Vikings have fascinated people for ages. Their courage and fierce personality made them an important part of history. Apart from their heroic deeds and raids, they are known for their unique culture, which will always be shrouded in mystery.

Though Vikings lived and fought many centuries ago, their culture still inspires us. Probably the best way to prove that is the Viking tattoos for men. They are very manly and just right for strong individuals. Whether you get such a tattoo to give you power or to display your own inner warrior, you can bet that it will never fail to impress.

The most popular piece is Thor’s hammer. It can either be tattooed alone by using a simple design or as part of a complex tattoo that can even stretch across one’s whole back. The Valkyries, The Helm of Awe, Odin and the valknut are other frequently used themes.

What do Viking tattoos for men mean?

Some tattoos have a clear meaning. For example, the Viking ship symbolizes the journey of life, with all its storms and clear skies. The man wearing the tattoo is the captain of the ship and does his best to protect everyone who cares about, while caring for the integrity of his ship too.

However, irrespective of the standard meanings, each tattoo can have a particular significance for each person. Some people never tell the true meaning behind a tattoo as it is the result of a very private experience or inner struggle.

Why are viking tattoos popular amongst men?

Vikings have always intrigued everyone due to their personality, life and choices. A man who gets a Viking tattoo can obtain that desired strong look. Though you might think that only men who are particularly interested in history or Viking lore will go for such tattoos, they can be perfect for various kinds of men.

A shy one can find the strength he needs to get out of his comfort zone. A person who went through some traumatic experience can use a Viking tattoo to emphasize the inner strength and wisdom he achieved. The truth is that you can’t go wrong with a Viking tattoo.

Who doesn’t want to look manly and interesting? Who doesn’t want to feel stronger? Let’s face it: a remarkable tattoo can make you stand out in a snap. It can be a great ice-breaker that can help you be appreciated and liked by the ones around you, particularly by the ladies.

Also, these tattoos can give you confidence and help you become the cool person that you have always wanted to be. It can adorn your skin beautifully and become a constant reminder that you are a brave warrior who never gives up. In tough times, this can mean a lot.

What do viking tattoos represent?

Viking tattoos for men represent power and courage. The design is essential in determining the other messages. Unlike other tattoos, these ones often only use black ink and shading to create the aesthetic effect.

People who choose to go for Viking-themed tattoos are usually spiritual and value valor and freedom. They don’t make any compromises and live life to the fullest. Trustworthiness, honor and honesty are their main characteristics.

Check out the best viking tattoos for men


This Viking tattoo features the sign of the warrior’s helmet, along with the dragon head, and other signs. This guy has the tattoo elegantly applied on his top arm, and the head of the dragon stretches towards the right chest.


This one is an ideal look of a bad guy. The guy has the Viking sign on the side of his head; you can only imagine the pain he endured to get the tatt. He also has a Mohawk, making the look extra unique with a specific symbolism.


This is a wrist tattoo that features a sword and a Viking sign. Along with the sweet color theme, the realness, and the 3D effects, this tattoo carries a special meaning. The guy could have applied it to symbolize courage or endurance.


In this tattoo, the guy has applied the iconic Triple Horn of Odin. Whether the guy has it as a special dedication to the contemporary Asatru faith or for the love of the art, this tattoo is unique and looks classy.


This is a great Viking tattoos idea, which features some signs, and there are some extensions that resemble curved horns above the pattern. The guy has applied it on his chest to show his high value to the signs in the tattoo.


Here, there is a Viking woman warrior, who has a helmet and below her are crossed axes and a round shield that has a Viking sign. The elegance of this tattoo is in the color blend, and the nice 3D effects.


The Viking warrior in this tattoo has a metallic helmet that is perfectly applied. This tattoo has some sense of reality, thanks to the 3D effects. The guy has it on his top left arm, and it surely looks amazing.


You can notice the furiousness in the face of this Viking warrior. He is armored with the horned helmet, and he also has two deadly weapons loaded on his back. The tattoo has a basic color blend, but the design is stunning.


This is one of the Viking tattoos that show the fierceness of the Viking warriors. The warrior here is in a battle, and he is armed with the great ax on the right hand, and a shield on the left hand. Maybe the wearer has a specific meaning, or it is just for the love of the art.


The tattoo on this guy’s calf features a Viking warrior, who appears to have glowing eyes. The warrior also has the warrior helmet, but there is a tree sign over the head. With such a design, the tattoo could be carrying a hidden meaning.

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