It is really one of the greatest acts of patriotism to get a tattoo of the American flag on any part of your body. There are a variety of reasons for getting American flag tattoos for men. One thing you can be sure of when you get an American flag tattoo and that is that you will leave the tattoo parlor with a feeling of true pride about your country. In addition, you will definitely be attracting a lot of attention no matter where you go when you display your red, white and blue tattoo.

There are a lot of different designs to choose from when it comes to American flag tattoos for men. Take your time making a decision about which particular flag design you plan to finally choose as this will definitely become a permanent part of your daily life. Find out which professional tattoo artists in your community have a great reputation and have been in the business of creating gorgeous tattoos for years. It is never a good idea to jump in without really knowing who is doing the tattooing or if you are unsure about the flag design. The longer the tattoo artist has been in the business, the more advisable it is to put your skin tattoo under their supervision.

There have been twenty-six historical transformation that the US flag has been through. For this reason, you might even want to explore the option of selecting American flag tattoos for men from a certain point of history. For instance, the 1777 flag has been the very first flag in history. Nowadays, there are thirteen stripes and fifty stars on the flag. The Betsy Ross flag originally had thirteen white and red stripes and a blue background with thirteen stars in a circle. Artistic, creative minds that love things in their original state may opt for having a more traditional flag tattooed on their body.

On the other hand, modern folks may prefer newer versions of the flag. With all the transformations that the flag has gone through, selecting one that you love in a particular design will take some time and effort. It is always a good idea to take a look at as many options as you can before making the big leap into getting a real tattoo. You might even ask your tattoo artist if it is possible for you to test drive a tattoo of the American flag by getting permanent ink markers drawn on your body before you dive into the real thing.Many Americans both native and non-native express their love for the country by getting a flag tattoo on areas of the body including their nape, arm, chest, ankle, wrist, foot or even their lower back or navel. Others have the flag tattoos done on their hips, thighs, upper arms or shoulder blades. Smaller tattoos are also quite popular on areas such as ring fingers and wrists. Of course, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to your American flag tattoo and you can take your time deciding which body part you want your design to be permanently set in.

Check out the best American flag tattoos for men


This amazing tattoo is one that draws inspiration from the American flag. The tattoo is of part of the American flag that is done in black and white on a man’s arm. The tattoo has been drawn in such a way that it appears that it is waving in the wind.


This amazing colorful tattoo is for the men who want something that will show their patriotism. The tattoo depicts an eagle on a man’s back with a shield with the America flag colors in the midst. Some stars appear to be just above the eagle’s head.


This is a unique American flag tattoo that utilizes the use of 3-D effect to bring out its artistry. The tattoo depicts an American flag to be beneath the owner’s skin with the words “Made in the U.S.A” appearing above and below it.


This is an ideal American flag tattoo idea for the men who have big biceps and arms. The tattoo depicts the American flag drawn around a man’s biceps in black and white. The flag appears to be flapping in the wind.


This is one of those American flag tattoos idea that clearly symbolizes patriotism and faith. The tattoo depicts an American flag draped over a wooden cross that is in a field. The wooden cross and flag have a cloudy background with a hint of blue skies.


This is an ideal tattoo for the man who wants an American flag tattoo. The tattoo is of an eagle that appears to be partly covered by the American flag. It has been done in such a way that it appears to have been covered by the flag while still having the same flag as its background.


This awesome American flag tattoo design has been done in such a way that it draws a lot from America’s symbolic animal and the flag colors. The tattoo is of an eagle that has completely spread its wings wide as if to be in flight. The eagle is colored in the American flag colors.


This tattoo is one that has the best tattoo ideas for men who want something American on their arm. The tattoo is of some sort of badge that utilizes the American colors to come up with something unique.


This is one of the more exquisite American flag tattoo ideas for those who wants something that clearly shows the bridge between the Native Americans and the modern day American. The tattoo depicts an Indian artifact which appears to have various red and blue beads. It also has a feather and a small American flag attached to it.


This is an awesome American flag tattoo idea for men who want something unique on their arms. The tattoo depicts two name tags placed on top of the American flag. One name tag has the name “Daniel Looper” written on it while the other has the name “Lillian Looper” written on it.

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