Wings have always fascinated and captivated men. There is a good reason behind this as men have always looked at flight and the sky as heights they need to achieve. They also represent heavenly beings such as angels and cherubs.

A wing is also a highly complicated structure and requires really skilled hands to bring to life in the form of a tattoo. They can also be symbols of trying to fly higher and achieve greater heights. The individual feathers that make up a wing can also signify the intricate nature of human life that is made up of interwoven stories and events.


What Makes a Wing Tattoo

It’s all in the name. A wing tattoo is any tattoo that is either completely or partly made up of a wing. They are usually placed on the backs and can run the full length of your backside. This gives them the unique ability to appear as real as a tattoo can be.

They are often monochrome in nature but there exist versions that incorporate different shades of colors to give them an air of exclusivity. They also use complicated shading and arrangement techniques to capture the ebbs and flows of the individual feathers that make up the wing.

A great attention to detail can be seen in these tattoos and as such require a steady and well-practiced hand to create wing tattoos for men. The end result, however, is well worth all the trouble.

Popularity of Wing Tattoos for Men

Wings appeal to the creative and imaginative side of men and this fascinates and enthralls them. Wing tattoos take it a notch higher as it makes men feel like they actually have a wing on their backs. These tattoos are also valued very highly from an artistic point of view and that makes these tattoos the perfect choice for men who love aesthetically pleasing things.

These tattoos can evoke a wide range of emotions such as wonder, inspiration, and curiosity and so on. They are bold and eyeball-grabbing and all of these combine to make wing tattoos for men almost irresistible to men.

They also hold a lot of cultural and historical significances as a lot of these tattoos are inspired by mythological and cultural symbols. These make them even more amazing as a tattoo as they come with a legacy along with inherent beauty and majesty.

Is a Wing Tattoo for You?

As these tattoos usually involve a lot of ink and take up a lot of space, it takes a lot of commitment to get one of these. It is the perfect tattoo for the high-flier who loves breaking glass ceilings and achieving new heights with each venture. They are also great tattoos for people who love legends and myths and would give anything to become a part of these magical realms.

In a world driven by hard facts and high competition, a little imagination can go a long way in inspiring and making life a lot more enjoyable and wing tattoos for men can achieve all of this while looking absolutely stunning.

Majestic Examples of Wing Tattoos for Men


This wing tattoo is very clever in that it uses placement and shading to its advantage to make it look as close to a real wing as possible. It has so much detailing that even the strands in the feathers can be distinguished. Another cool thing about this tattoo is that it uses minimum space to create maximum impact.


If you like pencil sketches then you will love this tattoo. Wing tattoos offer the tattoo artist a considerably larger area to work with and that gives them more creative freedom. This has been showcased in this tattoo as even the smallest smudge has been given a lot of attention. The shading and aforementioned pencil art approach makes it visually very striking.


This is one of those wing tattoo ideas that are highly creative in its premise. It uses lesser space than other tattoos of its genre and that increases both its appeal and uniqueness. It uses broken outlines and what appears to be overflowing blotches of paint to give it a very striking appearance.


Are you looking for a wing tattoos idea that is as attention-grabbing as possible? This is a tattoo for such people. The patterns that make up the wings are densely packed together and their clever placement gives this tattoo a high degree of realism and dynamism.


Taking inspiration from graffiti artists, this wing tattoo design despite being diminutive manages to turn heads and grab eyeballs. The outlines of the feathers are bold, giving it presence while the shading gives it an incredible amount of depth.


This is one of those wing tattoos for guys that take up only the shoulder area. Design wise it takes an approach that focuses more on the depth and realism. As there are fewer feathers, the attention to detail is stunning making this truly a dynamite of a tattoo.


Another wing tattoos for men that goes the minimalistic route. If you do not want a large tattoo but are still enamored by these natural tools of flight then you have to get this tattoo. A single wing is depicted in great detail and it looks real from any angle you look at it.


How about tattoo ideas for men that capture the intricate nature of a wing? This tattoo manages to do justice to such a complicated natural design. There are a large number of feathers, each of which has been meticulously placed and detailed. These are accompanied by a highly stylized quote in the middle and are the perfect tattoo for anyone who loves getting inked.


Sometimes tattoos ideas can appear simple at first glance but then become more enthralling as you hold your gaze. That is the style this tattoo uses to perfection. The feathers are not very clearly defined giving them an otherworldly sort of look while the date in Roman numerals adds further intrigue.


