There are many reasons why people tattoo themselves. In most cases, they want to share their feelings, or a message, or something personal with the society. Tattoos talk about people’s experiences in life, their good and bad sides, ups and downs in someone’s life. Maybe the reason for tattooing isn’t that deep at all, maybe someone is doing it just for style, or even to make money, but one thing is for sure – tattooing is nowadays more popular than ever.

King and queen tattoos for men are gaining popularity these days. In general, these tattoos represents domination, power, and authority. It is a symbol which, metaphorically, gives its wearer an absolute right to rule.
The origin of this symbol is in the very roots of religion, more specifically in Christianity. In the process of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, a garland of thorns is placed on his head, in a way which represents a monarch’s coronation. This is widely known as a “Crown of Thorns.”

Many Christian monarchies have used the symbol of a crown combined with a cross to symbolize their sovereignty as well as to justify their reign as if they were chosen by God to rule over their people.
Men choose king and queen tattoos when they wish to show the world that they rule over their life, thoughts and decisions. It is a sign of stability and power over one’s actions. The bearer of this tattoo stands for calamity, wisdom, and power, three signs of a great ruler.

When it comes to style, these tattoos are the more popular ones as they can be used in a combination with a plethora of other symbols. We have already mentioned that some monarchs used the symbol in combination with a cross in order to symbol that they were chosen to rule based on God’s will. The most common king and queen tattoo combinations for men are with skulls, snakes or even represented as playing cards.

However, the fastest growing trend when it comes to these tattoos is couple tattoos. Couple tattoos are becoming more and more popular as there are so many different styles of them. They can go as far as human creativity itself goes. The most popular king and queen tattoos for couple nowadays range from minimalistic crown designs and text, all the way to male and female lions with crowns on their heads, representing the king of the jungle and his lady the queen.

If you wish to represent balance, power, and stability of your thoughts, if you want to show people that you have a strong grip over your life, then these tattoos are just for you. There is a reason why royal families have used symbols like these for centuries now. It is a sign of reign and respect.

Perhaps you and your special someone want to do a tattoo together and can’t decide on the style. King and queen tattoos are a great way to show people how stable and strong your relationship is. You are her king and she is your queen, why don’t to show it to the world?

Check out the best king and queen tattoos for men


This unique king and queen tattoo borrows its inspiration from a deck of cards. The tattoo is of a small black spades symbol with the letter K written slightly above it on what seems to be a man’s wrist side. The same symbol is also tattooed on a girls wrist only that the letter Q replaces the letter K.


This image shows a unique combination of king and queen tattoos that have been placed slightly on the ring finger’s side. The tattoos are of a red spades symbol with the letters K and Q placed just above the red spades symbol.


This is one of the perfect king and queen tattoo ideas that would be ideal for a couple who think of themselves as a king and queen. The tattoo shows a black king’s crown tattooed on a man’s hand. A queen’s crown also tattooed in black is placed on a female’s hand.


This is one of the cutest king and queen tattoos idea for a couple. The tattoo shows a crown tattooed on one wrist with the word “King” written just below it while the other wrist has the word “Queen” tattooed just below the crown.


This is one of the best king and queen tattoo design for the couple who want something that is easily visible. The tattoo depicts the words “king” tattooed on the man’s hand and “Queen” tattooed on the woman’s hand. A small crown has been tattooed over each of the word’s first letter.


This is one of the best king and queen tattoo for guys. The tattoo depicts two crowns, each tattooed just above the wrist. The king’s crown has the letter K written just below it in calligraphy while the Queens crown has the letter Q written just below it in calligraphy.


This unique king and queen tattoos for men shows unique tattoos drawn on a man and woman’s thumb. The tattoo drawn on the man’s thumb shows a black spades shape with the letter K and a kings crown drawn just above it while the one on the woman’s thumb shows a red spades shape with the letter Q and a queens crown drawn just above it.


This a unique tattoo idea for men who want to pair a king and queen tattoo with their partner. The image shows two tattoos, each drawn slightly above the wrist. One of the tattoos depicts a king’s crown drawn in black with the words “One King” drawn just below it while the other depicts a queen’s crown with the words “One Queen” drawn just below it.


This is a tattoo idea whose inspiration of borrowed from art that is usually displayed on a deck of cards. The image depicts a king resembling the ones drawn on a deck of card’s art drawn on one foot while the other foot has a queen resembling the one drawn on a deck of cards is drawn on the other foot.


This unique king and queen tattoo shows two tattoos drawn on two fingers. One of them shows the letter K drawn just above a hearts symbol. The other shows the letter Q drawn just above the hearts symbol. Both tattoos are done in red.

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