoo a lively appearance.

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