Tattoos are sought for many reasons. Sometimes they can represent a memorial. Other times they can be an expression of self and art. When choosing tattoo design, some people want to imprint their life goals on their very flesh to give them a daily reminder and incentive to keep reaching for their dreams. Money tattoos for men can keep a guy on track toward his aim to achieve wealth and comfort for himself, his friends, and his family. While there are many tattoo ideas for men, one of the best way to choose the right tattoo is to review the works of great tattoo artists to decide which direction you want to go.

Money tattoo ideas

Almost every person loves money. After all money can help you get almost anything you want. For men, money is a symbol of richness or class. Well, is there a better way to show off your riches to others? Various celebrities have taken to social media to display huge sums of money in cash. For those who love tattoos, there are several reasons for having a money tattoo symbol. Money tattoos for men are unique and a symbol of richness. Men like to show off their money, and there is no better way to do this than have your body imprinted with some money sign. Of course people will stare at you wherever you walk thinking you are as rich as the tattoos say.

Men with money will always spend it several ways. Well, there is no better way to spend your money than have a tattoo symbol of money on your body. For men who love the idea of showing off money on their bodies, there are several ideas on the money symbols one can have. Have some ideas on the type of money tattoo you want to get. The choice of a money tattoo symbol is dependent on an individual. Some of the following ideas on man tattoos will be excellent to look at.

Symbol or show of money

You can choose to have a $50 or $100 bill tattooed on your body. This will appear nicely on your back or legs. If you want everyone to see, you can have the size of the dollar enlarged.

Money sign as a tattoo

Well, you don’t need to have the entire dollar drawn on your body. Take a sign from the money that you love and have it imprinted on your back. This will leave people guessing on where they saw they sign. You can decide to change the shape and size of the dollar or personalize it to something you want.

Bags of money tattoos for men

Have a tattoo of bags on money drawn on your body to show off the riches in you. Make the tattoo appears like what you see in those bank theft movies with bags loaded with millions of dollars. You can also make it simple by drawing a dollar note and have the words, “loaded” or “richness” imprinted on the dollar bill.

Money tattoos for men are an excellent way to show of your richness. They are a show of affluence and can attract girls. But make sure you the money or else it will be a ridicule of your richness. The money tattoos can symbolize a lot of things depending on how they have been designed. Most designs show your affluence and status in the community. They put you in some class that only a few people live in. If you are a millionaire or billionaire, you can simply have the words “Millionaire” or “Billionaire” imprinted on your body. These words speak a lot. Remember words are expensive and showing them on your body in the symbol of a tattoo will prove a point to people around you.

For those men thinking of having a tattoo soon, well, consider some money tattoo as it looks well on men. The tattoo can be imprinted on the leg, back or at the elbow.

Check out the greatest money tattoos for men


This money tattoo features a face from money and so it doesn’t merely represent the almighty dollar, but it invokes the impression of history of humanity. By making the face of a person as well as the association with a great deal of money the focal point of this tattoo, one can create layers of emotions and a sense of ambiguity which is the purpose of all real art.


One of the key problems with reaching for wealth, fame, and or overall success is an inability to take the first steps. This tattoo provides a visual reminder to start immediately to reach your goals of getting what you want. Not only is it a money tattoo, but it is a reminder to go after your goals each and every day.


This masculine tattoo is not confined to a typical shape. This very unique and manly tattoo shows hundred dollar bills with the slight coloration and shape of a rose. The symbolism of growth and beauty combined with the idea of success is likely to appeal to men who want to maintain a balance in their lives as they reach for money.


This tattoo featuring hundred dollar bills and obvious bags of money also focuses on the words, ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ which helps a person aspiring to wealth to retain a realistic attitude concerning the nature of gaining and losing wealth. This clear message harkens to an age old message of wisdom represented by unique money tattoos.


This artistic money tattoo for guys shows hands grasping a spread of hundred dollar bills. The message, ‘Get Money’ combined with the humanity displayed with the human hand and the sought after bills stirs deep emotion regarding the attainment of that money and all that it represents to the one holding the money.


This personalized tattoo indicates an entire life. By combining personalization, such as names and family, as well as combining images of flora and greenery with the solid look of a fifty dollar bill, this tattoo is a symbol of the achievement of personal wealth as well as the growth of relationships and the natural goodness of life.


This tattoo has the hint of a floral design which leads to the idea of money growing and blossoming and yet it retains a straightforward and basic design that is perfect for a man who wants to keep things simple and masculine. The tactile expression of money will encourage a business person to move forward every day.


If you want a manly tattoo that reminds you of the stretch for money and power, this is a great choice. The crown says it all. This tattoo reaches into history for symbolism of striding forward to gain power. In this day and age, money is power and there is no way to separate the two.


This brilliant and theatrical piece gives you a way to express your desire to continue in your quest to make money with a new and interesting look. The face shown in the tattoo is not the normal face that is often used to give some humanity to the process of making money.


This is another example of symbolism showing hundred dollar bills in the form of a living, growing, and beautiful thing. This lovely reminder of nature combined with the acquisition of wealth makes for a masculine yet lovely piece of art. Unlike other floral money tattoos, this one is a bit more abstract.


Money and Vegas go hand in hand. This is the perfect tattoo for someone looking for long term luck in Vegas. The classic combination of cards, money and the name of ‘sin city’ send a clear message. It is a masculine tattoo that doesn’t take a trained psychologist to interpret.


This tattoo leaves a great deal of room for interpretation. The hope of money combined with the skull-like face and various symbols of wealth and greed leave a person with many ways to read this tattoo. This makes it a work of art as well as a creation that can grow with the dreams and ideals of the person who chooses it.


This tattoo is a straightforward reminder of the power of money. The simply visual of rolls of large bills of cash produce a gut-based feeling of abundance. This is a good choice for anyone who needs daily motivation or for a person who wants to send a message about their life goal for financial gain.


This is another masculine tattoo with the touch of art from the shape of a flower. The bills in this particular money/rose shape make for a more condensed and less colorful version of the symbol of flowering and growing money. This may be a good choice for a tattoo on a smaller area.


There are no questions about the meaning for this tattoo. The combination of the money in this tattoo artistry combined with the bold and clear words, ‘on my mind’, leave very little room for questioning the ‘underlying’ motives and ambitions of the person who chooses this particular tattoo.

If you’re serious about making money; these tattoos can give you a daily reminder to stay on track, notice the fickle nature of material things, and relate the growth of your money with the growth of other areas of life. Your choice of an inspirational tattoo can set the stage for the type of life you will lead in the future.

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