The Greeks believed that diamonds were symbols of money, high quality lifestyles, purity, and increased strength. Just as many traditions have endured through the years, diamond tattoos are among them. The reasons men get them vary. If a person feels they are rich but would like to get richer, then getting this tattoo can improve their chances of making it happen. It has also been said that they can increase passion and desire but not like many of us may know it, “this passion and desire is strong enough to melt a diamond”. It can also be used as a reminder of a loved one lost weather through a failed relationship or death. Depending on the person’s taste or style words can accompany the artwork if they do not want the meaning of it to be up to interpretation. A popular movie “Blood Diamond” inspired many to show their anger and support for the those who suffered because of the horrific injustices endured by many as a result of the blood diamond trade.

There are many types and meanings for diamond tattoos for men. The Small Black Diamond represents money or the gaining of more money. It is usually placed on a place on the body that is not easily noticeable. The Melting Diamond is an extremely unique tattoo and thus draws lots of celebrities who love the idea of having something so unique as a permanent part of themselves. Usually the diamonds are colorless, but recently different colors have been utilized to further the meaning or message of the tattoo.

The color of the diamond allows for better expression of the person displaying it. Now colors can have different meanings to different peoples. The descriptions given are examples of what they could represent or have been known to represent, there is always the possibility that the color was chosen simply because they like it and are not trying to make any type of statement other than I like this. The color Red in a tattoo can express love, adoration, wanting, and/or wealth. Green can represent nature, commitment, and jealousy.

The design of diamond tattoos for men has also evolved though time. Designs are now offered with wings, which of course is referred to as a winged diamond. This type of tattoo signifies a new meaning of wealth but not the type of wealth that automatically comes to mind. It’s the type of wealth that has nothing to do with greed, or implies that the wealth they have is free from greed.

Wings and birds are also additions to the original design. The birds with wings or just wings are meant to signify a free spirit, or a state of independence. Or, once again the person can just like birds.

White tattoo on a finger is meant to come off a classy, are a symbol of wealth, which may attract the attention of females.

Diamonds in an Oyster Shaped Jewelry Box, the best way to show off! The is an amazing tattoo that features diamonds and some other jewels such as pearls an oysters in the form of a jewelry box. This is meant to be a symbol of wealth.

Check out the best diamond tattoos for men


This guy understands the sophistication of a diamond, which is why he has applied it along with a king’s crown. The diamond tattoo has a basic design and color, though the guy might have applied it with a specific purpose.


This is one tattoo that can grab anyone’s attention. The elegance lies in the color theme, along with the sweet 3D effects. Either this guy is enjoying the beauty of the diamond, or maybe he just appreciates the entire tattooing art.


This stands among the diamond tattoos that are applied with a specific symbolism. It can be seen in the writings; Pressure Makes Diamonds. The meaning is ambiguous, but the tattoo must have a special symbolism to the wearer since it is applied to the chest.


The beauty and uniqueness of this tattoo are on the 3D effects. The diamond in the tattoo has been applied, and it also has a shadow that makes it super cool. The black theme over the diamond adds some masculinity to it.


This tattoo is quite simple and almost resembles the peace emblem. The guy has applied it on his elbow and he had the intention to show it to the public. The design and color theme are basic, but it could be holding a strong meaning.


This is one great diamond tattoos idea, which features a pink diamond. The diamond has a classy reflection that makes it extra attractive. The 3D effects of the tattoo are impressive, and there is a set of letters that could be symbolic.


Here, the tattoo has been applied to some unique design and theme. It seems to have a tribal theme, and the edges of the diamond have arrows that might have a specific meaning. The tattoo looks amazing on the side of this guy.


This is one tattoo that has been applied with some level of artistry. The patterns that cover the diamond are what draw attention to the tattoo. The guy has applied it to his arm as it stretches down to the wrist, and it surely looks great.


The color, theme, and 3D effects of this one make it one of the unique diamond tattoos for guys. The royal blue color of the diamond, with the sparkling effects, draw attention to it. Also, the guy has included some words that could contain some symbolism.


This one looks like a couple that has similar diamond design tattoos on their ring fingers. It might be a gesture of commitment in their marriage or love life. Either way, the tattoo idea is one that anyone in love would consider.

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