Memorial tattoos are designs that are borne with an intention of paying tribute to your loved ones who are deceased and have a special part in your life. They can either be your spouse, child, parent or even pet. This culture has found its place in men today more than ladies, which is because the culture can date its way back to the 20th century when American soldiers would have these tattoos in memory of their fallen soldiers in war. Most soldiers were men hence the birth of a new tradition that has found its way to the modern society. The following are the top five ideas for memorial tattoos for men.

Text Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Men like using texts and names of their loved ones. These memorial tattoos for men are the simplest even though a text can be surrounded by some decorations such as flowers just to make it look more attractive. Texts can be in the form of the name of a loved one, text initials or any other text that can show their love like “Rest in Peace”. Texts tattoos can be made simple or more advanced when initials are employed.

Memorial Tattoo Designs with Pictures

This is a popular idea that men have to remember their loved ones. This includes images that represent their loved ones such as the image of their home and portraits. With these images one cannot easily tell what they represent because they are mostly personal and can be understood by a few people mostly the ones close to them. One can also decide to tattoo the picture of their loved one like the picture of their pet or loved one. Other images are always just creative ones representing their loved ones like an example is an image of a father carrying a child.

Cross Memorial Tattoos

This is one of the most suggestive designs. One can easily interpret that a cross is used as a memorial tattoo. They are always blended with texts, flowers, and arrows. Even though they look like religious signs it shows that there is something you value so dearly. They also suggest the love and respect for your loved ones.

Memorial Tattoos with Dates and Quotes

Dates are used to represent a particular day, month and year that someone can never forget. On that particular date, something special or extra-ordinary happened to leave a mark in your life. Quotes work like dates; they are meant to reflect the same things. They are always words of someone you love or your words that meant something to your loved one.

Memorial Tattoo Design Ideas Featuring Angels

These ideas always signify memory of a loved one. It is one of the best tattoos to be used in memory of a loss of something precious to you. These designs also signify that the persons being commemorated by that particular tattoo is a guardian angel. It is mostly common with those people who believe in afterlife.

Check out the best memorial tattoos for men


A perfect example of a moment captured in a memorial tattoo. Complete with the date/year and activity, along with a special message comes as a brilliant way to scale high seas. The fish hook and the seaweed makes for a canopied heart.


Pay tribute to your favorite animal with memorial tattoos for men. This creative and subtle homage can do wonders for pet owners and those who have lost their beloved pets. A paw print will forever be etched in your skin.


This elaborate arm tattoo comes with the unique vision of memorial tattoo ideas. The excellent strokes can bring in grandeur and scream greatness at the same time. Say many things with an elaborate design that speaks your mind out.


Capture 9/11 and many other memorials onto your arm with a painstakingly accurate depiction of various scenes and moments. Embrace the different concepts and situations behind investing in memorial tattoos and create a piece of history on your body.


Pay homage to the fallen American hero through explicit designs depicting the Star Spangled banner with a subtle placement of the army dog-tag. Breathe in the patriotism and make others realize the freedom of the soil. You can have customized tags inked on to your skin.


True for the ladies’ man, you can have customized pocket watch designs along with a little bit placements for the ladies. This simple, yet elegant designs bring the onlooker searching for hidden meanings known only to you.


Ink your arm with the memorial badges for loved ones who have now passed. Each of your carefully thought tattoos can have distinctive designs as per your needs. This amazing tattoo in running hand looks correctly placed and just right for the sentiment.


Commemorate the birth of a child with tattoos such as this one across your back, complete with a date. The name is perfectly adjusted and engraved in a believable and elegant font to cherish lovely memories forever on your skin.


This black and white memorial tattoos idea showcases delicate artwork and announces quiet reverence for all those seeking memorial tattoos for guys. Complete with a floury Latin Christian cross and the flag displaying the life of a departed family member.


This memorial tattoo idea showcases a great blend of thought and skill. The execution of this tattoo requires precision, which will be duly rendered. With a classic sepia finish, the tattoo along with the detailed fallen soldier gear will keep your head held high.

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