The classic tandem Mario and Luigi has turned the world upside down as they stand at the bottom of each foot. Your plump plumber and tall green guy face each other in a versus mode, and ready to battle anytime!


A golden-yellow skull with hollow eyes, bony face and teeth is set alongside a huge red rose. Its dainty petals are thinly outlined and filled with shiny hues, complemented by the finely detailed leaf. Three metallic blue stars are scattered throughout the tattoo illustration.


A staff flows fluidly across the top of the foot, but not as fluid as the music it can yield with a G-clef to start with. It is followed by different kinds of notes from the side of the foot ankle going all the way near the toes.


The traditional look of a gloomy skull is modernized with blue ink, excellently illustrated at the side of the leg like a painting with varied shades and hues. The beauty of the lily on the foot enhances the picture, as well as the flower’s glowing yellow-orange tones.


Go all out and express yourself in this tattoo that covers the entire surface of both feet in fancy script writing. The quote is beautiful in itself, but the cursive form, strokes, shadows, curves and fine lines create a more attractive foot tattoo design.


This foot tattoo might seem basic, but the dragon holds a strong meaning. The wearer might use the dragon design to symbolize happiness, spirituality, or even strength. These attributes could be used by the wearer to guide him throughout his walk of life.


The elegance of this tattoo lies in the artwork and the design of the fish on both feet. They seem to form a circle, and they have other flower details. It is the design of the Koi fish, which tend to have a special meaning.


This tattoo features a red Koi fish that is in some waves of water. The fish is a masculine expression of love, and the water adds life into it. This is a great foot tattoo for men who are deeply in love.


The green frog on a green plant can show renewal or good luck while the green color adds life to the tattoo meaning. The wearer takes the tattoo with him, and it is used to make a new beginning wherever the guy goes.


This tattoo has a clear meaning that the wearer has a high regard for his father. The anchor symbolizes security or protection. On the other hand, the word, DAD, looks elegant on the anchor, along with the rope and the color blend.

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