From time immemorial, the term, Requiescat in Pace or Rest in Peace or RIP, has been found on various memorials, like tombstones. However, the tide has turned, and they are now being inscribed as tattoos on the human body.


Origin of RIP Tattoos

RIP originated from the Hebrews but was later used by the Catholic Church in the eighth century for designating good Christians that spent their lives dedicated to the Christian faith and the Catholic Church.

The memorial tattoo is a means of expressing compassion and grief for a departed loved one, and tattooing it simply brings the memory of the departed close to the heart and makes it indelible.

The inscription on the tombstone may be forgotten, and you may never have cause to visit the tombstone for several years or even decades. However, RIP tattoo will remain with you everywhere you go, and you can gaze at it as many times as you want, thereby refreshing the sweet memories of the departed loved one.

Various Designs of RIP Tattoos

In deciding for the tattoo, you can either opt for the acronym, RIP, or the full meaning. You can tattoo either Rest in Peace or Requiescat in Pace. If you like, you can change the “Peace” to “Paradise.”

It can replicate a cross or the structure of a tombstone. Motifs representing objects and certain things loved by the deceased can also be included in the tattoo.

Additionally, the image of the deceased can be tattooed alongside words written in memory of the departed one. The wearer may decide to go religious by including spiritual figures or images of angels in the RIP tattoo.

The Popularity and Significance of RIP Tattoos for Men

Some women do wear RIP tattoos, but it is more popular with men. Why is this so? Check below for possible reasons:

  • Many men felt they could have saved their loved ones by a sheer show of muscular strength; they, therefore, feel guilty for not doing something to keep the departed ones alive. They see the tattoo as the cross or burden they have to bear for their failure.
  • Women find tattoos that feature a way of life or religion appealing on a man, and RIP tattoos for Men are such.
  • Religion-related tattoos indicate focus and intensity.
  • It is seen as a sign of bravery, and it confers the identity of the alpha male on the wearer.
  • RIP tattoo on a man confers the identity of a caring personality.

RIP tattoos for Men, also called In Memory Tattoo or Memorial Tattoo, more or less represent a public acknowledgment of loss. Many men wearing it find it helpful in the process of moving on after a loss, while holding to the memory of a loved one at the same time.

RIP tattoo is a form of symbolism that helps the wearers to honor the past and inspires them in the present, simultaneously. They can forge ahead in life comforted by that symbolism about their departed loved one. It is an outward expression of inner grief for these men, and it can also double as a tangible reminder since anyone that sees the RIP tattoo on them will most probably talk to them about it.

With the aid of the RIP tattoo on men, they can move forward without forgetting the sweet memories of the past.

Creative Examples of RIP Tattoos for Men


Decent tattoo with a clock, roses, Latin numbers and name inscribed on the upper arm. The clock sitting between the roses complements the Latin dates inked above. The tattoo is soothing with the roses and leaves carved in black and white. Finishing is the name inscribed below in curly font.


An appropriate idea for RIP tattoos in memory of parents. The heart, the sailor anchor and the bright blue and yellow flowers blend together to come up with a RIP tattoo carved up on the lower arm. Perfect tattoo for a son, in memory of his dear parents.


The elaborate heart tattoo is a memorial to a gone mom. Inked on the skin, the chunk of the heart is real and missing at the same time. The ‘mom’ writing is in a simple font with no embellishments added.


This tattoo has incorporated the several elements in memory of a parent. A clock with Roman numerals and date of departure clearly tell the time. The dove is about to rest on a branch. All the tattoos rest on the rose, showing the desire for the departed father to get rest.


Small cute foot as a memorial tattoo for a father in remembrance of his child. Combining it with star and butterfly silhouettes maintains the innocence of the design. As a very simple memorial tattoo, it is made stylish by black ink edge.


A brown ribbon, with the name of the dead and inscribed messages, adorn the cross. For the peace of the departed soul, a red rose and green leaves are inked at the corners of the cross and the word RIP spreads in the cross.


A rosary gently in hand RIP tattoo is an elegant expression of the memory of a loved one. A clear carving of Christ in the rosary and black beads are outstanding. The birth date and date of death have been memorialized into the design. A touching message is worn in loving memory to the departed.


The rising sun, the cross and heart blend even better in this design. The colorful design is soothing, with the red heart embossed on the green leaves. The curly font for the words expresses love for his father who is no more.