If you want a tattoo that strikes the perfect balance between the artistic and the realistic then this a prime candidate. This tattoo looks like a sketch made by an artist with deft hands and packs in a lot more detail and finesse than is apparent on initial observation.


This tattoo looks too real to be a tattoo and yet that is what it is. The attention to detail and the skilled use of shading and minute lines and dots make this tattoo come to life in a way rarely seen in tattoos. It also does not take up a lot of space and that gives it a very clean appearance.


Blue is a very dynamic color and when coupled with black can create some stunning images. This tattoo puts that to use very nicely. Taking inspiration from sketches of the medieval period, this is an artsy version of the wing and a very cool looking one at that.


If symmetry and harmony are what you are looking for then this might be the perfect tattoo for you. It abandons realism and adopts a stylized way of composition. Each of the feathers appears to have been placed by a practiced hand and the entire tattoo’s upward trajectory gives it a very dynamic outlook and is perfect for the dynamic man.


If you are a fan of shading and how it can be used to manipulate the apparent lighting of a tattoo then you will love this tattoo. It is incredibly dense in its design and the tattoo has two facets. When observed from close quarters it looks realistic and when observed from afar it looks surrealistic.


This tattoo is the ultimate example of how a tattoo can perfectly complement your body. If the arm possessing this tattoo is stretched out it very realistically resembles a bird about to take flight. It is the perfect style accessory for the ambitious and over-achievers out there.


These double wings look like they are actual wings transfixed on your back. The attention to detail is unmatched and the high quality of shading and depth makes it look more like a museum piece rather than a tattoo adorning your back.


This tattoo cleverly uses a combination of subtle shading and prominent shading to create a tensed up wing that is about to propel itself into flight. It is a great tattoo for people on a new venture. It is the perfect symbolism for the sky being the limit.


Taking its inspiration from glass paintings, this minimalistic tattoo is placed on the chest rather than on the back. This gives it both a very unique look as well as the perfect representation of a free spirit that cannot be bound by societal norms.


If you are looking for something that is small and simple and yet cool then this is a tattoo worth considering. The tattoo can be thought of as having two facets. The top half is realistic and denotes our practical side while the bottom half is more stylized representing our creative side.


If you are looking for something that is a bit darker then this is a great tattoo. The feathers appear out of shape and the wing looks depleted. It can be homage to tough times or simply to show your acceptance of things beyond your control.


This tattoo is so striking that it will feel like a freight train hitting the senses when viewed for the first time. Bold shading and clever use of alternate shading gives it both a very striking look as well as the feeling that it is something from a different dimension.


Do you love things that are beautiful in a haunting manner? This tattoo will do justice to such a preference. It manages to be both breathtaking and macabre at the same time. It goes without saying that a high level of artistry is required to bring this tattoo to reality.


This Egyptian art inspired tattoo takes it to next level of creative thinking. The two wings are mirror images of each other and will be appreciated by anyone who loves symmetry. It is bold, it is beautiful and it is prominent enough to leave a lasting impression.


If you are intrigued by the Mayans then you are going to love this tattoo. It uses a dual tone approach to great effect. The wings are highly stylized and the everlasting eye in the middle is a powerful imagery that can evoke many emotions.


This tattoo beautifully combines straight lines, curves and bold yet smudgy shading to create a stunning tattoo. The tattoo starts out in a conservative manner before becoming really flamboyant. It is perfect for the man who toils hard through the week and goes on adventures during the weekend.


Designed in a predominantly monochromatic color-scheme with red accents, this is one of those wing tattoos that make a statement. Spanning the length of the arm, it represents the freedom that comes with flight, depicting your ambitions and aspirations that are just waiting to soar high.


This minimal black silhouette is one of those wing tattoo ideas that definitely leaves an impact. Creating a sharp contrast against bare skin, the open wing represents absolute freedom as you let go of constraints and soar above all the things that have been holding you back.


This wing tattoo, inked only in black, is highly intricate. With each feather detailed out, the realistic design creates a strong impact. Besides, it’s easy to cover up with a long-sleeved shirt. Symbolizing aspirations and untapped potential – it is a constant reminder; you will never know how high you can fly unless you try!


