Tattoo art employs various designs,and uses elements which are both eye-catching and carry some symbolic meaning. When it comes to using bird designs, there is a choice between using attractive and colorful birds such as parrots and peacocks and the less appealing ones like ravens and crows.Even though ravens may not look easy on the eye, raven tattoos for men have become popular because of their fascinating attributes, which are steeped in ancient cultures and civilizations.

Meanings of the Raven Tattoo

A raven tattoo is unrivaled when it comes to mystique and uniqueness. It is the only tattoo design that symbolizes both the good and evil of mankind. From time immemorial, the raven has been linked to death, evil and black magic. On the other hand, ravens are also deemed to have special attributes which help them maneuver their way out of even the toughest of situations. This makes them to be considered as figures of inspiration.

Ravens have a special place in Roman, Celtic, Chinese and Greek cultures –where their symbolism is deeply revered. Ancient Germanic peoples associated ravens with the god Odin, who presided over death, healing, knowledge and royalty. There are various African cultures that regarded ravens as harbingers of bad news or death. Some Native American cultures took ravens as a symbol of creation since they believed that the earth was formed when a raven dropped stones in the ocean. Generally, in many cultures ravens are thought to link life and death.

In the modern day, there are people who still believe that seeing a raven portends impending doom or bad things in a person’s life. But other people take the raven to be an extremely clever bird that is also able to keep secrets. This association with both positive and negative things has made raven tattoos very popular.

Placement and Design Examples of Raven Tattoos

Raven tattoos are generally inked using grey or black themes, to mirror real ravens. You can ink the tattoos on various parts of the body, based on your personal preferences. However most people like to ink them on the back or sleeves. Other popular areas that you can apply your raven tattoo include the shoulders and wrists. Before choosing the placement area, you need to decide whether you wish to have the tattoo hidden or you would like everyone to see it.

There are several designs that you can pick for your raven tattoo. Even though these birds have a naturally dark and bland coloration, an innovative tattoo artist can experiment with vibrant colors to create a beautiful design. For instance they can do an image of a raven flying into a magnificent blue sky or sitting atop a tree with brilliantly colored flowers.

You can also use a tribal design. Many tribal cultures depict ravens as symbols of intelligence, wisdom and wit. Tribal raven tattoos are done using solid black colors and feature bold strokes and lines. This makes them combine attractiveness with a deep spiritual symbolism.

Realistic 3D designs, where a lifelike raven seems to stare out of a person’s skin, have become increasingly popular. You can also add other elements such as clouds, eagles and the sun to enhance the meaning of your raven tattoo.

In conclusion, if you wish to ink a raven tattoo on your body, get a skilled tattoo artist who can make a simple design look absolutely amazing. It is also a good idea to keenly research on the meaning of the tattoo you want to wear since removing it later can be a challenging task. Finally, because a raven tattoo can symbolize both good and evil, ensure that the meaning and placement of the tattoo will not offend those around you.

Check out the best raven tattoos for men


This unique raven tattoo design is a work of art that employs the use of monochromatic colors to bring out its artistry. The tattoo depicts a black raven the appears to be in flight while the section running from the tail end all the way to it belly appears to be disintegrating.


This is an awesome raven tattoo idea that is best drawn on a man’s shoulder blade. The tattoo depicts a black raven that appears to be between some vegetation also drawn in black. The tattoo has some art extending all the way down to abdomen and across the chest.


This is one of those raven tattoos ideas that are ideal for anyone who wants something dark. The tattoo depicts a black raven that appears to be perched among some red roses. A full moon appears high above its head with some trees circling it.


This raven tattoo design is most suitable for an individual who is a writer or designer. The tattoo depicts a raven that has been perched on a fountain pen that has some blue designs along its body. The words “Never more” appear to be in a speech bubble leaving the raven.


This is one of the most ideal raven tattoos for guys who want something unique just about their ankles. The tattoo is of a full black raven who appears to be perched on a tree whose branches are completely without leaves.


This is an ideal tattoo for men who want an artistic tattoo on their upper arm. The tattoo, using light shades of black that are almost bordering on grey, depict a raven that appears to be perched atop a dragon’s body.


This is one of the most ideal raven tattoo ideas for men who want something that is colorful on their bodies. The tattoo depicts a raven who has both black and purple feathers, perched on a tree. Its tail feather ends have a hint of red. The name “Richard” is written just below the raven.


This is probably one of those tattoo ideas that require an artistic mind to develop. The tattoo shows part of a ravens head and part of a humans head. Only the lower part of the human face is shown, with the ravens head appearing to be a continuation of the human face.


This is an ideal tattoo for the individuals who want something artistic about a raven on their bodies. The tattoo is of a black raven which appears to have a slight hint of red along the outlines of its feathers. The raven is perched on top of a red rose.


This is a simple yet artistic tattoo of a raven that employs the use of two colors to come up with a work of art. The tattoo depicts a completely black raven save for a few specs of red on its feathers, perched among some vegetation which include a red flower.

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