A winged guitar for the peace of the soul of the departed. Angelic wings spread wide on the calf. A fan can memorialize an artist through this tattoo. An always popular date of birth and date of death are in a slightly large font that is still appropriate.


One of the best astounding tattoos ideas. The skull, with a dagger pierced through it and a serpent-like creature creeping atop is well-placed on the upper arm. The birth and death year together with the name of the departed are on the fore head. A mark of respect is felt in the overall scary and mystic design.


A simple heart tattoo inked on the skin in loving memory of a mother. Easily noted is the colorful nature of the design. Light blue inking for the petals, green for leaves and red for the heart contrast well. Capitalized softly, “MOM” is well memorialized.


This image is a common religious memorial tattoo. The banner is wrapped around the green crucifix and green rosary beads and does not have the birth and death dates printed. Instead, these are written across the arms. The image is elevated, as is the loved one, making the design religiously artistic.


A variation of the crucifix which is very creative. Corners of the cross are flames that shine the light in the background. The simple banners above and below read a cool yet meaningful message plus three names of the deceased. Lastly, the death date is centrally placed in the black and white design.


A rib tattoo for the departed carved in black with a soaring eagle carrying a sailor anchor. Lifetime and names on plates chained to the anchor is an excellent idea. Such tattoo ideas for men are appropriate for showing continued remembrance to someone who was an avid lover of the seas.


A compact arm piece that tells it all. In this RIP arm tattoo, the wearer has a simple wooden cross inked in black and white. Scrawled in curly script on a ribbon is a first name, second name, and last name. The tattered ribbon is wrapped around the cross.


Included elements are a sword and two masks in an almost symmetrical image. The dark inking augments the warrior spirit. The text banner wrapping the sword holds the name boldly. A direct way to show honor and respect to a loved one who has passed.


One of the best ‘In memory of Paul Walker’ images of RIP tattoos for guys. Back of his race car is shaded expertly and covers much of the lower arm. The fan remembers the life of the celebrated actor through the names and lifetime carved on the arm.


A grandson expresses his sentimental prayer by wearing this tattoo on his upper arm. Simple words are printed on the banner, and praying hands artistically placed on the cross. The light shading of all elements is clearly to be appreciated in this RIP tattoo design.


A cool RIP tattoos for men creation, it appears as a very heavy stone or metal cross. The sides are heightened noticeably and a lot of details exist on the patterns created on its upper surfaces. A circle around the joint adds to the elaborate design. Mum and her birth and death dates are inscribed gracefully beside the cross. Clouds background creates a heavenly visual for gone mum.


This anchor with a ribbon tattoo is a memorial to both parents. A son celebrates the lifetime of his parents by inking them in red. Black contrasts with the bright and radiant colors on the ribbon. Embellishments in yellow include the yellow rope and yellow anchor corners.


A calligraphic design marked on the back in memory of dad. The cool message expresses love for a son’s father in a sweet and innocent writing. The centrally placed yellow ribbon is attractive to wear as part of this touching message.


Inked on the upper arm, the sweet and appreciated tattoo conveys the bond the son shared with his father. The leaving father and son figures casting shadows and the clouds have been carved realistically in black ink. This is a sad-looking scene for a RIP tattoos idea yet beautifully designed.


A derivation from the different cross RIP tattoo ideas. Almost symmetrical in design, the cross is shaded blue, making the piece a soothing creation. Ribbons are present as always, on them written RIP, the name, age, and death date. Part black ink filling of the name is a simple highlight of it.


This last breath tattoo appears pleasant and peaceful. A red line plots the pulse until it is no more. The last moment of the loved one is pinned by that visible and last heartbeat on the arm. Death date is an apt inclusion. Inking the two phrases in black completes the design.


Color has been used to make the design eye-catching. Careful and expert shading makes the arms folded in prayer appear as real as they could get. A natural background of pink petals and green leaves match the ribbon on which tribute to mom is done in one word.


This specific case of RIP tattoo ideas features a cross with angel wings extending off of it and a wrapped white banner that reads, “Gift from an angel,” along with a date. Above the cross is text that says “Mom” in black ink.


With this design, there is very little outline used. Except for the two sets of initials done in a cursive font, the angel wings and striped lines are shaded in with gray coloring with the wings extending past the gray stripes.


