The number of people covering their feet in tattoos has seen an upsurge in recent times. Some men prefer large designs while other prefers small designs. Most of these tattoos have a particular meaning. However, not all people apply a tattoo for its deep meaning some foot tattoos for men just happen. One reason for the upsurge in foot tattoos may be that they are easier to conceal. This is unlike tattoos on the face or arms.

Foot tattoo ideas

Foot Tattoo Popularity Among Men

One of the reasons they are gaining popularity among men is that they define men from boys. There is a general feeling that most people who apply tattoos on their face or upper body also tend to be hip and carefree. However, a tattoo placed on the calf or sheen has a unique quality about it.

The other reason is that these tattoos are easier to hide. As a result, a man can place a tattoo that has a certain meaning without looking out of place at the office. In addition, they offer less room for regret. Even of the job does not turn out as expected; one does not have to worry about the constant embarrassment. Another reason many men prefer these tattoos is that they help to conceal scars. This is especially true for men who have been to war and may have had their feet scarred in combat. The tattoos help conceal imperfections while helping the person feel and look great.

Foot Tattoo Meanings

These tattoos have different meanings. For instance, Celtic tattoos are popular with men. Most Celtic tattoos have loops and lines. Men who feel a unique connection to their Celtic culture use them. They help denote one as being Irish. Most Irish men who don tattoos have some Celtic symbol incorporated. Most of these tattoos represent a unique connection to nature. In addition, they also denote a person who is in harmony with themselves and with nature.

Sun tattoos are popular as foot tattoos for men. They are used to denote nature. In short they pay respect to Mother Nature for her role in sustain life on earth. Sun tattoos have the advantage of being displayed in a number of unique patterns. Another common tattoo design on feet is a sword. These tattoos depict a person’s bravery. People who wear them are announcing they are not afraid of much.

Tribal tattoos are a popular option for men of all ages. They depict different meanings. Some of them may depict family unity or a certain type of unity with friends. Another popular option is dragon tattoos. The dragon is a mythical creature that is neither good nor evil. These are used to depict harmony depending on the particular tattoo.


Male foot tattoos have really gained traction in the recent past. This positive thing should be encouraged. It is a challenged for artists involved in this industry to come up with better designs for this real estate. For those who may have always had a desire to have a tattoo, placing it on the leg would be a great idea.

Check out the best foot tattoos for men


The logo of the bat in solid black amidst a bright yellow backdrop is only halfway done. The other half is not Batman’s, but the famous letter S logo which stands for Superman. Who will win, with the foot constantly walking and running, if not set apart or constantly side-by-side?


Pac is back, and who knew this guy will be munching those tiny dots and fruity treats right on your own two feet? The classic maze look is traced on each foot where pacman tries to outrun the ghosts, but the powerpellet will sure make their eyes pop out!


A young lad stands on the right foot, while a petite girl stands on the right. They face in opposite directions, but remain connected with a fun string phone placed on their ears. The traditional look of the individuals create a classy, timeless foot tattoo ideas.


Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep you from getting this foot tattoo! Three huge landforms rest on the side of the foot, in black and white yet remarkable ink where you can see the peak of each towering mountain.


A strong tattoo in terms of both striking appearance and foundation of the anchor, with each half portion drawn on either foot. Once connected as one, the rope that passes through its ring wraps tightly around the legs and as bold as the blackness of the ink.


Beautiful disaster can mean a lot of things on a personal level, pertaining to a relationship, or simply loving Kelly Clarkson’s hit song. One thing’s certain, this foot tattoos idea is a masterpiece with the quote written in exquisite writing and birds fluttering up high.


What could be the simplest of tattoos ideas you can have, but may be the most meaningful as a good source of inspiration and support to stand on your feet. Crisp and clear script writing at the back of the ankles encourages you to Free Yourself.


Owls are mysterious and almost mythical with their enchanting beauty, like what is seen in these two images of the night creatures as foot tattoos. A female head shows soft and dainty yet strong features, while the male radiates great prowess and wisdom even at first glance.


A neo traditional foot tattoo at its finest, this design exhibits a modern day spin to traditional styles of bold lines and cartoon-like quality, to a surrealist image full of expression and awe-inspiring art featuring the face of a woman dresses in feminine grace.


Sea turtle tattoos are symbolic and full of purpose, and there’s no denying that they can be the cutest of all! This baby looks simply adorable with its round eyes, the happy and innocent look on its face, green body, and small brown turtle shell.

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