Tattoos have recently become part of so many people’s lifestyle. This is because there is a wide range of tattoos available that you can choose from. With a little bit of creativity, you can have just about any tattoo you would want done on you. Animal tattoos have been around for practically the longest time. One animal tattoo that is common among men is the wolf tattoo.

Wolf tattoo ideas

The wolf tattoo is associated with many positive meanings. This is because the wolf as an animal is a very interesting animal. It portrays a lot of exemplary character that humans find interesting because they can associate with them in one way or another. For a man the wolf can symbolize power, family, strength, protection, freedom, instinct, survival and so much more. And what better way of showing what you believe in than having a tattoo done on you to portray your beliefs to the world without so much as saying a word about it?

Wolf tattoos are available in different sizes and therefore you can have them done on different parts of the body. You can get them in 3d, watercolor or drawings on your back, shoulder, chest, neck, arm, lower back, forearm, leg, thigh and so many other places on your body. The different designs of wolf tattoos available include Celtic wolf tattoo designs, tribal wolf tattoo designs, traditional snarling wolf designs, wolf paws and many more. It will only require a little creativity to get the wolf tattoo you want.

Men will get the wolf tattoo for different reasons. Some feel the wolf represents them as an individual or as part of a large group or family, others respect its instinctual nature that makes them shy away from conformity, others associate with the wolf because it is extremely difficult to tame it and others are simply attracted to its features. After all it is a beautiful animal. The different types of wolf tattoos will have different meanings. They include:

White wolf tattoos – The white wolf is a beautiful animal. In its natural surroundings, it uses its color to camouflage and take advantage of this for hunting and evade detection in its snowy surrounding.

Black wolf tattoos – People who get this tattoo try to bring out the rebellious and mischievous part of them. This is their way of speaking to the world about who they are and what they are all about. The black wolf often makes a bold statement on its own.

Lone wolf tattoos – They represent the desire for an individual to go it alone in life. There are people who will do just about anything in life all by themselves. From work, hiking, riding motorcycles to drinking all by themselves. This would be the ideal tattoo for them.

Tribal wolf tattoos – Guys who get these tattoos have strong beliefs in family, devotion, loyalty and wisdom and they get them to represent all these.

Howling wolf tattoos – These tattoos look great and will stir your mind with thoughts of what lies in the dark waiting to come out.

Moon and wolf tattoos – They capture the image of the lone wolf caught in the moon light.

Check out the best wolf tattoos for men here


This hyper realistic and detailed back tattoo is done entirely in black ink, making for an excellent contrast with the skin. This simple tattoo can represent leadership and as well as protection – with the wolf being one of the most feared hunters.


This artistic wolf is made using the shadow drawing idea. Instead of detailing the entire face, only the shadow is inked on in black with splashes of ink all around to give it a more wild appeal. In the middle of the black, the stark orange eyes stand out signalling a sense of danger and awareness.


Wolves are frequently related to the moon, especially werewolves. This interesting tattoo depicts an intricately detailed wolf in brown made with a deep blue sky in the background. The moon on top completes the image.


Combining the dream catcher and the wolf, this imaginative tattoo is perfect for those who love both. With a light blue background and the large feather at the bottom, the gray wolf stand out. But what truly steals the show are the animal’s piercing green eyes!


Another combination of the dream catcher and the wolf, this is a wonderful depiction of protection and safety. Both have powerful connotations in native Indian beliefs – where one is depicted to ensure good dreams, the other it a symbol of loyalty, protection, and guidance. The tattoo is inked entirely in black with a highly detailed wolf’s heading popping out of the dream catcher ring. The large and realistic feathers at the bottom appear to be swaying with the wind, adding a regal air to the image.


This black geometric design is one of the best wolf tattoo ideas for men. While the combination of geometric shapes gives it an artistic flair, the shading within also makes for a more 3-D appearance.


This realistic and detailed black-ink arm tattoo of the wolf is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. With the large animal head staring back at you from the background, you also see an artistically depicted wolf as he walks across the barren land. The mountains in the background become the perfect barrier, differentiating the large face in the background with the silhouette at the bottom.


While wolves may be all about protection, loyalty, and guidance, there is no denying that they are also one of the deadliest terrors of the night. They are entirely wild – and this tattoo embodies just that. With red tears to to the skin as though exposing the inner muscles, the snarling black ink wolf’s face screams danger.


One of the best tattoo ideas for men, the extremely detailed wolf’s head is made entirely in black ink. It has careful attention paid to each strand of fur. While the animal appears calm, it is vigilant – depicting survival, guidance, and leadership. The background is out of focus, ensuring all the attention is upon the wild creature.


While wolves are all about survival, fierceness, and a lot more, a splash of colors can quickly cheer up their more somber connotations. This colorful wolf tattoo for men is perfect for the upper arm and gives a happier air to the otherwise starkly serious animal.

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