In this RIP tattoo, the main focus of the image is angel wings, which are outlined in black ink with black-and-white shading. There are two different texts in the design–two dates below the wings and a “RIP Mom” at the top.


For this picture, the black, cursive text in the middle is the focus. The angel wings are outlined in black and each feather is drawn in detail with gray shading for the whole image, and a banner at the top.


Unlike other RIP tattoos for guys, this one contains plenty of color. There is a large red rose that draws attention, and beside it is a shaded yellow compass. The banner that circles the compass reads, “Wherever you will go.”


Here, the gray cross is positioned horizontally, and the banner wrapped around it says, “Mom.” There are two red roses behind the cross, and four green leaves as well. Besides the black outline, the cross is also outlined in pink.


The electric blue cross is the first thing that captures your attention in this particular example of RIP tattoos for men. The words “Never Forgotten” are inked above it in cursive text, and a black design lays on either side of the cross.


The most impressive thing about this image is the highly-detailed soldier inked in black-and-white. Wrapped around him is the American flag, and above, in red, are the words, “Brothers Forever,” and at the bottom of the flag is also a badge.


Here, the yellow badge is positioned in front of an American flag. Inside the badge is an image of the twin towers, with text reading, “My Dad, My Hero.” Along with this, there’s also a ladder and fire hydrant pictured.


Positioned in front of a dark, gray cross is a detailed red rose with green leaves. A banner wrapping around the cross says, “In loving memory” with a date, and behind the cross are two angel wings shaded in gray.


Of all the tattoos ideas, this one is quite large. A necklace with several dog tags–which include names–is hanging off two clasped hands that are drawn in detail with gray shading. A longer poem is written below in cursive ink.


In this RIP tattoo design, the image of the dog’s head is shown through black, blue and white shading with little to no outline. The most noticeable thing here has to be the dog’s yellow eyes, which are definitely bright.


The angel wings here are large and shaded in black-and-white with detail. Above this is a small halo with gray shading coming off of it to represent light, and the letter “M” below it. At the bottom is a date.


This detailed design features a bright red heart being stabbed with a sword, and adorned by white roses on both sides. In front of this image is a banner that says, “Mum”, and below is a short poem written in black, cursive ink.


While this design is simple, it’s also colorful. The anchor is shaded in blues, purples, and blacks and has a yellow rope extending off of it. In front of it is a banner that says, “Dad” in this same color scheme.


Like many RIP tattoos, this one is personal. The deer is drawn in detail and has been shaded with a variety of grays. Above the small date at the bottom of the tattoo is the black, cursive text with the name of the departed.


The gray cross illustrated here appears to be drawn to look somewhat cracked, and although there are angel wings, they are small and extend off the cross. The cursive text says, “In Loving Memory,” and the banner around the cross has a name.


Of the tattoo ideas for men, this one is a classic. The simple cross and banner–which has a date and a name on it in black cursive–are both colored in black-and-white ink with a little shading behind the cross too.


This simple RIP tattoos idea shows the thick, black outline of the Harley-Davidson logo with orange text inside that reads as, “Dad, Don’t Be Scared” along with a date. The words have a little shading and the letters are capital.


With bright colors and white highlights, this design really does pop. Two vivid red hearts–which have a banner that says “Mom” and “Dad”–are being pierced with an arrow. In the background are three leaves that have been shaded in green.


In this detailed image, the focal points are the large hands in the “prayer” position in front of a cross. The banner that encircles both the hands and the cross has the message, “Life is not forever, love” with a date and a name.


The rose drawn here is both bright and shaded in detail with a couple of leaves extending off of it and a banner with a name. There’s also a small hummingbird–shaded in green, red and white–perched right above the rose.


The dark gray shaded cross illustrated in this image has two detailed angel wings extending from it. There’s a banner that wraps around the bottom of the cross with a name on it, and two dates are written in small, black ink.


This picture contains a simple black and white anchor that has a thin rope hanging off of it. There is very limited gray shading beyond that, and the only writing is the set of initials inked at the top of the anchor.


The first thing you notice about this design is that it has extremely dark gray shading. The detailed hands are clasping a necklace in the “prayer” position with a white banner–which pops against the dark shading–beneath. In the background is a single rose in black-and-white.