The key in this tattoo is surrounded by a red ribbon, which has a deep meaning. The key might be used to symbolize freedom or capability. This could be a key that guides the wearer throughout his life, and it is a part of him.


This tattoo has a deep sense of art, which extends from the leg down to the feet. It entails some roses, geometrical figures, and an arrow. All these symbols carry different meanings, but the tattoo is superb and eye catching.


The artistic aspect of this tattoo makes it unique and also spectacular. It appears to be a ripped skin that reveals scales on the feet. The tattoo needs professionalism and superiority when it is applied to the foot. There is no any special meaning linked with it.


This is another stunning foot tattoo design that appears to be a skin that is ripped to expose a metallic skeletal foot underneath. The 3D effect of the metallic skeleton and the ripped skin with blood-like color makes it a real deal.


As simple as this tattoo might seem, it holds a strong meaning. The term ‘Walk By Faith’ is simply linked to Christianity. The wearer is practically applying the Biblical term in his life, and it looks great along the side of the foot.


This is another foot tattoos idea that features a skull, with extra flowers to it. The flowers make the skull have an extra appealing aspect. The skull has some classy 3D effects, which makes the whole tattoo look incredible.


This is one of the foot tattoos that is not meant for the faint-hearted. It features a foot that looks like it has the skin ripped off to show the skeletal system and some bits of blood. The entire tattoo has been done with precision.


This is a tattoo design that features the atoms and molecule elements. It is for those who love science and want to make it a part of their life everywhere they go. The tattoo is less detailed and with a simple design.


This tattoo shows a jigsaw piece that has been removed from the foot, and it looks like a leg covered with blue scales. It could be a sign of incompleteness, or simply the love of art and creativity of tattooing.


This is also one of the tattoos ideas that have a simple design with a strong meaning. The tattoo involves a set of mountains along the side of the foot. This could symbolize the triumph of any situation, even as high or big as the mountain.

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