This shoulder wing tattoos idea has been inspired by our winged friends. Easy to conceal, yet bearing a strong message, this monochromatic tattoo will never let you forget – dream on, because the sky is the limit!


A wing tattoo design you just can’t say no to! This detailed monochromatic creation is an absolute head-turner. Making a statement wherever you go, the realistic detail serves as a bold reminder of being unapologetically yourself, because that’s the only way to be absolutely free.


If you’re on the search for wing tattoos for guys that make a mark and yet conform to workplace etiquette, this shoulder design would be the ideal pick. Done in black ink, the detailed wing is intricate, realistic, and bold. Transitioning from light to dark, it’s the closest you will ever get to having actual wings!


Extending from the wrist to the arm, this is one of the tattoo ideas for men that depict speed, freedom, and aspirations at a glance. The open wing stands for the exhilarating flight you’re on, while the black ink design creates a sharp contrast.


It’s time to fly! This wing tattoo for men will have your ambitions soaring higher than ever before. After all, when your aspirations are sky high, why shouldn’t your ink reflect the same? Intricately done, this artistic wing in black ink is a stunning reminder of your endless potential!


Covering part of the upper back and arm, here is one of those tattoos ideas that leave you in awe. Expansive yet impactful, the black ink design is intricate and realistic with a surreal touch. The design is inspired from clouds and birds, symbolizing the power of the skies as you take flight!


Let the wings speak for themselves. This dark take on wings done predominantly in black ink is a delightful take on a common design. With realistic detail and a stark contrast this masterpiece will ensure that your tattoo is the center of attention wherever you go.


With nuanced shading in black ink, this monochromatic concept is a work of art. With wings that spread with the movement of your arms, it serves as a constant reminder, you can soar the skies whenever you choose!


Some wings just need to be earned. This detailed tattoo depicts wings that are attached to you. After all, when you work for it, flight is but obvious. The monochromatic design ensures 3-dimensional realism perched on your shoulders.


This stylized wing extending from the wrist onto the arm is an artistic representation. The black outlines give the tattoo an intricate and dramatic look, while the strong contrast gives it an impactful appeal.


Combining the realistic design with a silhouette, these wings have depth. Extending upwards from the wrist, the open wings show the world that you’re ready for the flight, so it’s time to take off!


Freedom is the best thing you can gift yourself, and these wings are a constant encouragement for the same. Done in painstaking detail, the intricate design brought alive with sharp contrast serves as a poignant reminder – it’s time to break free of everything that holds you back!


A representation of the free spirit, this artistic back and shoulder tattoo literally gives you wings. Crafted with extreme intricacy, the stunning creation perfectly encompasses the essence of a wanderer ready to roam the world.


When ambition is at your core, and social constraints are the least of your worries, this high-contrast design is your ideal go-to. Show the world what it means to be free with this black ink masterpiece spanning your entire arm.


With freedom come possibilities and this design depicts exactly that. Predominantly monochromatic, this detailed creation is accented in yellow and rusty red, depicting the magical consequences of flying higher than the world thinks possible.


This darker twist to the popular design depicts wings that have been attached to your arm. Done in extreme intricacy, the feathers have been artistically represented, while the falling silhouettes give it a morbid appeal.


This clean outlined design spans the entire arm to create a strong impact. Using the contrast of shadows, this black ink art has a 3 dimensional appeal for those looking to make a bold statement.


Reach for the stars, because nothing else is worth it! Done entirely in black ink, the wings progress from light to dark for a poignant transition. Unfurling the feathers as you stretch out your arm, it shows the world the importance of ambition and the potential that lies within you.


Few tattoos have the power exuded by this black ink back design. Created keeping contrast in mind, the design is easy to conceal yet impossible to forget. Representing the absolute freedom of a bird in flight, the nuanced details are brimming with beliefs, and ideas just waiting to be observed.


This intricate concept was inspired from the mesmerizing texture of the clouds and the intricacy of feathers as the birds take flight. The water-color inspired design is as awesome as the skies themselves. Done entirely in monochrome, it is a work of art.


Crafted with an artistic eye, the intricate wings are enhanced by swirls of blank space representing the wings that propel you forward. The black ink design enhances the contrast along the upper arm, while the realistic detail creates for an unforgettable tattoo!


This lower arm wing is a minimal concept. Done in black ink, it has little detail; however the shadows create the illusion of depth making the design an absolutely striking piece of art.