Previously, the design of a star for tats is an option only girls make. Recently however, there’s been an unexpected shift. It is now also an excellent alternative for gents and this is because of the intro of star tattoos for men featuring a design that is masculine.

Star tattoo ideas

You can browse this website and also visit with your favourite tattoo studio for a selection. It does not matter which patch you choose, you’ll discover a huge inventory you can pick from. But simply to give you an idea about what you might encounter, here are a few pointers for you to remember:

Monochrome Black VS Multicolored

Ordinarily, star tats tattoos for men can be classic or multi colored. Each has their own unique features and choosing between the two is really a question of your personal taste.

With monochrome designs nevertheless, it is possible to create a more classical look that’s also possibly more manly in appearance. On the other hand, brilliant designs are going to have look like more luxurious and expensive. Generally monochrome tats are more easy to take care of in the future.

Simple VS Nautical

Besides the color scheme, star tattoos for men may also fall under the class of either nautical or straightforward. Simple designs will make a great pick and nautical designs will cater more to the complex. Regardless, this also falls under personal taste.

However, it’s important to take note that these types of body arts come with more complex designs are harder to make. So if you’re going for a layout that is nautical, you’ll need to find a seasoned and skilled tattoo artist.

Browse our large selection of star tattoos for men and pick the best!


This tattoo consists of one large star tattoo pierced on the upper arm on the biceps. The tattoo has inscriptions in it. This tattoo is deeply cut to bring out that manly look that you require. This will require much time to deepen the tattoo and make the writings but it is super when done.


This tattoo design consists of several stars running from the shoulder down to the elbow. It has a combination of several star designs which makes it more appealing. This design is simple and smart for those who do not like exaggerations. The way in which the stars are arranged makes a perfect match.


A perfect tattoo for men it consists of one larger and lead star on the shoulder and several others all the way down the arm to the elbow. The stars have a unique pattern that is breathtaking and gives the confidence all the time.


It has a large star surrounded by other smaller ones. This tattoo has a shading of colors that making astonishing and it gives an impression of the sky in an artistic kind of way. This is a complex design that requires quite some expertise but when the end result is out, you will agree it was worth the struggle.


Pierced on the back slightly below the shoulder, this tattoo consists of three stars inscribed in each other to make it look like one big star. The idea is having the bigger or larger star carrying the two small ones inside of it. This is the most simplest of the aforementioned and will take relatively less time to be done. It is not complicated but still the elegance cannot be denied.


This is a simple tattoo design too but still catches the eye. It has few stars drawn on the arm and a shading of color that is designed to look like it has been splashed artistically to complete the stunning look. This would offer good tattoo ideas for men who love not complex and not simple style.


A tattoo on the wrist is not a bad idea. This tattoo is conspicuously located and is a sure way of adding to your elegance as it can stand for that watch that you may not be quite fond of. It consists of a single star with some kind of floral design in it. It is just stunning.


Simple and stylish is what describes this design. It has four stars joined together by a floral design. The different colors used in shading the stars blend so perfectly and hence that beautiful look. This can be suitable for anyone.


If you like experimenting on style and class and likes complex styles, this design is just for you. This style has two stars on each side of the chest and the arms rights from the shoulders to the wrist have other colorful designs. It perfectly brings out the masculine features and draws attention from far.


Tattoos talk and express feelings and ideas. If you want one that does that then try this one. It perfect design that has writings both at the top and bottom. One simple star and comes with an additional writing of what you want expressed. Things to do with life for instance are a good idea.

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